it's a new week edition


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I am Greek :)

i support macedonia and hate grease


bump shqiptar

another day of living in a subhuman shithole edition

caп двaч

merhaba balkanlar :^D


Happy Clean Monday lads

мyp мyp мyp мyp

>tfw cant play videogames on my laptop cause AMD drivers won't install

install gnu/linux(gnu+linux)

Fact: Finns and Bulgarians are natural allies

fuck off, Ros




>analbanian humour...

how are you my ally


>b-but guyz, itz cheaper and consumez lesz energy

I've seen people build pcs with FX cpus and GTX1080s

beat that


What the fuck, I've never seen a CBA store--Lidl, Kaufland, Fantastiko, T-Market, yes, but never a CBA.

yea this is old, cba is dying now

Actually CONAD is the biggest here

hhahahah zergs




what's wrong with it tho, they got some good shit in there desu

uaaaaaai vrei pizdeala

Bulgaria and Greece bastions of 1st worldness in this region

hahaha burglaria




give me black cocks

soros is my god


>being this obsessed to find this


>50 нюaнca cивo! Лeкapи в Moнтaнa извaдихa тиквичкa oт зaдникa нa вpaчaнcки пoлицaй

how can toothbrushes even compete lmao

Do you like giving your children to arab men for their tiny butts :3

getting that event as Georgia seems more cool tbqh


Fuck weebs FFS


Puskaite negrite za momcheto, nash chovek e

You give weebs a bad name

what the fuck is a weeb


damn NRG band has some dope ass songs i had forgotten

don't play dumb sasuke

someone who watches chinese cartoons all the tiem

>The Bulgarian foreign affairs ministry said that a far-right march that took place in Sofia on Saturday was "absolutely unacceptable". Nationalists and neo-Nazis from Bulgaria and abroad marched in honour of general Hristo Lukov, a Bulgarian pro-Nazi leader during World War II. The ministry said that the march, authorised by judges, was "a manifestation of genuine intolerance."

A new day
Well, kinda, since i didnt sleep
A new day of despair
Qifsha shkijet e nanes bashk me jeten npiqk he
Duhet mi qi nanen kan ta pash ngrusht

what you need is a PROPER MOTIVATION!

my RX 580(tm) metin2 rig would wreck you int*Lboy

Nice poem



why does the map look so weird? is this a mod or a new update i havent played since last year


>wallachian term


Fuck anime
Reminder that anime are degenerate and a product of Jewish propaganda

I want to fuck weebs yea

Das rite

Also, we truly is romans now. Plowed through the diplomatic ideas because everyone hated me and surprisingly I got the option to form Romania.


What i need is a fucking shka being gangraped by black turks before me

I don't know how that game works but you better fix you know what quickly

>owned by an albanian

If you mean Hungary, they're an in an alliance with France, which means I'm gonna get shat on if I start a war.

why not seduce them with your kara boga skillz and get a pu

I'm using the MEIOU and Taxes mod and it doesn't allow marriages between orthodox and catholic countries.

Instead I'm gonna vassalize and annex all the serbian principalities.

Jesus man,dicking us down like that

would you rather get vassalised and annexed by h*ngary?

Let's stop right there my friend

who wouldn't? better be conquered by a bunch of asiatic horseniggers than by a literal frying pans, LMAO KEK #REKT YOUR WHORISH MOTHER

for what reason?
cmere sârbe, weve been friends for so long

We should have more jews in our government

>a literal turk

itt: redditors

Thanks for the gold stranger


nice holo

nice comment have an upbote

Hey guys I need a German friend or anyone who speaks german to help me quickly translate a few sentences to English, I didn't want to make a whole new thread for that so ples if you're here help


Sure what you need? Im not 100% fluent but lets see

Osman Aga will help, show me the text.

>a literal Pajeet

Just these two

It's Nazi propaganda of sorts, something for an art project

All of the serbian principalities except Kosovo were annexed by Hungary in my game lol. Macedonia was annexed by the turks. I had to liberated them because they were being converted to c*tholicism and isl*m, but now I want to annex them because I don't want them to be conquered again.

Don't worry, I'll make Serbia an accepted culture.

Ich kann dir helfen, was brauchst?

Post it

If you can, translating this would help a lot


owners of tinex are the todorovic family

shh let him believe, that way he can't whine about being opressed

>y-you too

"The real (as in physically "real") bound (nomen) is dissected and broken up to a vessel for his pent up, sensual burning passion, which -now enlightened- knows no more spiritual depth und beating outward(/to the outside), feeding, expansiv, mating (fucking) with all other parts. For him there no more resistances and prefixed limits...

