I'd fuck him

Ok listen... i'm not even gay. I don't actually like men but this guy displays a lot of estrogen, especially in his face, so it doesn't count.

It's not gay

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If it has a cock it's gay

not gay

If it looks masculine its gay

I want to breed her with my big, meaty, veinous cock

>i'm not even gay.
>It's not gay

In this case you have to asian to do that.

i was born in asia

I am IN LOVE with his rival, Yuzuru Hanyu

anyone else?


Yeah i'd do her.

She wants to marry tuxedo mask and good luck finding an asian that tall and handsome in real life

what about this? ^.^

He is so cool

she wants to marry a german bull like pic related

Ok OP here.
I don't think I can tell the difference between male and female in nips. That's my problem. What is this one?

baka! this is king of figure skating, male Yuzuru Hanyu!

That's a "he"!?

Do all Jap men look like women?
This is confusing
How do you tell the difference?

He is insanely popular and BELOVED in Japan because he looks very feminine

The term is "bishouen" for you baka ganjin


What's your hair color, and do you have flat nose and epicanthic fold?

Never heard of that before, Interesting. So i'm NOT gay after all! I mean, I knew that anyways

kawai!!!! will you be my pretty boyfriend?

no delete

>ha ha I wanna fuck a guy but I'm not gay tho

But i'm not actually though

You may think you wanna fuck him now, but if you actually saw him naked with his dick hanging and hairy asshole, if you're really not gay, you'd say "no, thank you".

Oh yeah, probably. That does not sound good. You just can't see that so you forget.

maybe you just like tomboys, ie girls with short hairstyles and are more sporty and rough

gays should be shot

You are savage

Here's his gold medal winning graceful program


I like all kinds of girls. As long as they are not revolting. But I prefer girls with longer hair.

But seriously look at them guys, some of them I legit can't even judge if they are girls or not.

And the nukes should have been dropped on Berlin

he looks so KAWAII and MOE

but his performance is a MEAN and DETERMINED SAMURAI

omg he is perfect!!!!!!! I wish I had a Yuzuru Hanyu boyfriend

True. That would prevent their faggotry from spreading across Europe.

japanese men should be shot and japanese women are forced to take part in harems
leafs should be shot

This kills the chink

Do you watch Yuri on Ice! ?

You're gay

It is not gay to fuck small weak japanese cuteboys :3

Pretty gay desu

yes together with my gf
bit gay though, i had to fuck the shit out of her afterwards
t. closetfag

i fap to yurio

rest assured. You are gay.

watched it with my sister because she wanted to
it didn't really stand out to me and it was super gay
but now, I watch ice skating in the olympics more when I probably wouldn't have before
would fug yurio tho

I am not. It's just Japanese men resemble women. It's not gay.


Type in "Japanese guy" in a search engine and post the first image that comes up.

I'll start


That's a girl, user. ----->


I'm not even gay. I don't actually like men but this guy displays a lot of estrogen, especially in his ass, so it doesn't count.

It's not gay


No, this is a Japanese male model whose name is Toman.

That's clearly a man. You are a fucking faggot.


Does anyone have HD version of Papadakis and Cizeron short dance? The girl's top broke and she has constant nip slips during the last part of the skate, when she does a lot of spins


How do you even know that?

How do you...?
I knew him in a men's fashion weekly magazine

Based Javi with the bronze

Ice skating is pretty gay desu. I was just flicking threw the channels a few days ago and saw that feminine looking nip skating. Then I remembered it today for some reason. But you'd have to be some kinda homo to actually tune in just to watch it.


I tune in to watch it......