Why has Cred Forums been so obsessed with black girls lately...

Why has Cred Forums been so obsessed with black girls lately? I've had jungle fever my whole life and it's weird for me seeing all these black goddesses being posted



Cred Forums has finally understood that white men belong with black angels

yeah, i guess it's been like that for a while now, but some years ago it was very rare

>wh*te """men"""
Kill yourself. You're not even wh*te to begin with.

who you calling wh*Te? Don't call me wh*Te.

it’s just the same retarded finn

is it true that you're actually half somali

Then don't say nonsense. Black goddesses belong to superior strong BLACK men, the same for women of all ethnicities.

>tfw thicc somali gf
feels good man

I want to suffocate in her buttocks

Get help man.


It's a somali refugee in finland. He also keeps making daily threads about ancient egyptians, and he once made a thread about how he wants to fuck all the white women he sees and make half somali half finnish babies. He's actually mentally ill.

>Mentally ill Chi
>Mentally ill Paki/Curry
>Mentally ill Turk
>Mentally ill Georgian
>Mentally ill Finn
Wtf is going on in this board

KARA BOGA is too much for wh*te men to handle. Many of them go insane.


If it isn't a monkey girl thread it's a fucking Jap girl thread

Being white is a mental disorder, stick to your own women

Please. Keep these beings away from me.

It would make sense that he is the negro.

Bleach lips

Trump should pass a law that forces black women to go to the gym so we can end the alt-right once and for all


There are [b]at least[/b] 3 Finnish black girl posters.
Why would a nigger in Finland post black girls? Niggers in Europe all love wh*Te women. Mulattos love them even more.
It isn't just Finns, it is Croats too.
I am not black at all and I doubt any of the other black girl posters are black.


Now you tell me slavery wasnt right

>fucking 100% black women.
Next you degenerates will claim abbo women are hot.