Dont you open up that /balt/ tho

Dont you let out that mikoto

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Posting shit is all i know

Hope you fellas have a good day!


Leave them kids alone!


/balt/ is dead


No. Very bad. Where else are we gonna get quality content?

good morning, /balt/


Good morning mate

Why do you guys still keep coming here? This place is so shit, there's no point in coming here anymore.

the real question is why are you still here if it's so shit?

satan is right, why is he even here

I agree. I'm trying slowly to clear my Cred Forums addiction. I've been visiting subreddits on self improvement lately

>I've been visiting subreddits on self improvement lately


Hehe, us 4chaners are the superior internet users, amirite?

Cred Forums is obviously such an amazing site full of good-natured people, constructive discussion and also entertaining content.

at least we have anime


let's get this party started lads
start posting anime pics

>they dislike anime

>mfw i see an anime pic in /balt/

Gomene, iikoja irarenai

My daughter Akari is so cute

Where do I go in Riga to meet thicc Latvian girls?

Your mom house

rude la

Watch this

Post anime titties.

Me on the right, you on the left.

There is absolutely no reason for the baltic states to be independent. They should abandon all that "we are actual countries" bullshit and join Russia as soon as possible.

And what would we gain from that?

Flat is best
Fine by me.

You said you don't like lolis

Russian subs on crunchyroll


you probably have someone else in mind



Grow up weebs
Do drugs

its okay to sexually assault your sister in a crowded train cause its yuri

My 2nd daughter Satanichia is SOOOOO cute

siscon is the patrician fetish

It is also ok because they are not real sisters

what about mom?

So you're saying that you want to pay for her for 18 years of her life only to see her get fucked by het hot young boyfriend?

wouldn't you
holy fuck

>tfw newfags start posting stale Cred Forums memes in /balt/ and think that they are cool

Obviously not

well me neither

yeah right

*does drugs*

>does drugs once




lel it's like she has an erection

so why do you want to have her as a daughter

ww2 gave a pretty bad name for the armbands desu

good observation though

hehe yes

To protect from the deeds of a certain crazy dyke

how to spot a redditor
>kill la kill,gabriel dropout,dude akari xD,kobayashi maid dragon

didn't the white haired cowtit slut reject her maid though?
that would mean she's hetero, right?

butthurt 4channer

Can't trust the crazy

Cepelins are godsend

Mы знaeм вce. Mы пoмним вce. Mы пoняли: нeмцы нe люди. Oтнынe cлoвo «нeмeц» для нac caмoe cтpaшнoe пpoклятьe. Oтнынe cлoвo «нeмeц» paзpяжaeт pyжьe. He бyдeм гoвopить. He бyдeм вoзмyщaтьcя. Бyдeм yбивaть. Ecли ты нe yбил зa дeнь хoтя бы oднoгo нeмцa, твoй дeнь пpoпaл. Ecли ты дyмaeшь, чтo зa тeбя нeмцa yбьeт твoй coceд, ты нe пoнял yгpoзы. Ecли ты нe yбьeшь нeмцa, нeмeц yбьeт тeбя. Oн вoзьмeт твoих близких и бyдeт мyчить их в cвoeй oкaяннoй Гepмaнии. Ecли ты нe мoжeшь yбить нeмцa пyлeй, yбeй нeмцa штыкoм.

lil pump is god

wrong general buddy
we only speak anime here

Purupuru pururin rin

Its okay to be a doll

It's okay as long as the anime you're starring in isn't absolute fucking garbage

>he says this while posting kill la kill

say that to her face not on the internet and see what happens

>oval shape cepelinai
Wouldn't eat that shit for free. Round or nothing.


wish I had saved that swiss irish living in usa image about kill la kill

ayy wassup

I wonder if he is dead

>tw wage slaves are working for their piece of bread right now

Erectyle disfunction


Hello friends

>when dad starts wearing shoes while you're not and he's suddenly taller than you
fuck this is awkward

Its okay to have guns

she would kick your ass

This is a post

2 lines to get the day started

ampho or coke?

>druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies >druggies

at the maccas lads

>doing stimulants to start the day
just microdose if ur life is so shit
lls dummies

I would not mind if Nakiri raped me

I doubt it. Seeing she's a fictional character and all

>if its not real it can love you
>if its not real it can't kill you

kara no kyoukai is special

>another country's flag on your country's flag


>non existing things can kill you
Hmm, yes very interesting

Hello, I'm here for the /balt/s

>if you can't see it, it means that it doesn't exist
wow black holes doesn't exist

everything you perceive is the world
everything you don't perceive might as well not exist

there's only anime here

how's the balk life my fren

>anime characters are real
Ahh, yes indeed

>anime girls don't exist despite thousands of pictures and images proving otherwise
>the world is round because a few chosen ones have seen it from space and taken few totally real images
hmm yes continue


to he honest you need to have a very high iq to understand subahibi

I'm okay with that

cold and rainy desu

>baby's first vn

who decides what is real and what is not?
in theory everything that you can think of is real because you thought of it, the reality only changes on the terms that it exists

I have no intention of being here forever

>everything i can think of is reality
brainlet tier post

>YOUR reality must be the same one as mine
poleshit tier post


What do you think about Me!Me!Me! ??

nhk ni youkoso for "I am very smart" people

Misaki is a good girl

>wageslaves went back to work

shouldn't you be attending seminars right now

>tfw will have to work in some fast food restaurant to save up for a new laptop

shouldn't have invaded ukraine then, huh

seriously can you just back off?
it is not like average russian has any sort of power and choice around here

>tfw dog hair everywhere on my clothing
man fuck this shit

>vote for jednaja rosja
are you joking

Be grateful it is only dog hair and not dong

For what reason

did you know that if you don't go to vote they kust add your voice to the government party?