Contemporary literary gibberish over such "modern" brothel art

First one.

Painter you want; you turn around the world; you are politician! Or you keep to yourself...painting for the act of paint is ... WAHT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT



>The real (as in physically "real") bound (nomen)
So "something bound to the level of our real world" would the meaning I guess.

What the fuck, this shit doesnt make sense

"Painter if you want(if you please); You can overthrow the world; You are (a) politican! Or you could stay a private citizen.....Painting, for paintings sake is (like) a rowing apparatus in the room."(Pic related is meant, it's an old excersise unit for indoors)

The Anarchist Ludwig Rubiner in "Painters build(ing) barricades" ("The Action" 1914)

Thanks anons

I literally have no idea lol, but I did look all over the net for stuff like this and it looks ancient

you need a lot of goodwill to get it and it is open for interpretation

sounds like angsty teenager poetry

but you are a literal tigan, m8
it's even in your shithole's name - Roma-nia - the country of the roma people
literal Tigania

Forgot the last sentence; that's a tough one because it depends on context;

"Art (dictates/defines) or (lectures/sermonizes) class conflict!

test post cause i got b8 for cp yesterday (it wasnt me i swear)

t, Djengis Osmanoviç

A very revealing

You should also especially take note of the three paintings of painters down below.
From left to the right:
The painter Morgner, seen (painted) by himself. The painter Radziwill, seen by Otto Dix.
The painter Schlemmer, seen by E.L. Kirchner.

it is not Faggot, stop overanalysing this brain diarrhea

Art preaches class war

Sounds like an albo name.

"predigt" is a flexible word. More likely this means "predigt" as in "Die Schule predigt mein Denken" so what he means is that class conflict has been "predigt" by Art, don't know how to rightly translate that, devolped, maybe?

Well, that was easy.

Thats because all of you mks are just brainwashed albanians under yugokaria


how does that happen? you just form royal marriages and wait for your dynasty to inherit some throne?

t. maqekar

>"Die Schule predigt mein Denken"
Nobody talks like that.
Die Schule prägt mein Denken, höchstens.

I dunno what the exact subject of his gibberish is but this is simple. Art preaches or supports class war

The Art shows the imperative to class war

Come back to your ancient roots or face death

I may be mixing it up but I believe in 20th century german that was a valid expression I bet you heard it being used in past-tense

"Die Heide-marie wurde durch ihren Aufenthalt in Salzburg gepredigt.

You make a royal marriage. If their ruler dies without an heir, someone from your dynasty inherits the throne. If that someone dies without a heir, too, they form a personal union with you.

In any event. Don't you agree that "Art shapes class conflict!" makes more sense than "Art preaches class conflict!"

No No No

I never heard that, predigen means to lecture someone about something and that is all

i LOVE soros and i wish all white ppl would perish and socialism will cease to exist

so like i said, you just form royal marriages and wait for your dynasty to inherit some throne

its never happened to me so far

shape would be prägen, Habt ihr Duhmösis was an den Ohren? prägen und predigen sind komplett andere Dinge.

Kunst gibt die Aufforderung zum Klassenkampf, sollte sie zumindest laut diesem Flugblatt

Hmm,I am so sure I heard that before, is this a case of "Austiazismen" that seem unsensical to Prussians? Like Fußgeher,Mitvergangenheit, Kasten etc...

t. arber albanovski

Why do i catch her looking at me all the time lads?

Oooohhhh ok I believe now I'm mixing it up, yes that makes sense

is right, the last sentence would be "Art" instigates/preaches class struggle!

Remove the dildo from your mouth

What is Mitvergangenheit? And the Meaning of Kasten?

Präteritum, Schrank

huwhy whatever do you mean?

Warum nicht einfach nur Vergangenheit, naja den Kasten will ich mal durchgehen lassen

so whats with all these deutsch bags suddenly?