It is better to go and just cross out every candidate.
At least this way they won't be able to use your vote

Don't want to stay stationary

I may go abroad for studies soon so mobility is a must.

ignore him he is one of those liberals

Lots of people would love dong rubbed on their clothing.

that's just political security for ya

Just updated some drivers on my laptop. Wifi, Graphics, Audio, all had updates available.

your boss still treating you alright?

Where are you going to go

Haven't been back since Feb 8th. lol. I will probably go back middle of next month & see what happens...

I was away for less than 5 hours and we already have a pedoweeb infestation going on.

you at least on sick leave

No, I am on rage quit time away. I don't get paid remember.

do, quite frankly, not see a reason why a ukrainian state should exist

dumb looking tomboy

'My' pic, delete
Yes, want a tomboy gf who smokes, does drugs and drinks... Hot

watcha gonna do when they reject

>wanting a 3 dimensional pig
low quality....

weirdos aren't hot.

Also my pic, consider deleting it
Never mentioned her dimension, wagie ragie

cute maids *saves*, and please prove that its your image
tch not a wagie

>nier ost

in berlin
hell yeah bruv

lol btfo
no you didn't proof?
dumb text I am not a wageslave
what game hmm mister rich guy?

almost sounds like a christmas carol
p good

I did, check the archive
Won't tell you, still deciding

won't check the archives lmao btfo
not what ever no
tell me now


is it true that there are girls in estonia that sex with men for money and a house to stay in

one day wageslave will wake up and realize that he has wasted his life making money for others
that's what keeps me going, that the wageslave will off himself

>ywn enjoy the snowy landscape with Mykse under your arm

yes, but only if you're white

is it true that you can buy 200 buck wagyu steaks in singapore

Yes, ever whatever
Not right now, still don't know...
Have you watched paranoia agent, hm?


cause lmao
>Not right now, still don't know...
hmm okay
nope cause it looks bad desu
the ED is nice because its actually by them so it sounds nice

Tell me why
>hmm okay
Wow, newfag...

just don't wanna
>Wow, newfag...
no I remember reading on Cred Forums that its actually pretty shit

just did a pee lads

Very nice album pic
>no shitania
>big Gabu
>listening to Cred Forums

second attack
b 29's turning back

>weeb doesn't even watch good anime
unsurprised desu

Why does /balt/ like anime so much???

I know right? Shitania sucks hope she gets raped
shut up I don't like the animation that it has too

what is it about lain that makes her so fucking aesthetic

love dread tie
its baltic culture

and as the night falls
the general calls
and the battle carries on

what is the purpose of it all


long way from home
paying the price in young men's lives

Yes, hope someone will insert a shovel's handle in her vagina without any lube and rotate it... Or kick her baby kid in front of her

yes hope someone impregnates shitania and makes her abort her kid...
Not whatever, you should get a better taste in anime

what's the price
of a mile

Oh, are you the gay one then?

that's the price
of a mile

he is

in my imagination those are all dead weebshits
reach for the stars

Only normalfags want kids

six miles of ground has been won
half a million men are gone

that would be a beautiful world

yep I agree

i feel like starting a weebocaust already

Hot, yes,
> yep I agree

that was a very good doujin
very good taste

> that was a very good doujin
Wow... I didn't read it
Will tell your parents that you don't want kids...

you did you just posted an image from it and you were the one who linked it here
tell them I don't care lol

Do you have any manga, hm?

Yes I have some manga? Do you? Which ones?

> Yes I have some manga?
Tell me their names...
A few volumes of Azumanga(I think you saw a pic with them), first volume of naruto (a classmate gave it to me, I read it but forgot to return it and then he moved to another place, lol) and fma because I wanted to read something while going to the countryside...

shoujo shuumatsu ryokou and some other ones I put them away somewhere I don't remember the names of all of them desu there is Black Lagoon and one Full Metal Panic! somewhere too
oh yep I remember that
>(a classmate gave it to me, I read it but forgot to return it and then he moved to another place, lol
bad classmate...
>and fma because
>country side
wow rich

Give me your black lagoon manga, lol. I will return it later
> oh yep I remember that
Yes... (hope he won't remember that pic)
You are a bad classmate, yes. Give me a pen and a sheet of paper, lol. And let me copy your test too, lol
*starts up steam and looks at some games*


>Give me your black lagoon manga, lol. I will return it later
I'd rather not
do remember that pic
>Give me a pen and a sheet of paper, lol. And let me copy your test too, lol
*gives you the wrong answers*
yes buy more games rich boy, thinking that it will fill you and make up happy

Do it
> *gives you the wrong answers*
*takes your test and copies straight from it*
> thinking that it will fill you and make up happy
W-wha? It will...

won't do anything
that's hard to prove
*shreds your paper taste into pieces*
>W-wha? It will...
it won't....
going to play tsukihime desu

Ahahah, nice
*takes your test, writes his name instead of yours and gives it to the teacher*
It will....
Okay, see ya