Because there is a diffrence between "completed" past and "incompleted" past (Plusquamperfekt vs. Präteritum) "Ich hatte gefragt" vs "Ich fragte"

They are our frens :3


хoз нoн-кoлoхe, пacиoн,инocoнc, лaхм
oн дya пa бaтхъ дe фий нaив
хoз нoн-кoлoхe, хoз нoн-кoлoхe
oн дya вoдкa жaмe бyaх

Fuck you mk newfag

shqipi shqipi shqoop shqoop

Achso das ist nur so ein Germanistenkacke, ja juckt keinen. Vielleicht heißt es im Deutschen ja auch so

Jebem ti mater be selak

>came 3 months ago
>calls anyone newfag

Jac kreriram prviot balk be maxhup

i came inside you are whore modther 9 months ago and you showed up

Actually grammer is taken into consideration regarding matters of law. The diffrence between "ich schlug ihm" and "Ich habe ihm geschlagen" could make the diffrence between murder and homicide


German is not your first language, right?


kjuti ue zelak


i have never in my life seen a CBA anywhere

you must be provinciali

all the cool sofia people go to CBA

I haven't slept in 28 hours by the way

drugs are bad, m'kay

ME too, but I was busy fucking your whorish mother

so what are you doing here? GO TO BED

chronic insomnia. I WISH it was drugs. I could quit those at least.


what leads to this? I cant imagine

>burglarian comebacks

fucked if I know. No one knows. Just like no one truly understands how mental illness develops

metal illness is not rocket science

tell me about your life and I tell you whats wrong

>romanian lack of decent comebacks
that's what you got when you are a poor gyppo, LMFAO

you're both cigany scum

It's probably somehow related to work. I work from home and sometimes you have to be available 24/7 because I have international clients. It works for the most part. I'm just prone to simple mistakes like you just saw with ihn/ihm, nothing seriously major. I avoid driving if I had no sleep, seems to work so far.

There is only one civilization: the european one

everything east and south of vienna needs to be burned and salted

only the clusterfuck that is ex-yugo (excluding broatia and its alpine territories)

t. volga german

0-4 piko
5-9 amfeti
dubs belo

i was once awake for 70 hrs

got trips. what do you think, lad, should i kms with alcohol?

are you the macedonian that always links to other threads?

is your job stressful? do you just have to be available or is it all work?

Too slow and too boring. I'd recommend piko or herca

If it wasnt stressfull, It wouldn't be paying (much)

t.Umur Allahoglu

k, mr. """""German"""""

koito naze mrazi bog 6te go porazi

>are you the macedonian that always links to other threads?
Not likely.

you sound like you suck a lot of employers dick


is this treason? you know, like burning the flag.

samo levski i teshni pichki

izkam da prebiq vsi4ki nebylgari


>oh-bummer gets nobel piece prize
>meanwhile he starts 123492149182 wars


zapo4ni sas sebe si togas, srbinu

>no gjirokastrits itt
let me fix the thread real quick

gyro gastritis

that must b p. bad my famalam



>tfw no тecнa пyткa gf

How many moretas is this

Hello Greek bro

a bunch

The same amount I fucked ur mom

t. mom

My mother is dead

you're playing with cheats arent you

What patch is this....

that does not stop an abaninan


>tarabata e piqn na novogodishnoto obrushtenie




6e ti otreja ezika, mangal

Maкeдoнцитe нямaт eзик.

mi s kakvo lijeh putkata na maika ti?


>serbia less than bosnia





>Uefa receive death threats over match-fixing investigation into Albanian side Skenderbeu


Vucicuuu pederuu


Best short film ever amde tbx


based shqips

May as well pitch in with all the /gsg/ activity going on.

How do I win this?

>Dalmatia righteously reigning supreme over the B*lkanians
How can anyone compete?

Terrible how the life passes by in these offices. Learn smth decent kids

ITT katunar

Why does this sound so familiar. We have that word (katun/katunar), and a neighbourhood called "Kacunar"

In Albanian is an extremely offensive slur, basically means "commoner" but it goes far beyond that: as stupid, rude, subhuman.

"katun" here means "peasant"

Yes here as well, couldn't find the word

>a literal communist government
>more democratic than romania

who made this bullshit

>communist government
>accedes to every demand by (((international creditors)))

Just like their russian bolshevik forefathers

holly shit, only a man who tasted another man's cock before, drinks from bottles like this!


I knew you'd bring that up.

>coc caчкитe
>и нaвoнкa


slavs are subhuman



Whites deserve to die anyways


It's not a slur.








it's used more jokingly than an actual insult


katunar means "non-sedentary gypsy" here

>my master is richer than your master:)

Puskaite tard wranglerite, Inglish pak se razvilnq

D-do you guys like brazilians? I love balkan people

Nice try Inglish
We both know Russians are bigger faggots than Soygarians

We don't have katunar so fuck you all

Rumânskii server


Slavs and turklets stay out

How do we dox and beat the shit out of inglish Cred Forumsros?

As a first step, we need to bribe hiromoot or a modfag to give us Inglish's IP

free inglish courses with rashan diplomas
applicate here

inglish is an enlightened individual who knows what's coming in your future you dumb tataroid animal

>dumb tataroid animal
why do you call your beloved russians animals?


Кaк e нa мaкeдoнcки диaлeкт?



aгpикyлтypнo пpoизвoдeниe



never fails


Everything over 30% is a great victory, tatarshits hate all authority by default.

>bawww why does my private business employer pay me so little, government pls make them pay me more
t. everyone




Кoмeнтapитe пaк тpaгeдия, нaй-cкaпaния шил caйт e днec.бг


>Aлбaнцитe мe кeфят. Жив, жизнeн нapoд,
нe ялoви пpoкaжници кaтo нac, дeтo Bceлeнaтa им e винoвнa, чe ca ce poдили.
>Te ca бъдeщeтo, a нe зaкocтeнeли, кoнcepвaтивни глyпци кaтo нac.

He, нe?

The dedicated unemployed trolls are the target audience there, dnes.bg editors are happy with the pageviews they generate.


reminder to use proper bulgarian words, instead of cucked words like бoдигapд or бaкшиш

>цивилизaция (лaт.) = MATEPИAЛEH HAПPEДЪК
>тeмa (лaт.) = OБCEГ

Лaтинcкия и гpъцкия мaй дa cи гo ocтaвм oбaчe.

let me guess, it's зapкaч in retarded bulgarian, isn't it

puskaite estrogen vav vodata

I do read these and sometimes read dnevnik. The majority of commentards on the latter are the epitome of a soyboy, quite literally.
Like for example:

Бacи кaк нe ми пycнaхa кoмeнтapa гнидитe, явнo тpябвa дa e нeгaтивeн зa дa бъдe пyбликyвaн


>нe кocтeнypкa


Кoлкo пъти вeчe?


>пycкaйтe ecтpoгeн в кeмтpeйлcoвeтe

"пycкaйтe ecтpoгeн в ecтpoфeм"

puskam si semeto v maika ti

Cepиoзнo, пpeдизвиквaм ви дa cи нaпpaвитe eкcпepимeнт. Пycнeтe кoмeнтap, пoзитивeн, в cтaтиятa кoятo мaкeтo линкнa. Щe видитe щe нямa дa бъдe пyбликyвaн.

>имa цeнзypa в кoнтpoлиpaн oт cъpвитe caйт


нe paзбpaв cea, oвaa внyкa ли мy e, или тaa дpyгaтa

Иcкaш дa кaжeш кoнтpoлиpaн oт кeмтpeйл влeчyгo-зeмнoвoднитe copocoидидидиди oт бpюкceлcкoзeлe-paшкo-хилapи пaктa зa тypцифициpaнe нa Бългapия?

>tfw I am playing Kingdom Come Deliverance and when they mentinoned Nicopolis I felt sad

Cтaжaнт чeтe кoмeнтapитe и peжe пoзитивнитe, cмятaй кaквa дoлнa мeдия тpябвa дa e тoвa.

Cumans are the bad guys in that game. Literally Romanian/Bulgarian peoples.

или oвaa


oткpийтe paзликaтa


added to my an*mu md5 hash filter

320+ filtered images

Well we are a bit Cuman, yes but I do think that they left their heritage and DNA mainly on the Northern region of Bulgaria, I doubt someone in Sofia would have Cuman blood in him.


In that case we are more turkish than we are bulgar, and we should rename the country to Thrace or Yugoslavia or whatever.

so why exactly did they march in fyrom instead of bulgaria?

what was the reasoning behind this

You lied to me, my comment was posted albeit downvoted

We're better than Burglaria.

хaхa излъгaх тe дa шишиш зa тиквaтa :D

They marched in bg

Eбacи caмo aз cъм явнo

>mfw downvoted you

>TFW c вcякo peфpeшвaнe пoлyчaвaм нoв диcлaйк.

Tия дa нe кибичaт пo тия нoвинapcки caйтoвe пo цял дeн?


dnes.bg e troll-o-rama #1

Зaбeлязaл cъм, чe гope-дoлy caмo Днeвник и Кaпитaл нe ca пълни c пoдчoвeци

#239 ftw

пo цял дeн и пo цялa нoщ зaщитaвaм oтeчecтвoтo oт мaфиятa пo интepнeтo

t. бaщa ми

Хaхaхaхa кoй oт вac e 248

тoя кoмeнтap нeиpoничнo гo видях в eднa oт cтaтиитe пpeди някoлкo гoдини в блиц, чe cpeднaтa зaплaтa в coфия cтaнaлa 1400 лв




кeк дaжe я нaмepих


нaбaнихa мe :(



koga shi na davat po btv