Americans need lube for masturbation

>Americans need lube for masturbation

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i'm cut and i don't need lube


Dry hand jerk all day over here

Dry hand all day

just hock a loogie

jesus christ

Is this some sort of inside joke? Wtf does "cut" mean?

i never understood why people in americna movies and porn and american pie used so much lube
now i understand why, basically they are goys

cut the foreskin off your penis at birth


>being cut
How horrid.

of course jidf monitors the thread
didnt shlomo blow your mutilated dick when he cut your foreskin, or why so mad?

We don't speak the language of your Jewish master, goy.

it's just anti-masturbation propaganda
it's like using a sock: nobody actually behaves in this way

get madder schmucks

>a-aryans are the master race, that's why they get manipulated and tricked by the jews!!


People actually do use socks though which is fucking bizarre and gross. Just use a god damn tissue you can flush right after.

ofc you dont speak it samir
i am proud volga german, descendant of atilla the hun, genghis and tsar katharina the great

Ummmm enjoy your hemorrhoids then sweety... : )

el goblino siervo del judeo

That wasn't what I was referring to, Klaus
Also be careful, isn't it illegal for you to say certain things with your european freedoms?

Surely this is just a meme.

>he doesnt cum on his stomach and let it dry
i have hemmorids, but thats because i shit every 5days

>i shit every 5days

>Also be careful, isn't it illegal for you to say certain things with your european freedoms?

You just pick a sock out of your hamper, cum on it, then throw it back in. Way more convenient than using a tissue.

its ok, it doesnt even hurt
disgusting amerimutts

you're avoiding the question, mohammed

How do you not stain it?

This isn't an argument considering it's literally illegal for you to deny the holocaust

>calls me klaus
>then proceeds to call me muhammed
jesus, dementia epidemic in america?

>look mommy i have so much freedom, i am allowed to deny the holocause praise kek, yuropeans third world*gets shot*

maybe you could be a pale mehmet that makes mustard kebabs

lmao, you're the one who's seething with repressed antisemitism, Erdogan. just pointing out you'd be more comfortable elsewhere.

>cancels christmas to not offend the migrants rape party and then gets hit by a truck

amerimutts are the most predictable posters on this board
>watch out or you get jailed for uttering some retarded shit
>israel is totally ok
>slavs and japanese are the savior of the white race

It's crazy how much anti-semitism the German people still have boiling below the surface. No wonder the government has to force them to not chimp out. Y'all didn't learn anything, you're eager to finish the job.

The G*rms lost, and the G*rms will always lose.

I like mehmets though

funny coming from the most friendly shlomo dick sucklers
3 of the 5 worst mass shootings within the last 2 years totalling 133 deaths

>Lube needs americans for masturbation

quite ironic that amerimutts promptly resort to european anti hate speech laws, when they were confronted being good goys
its like you are hiding something


finally someone understands our prison system

>lmao, you're the one who's seething with repressed antisemitism
not really, i dont even care, you make shit up to deflect from your domestic jewery
good job goy


our WASP elite voluntarily ally with Shlomo because it's convenient
meanwhile you guys literally can't even complain about Mr. Goldstein and get away with it
why do yall think this is a comparable situation?

>not really
You're right, it's not repressed.

>Schlomo is offended that we don't use the proper plural form of a word in his longnose language.

At least I have my foreskin and dont get shot :)

*gets stabbed*

I stab back

Savor your dickskin while you can, Attila! We're coming for it.

is that why you are shilling so hard against nord stream 2, because you want us be cut off from any gas, so shlomo can invade germany
but not so fast, we still in posession of polish death camps :)

And I shoot back :)

that's a sweet knife to be honest

not so fast benjamin blumenstein

>iron cross on knife
Damn, can't you go to jail for that in Germland?

>tfw 6 months into foreskin restoration
w-we're all gonna make it

no nerve endings though

i am diaspora, they wont jail ethnic minorities
also i am allowed to defend myself from refugees, because i am not full german :)

This is the true face of the G*rm. Once a nazi always a nazi. You can trust em about as far as you can throw em.

lmao i work for the government as right wing infiltrator
i get paid for being a nazi and doing illegal stuff

quality larp

I’m uncut and still have to spit on my dick to lube it up otherwise it still kinda hurts to masturbate

yes now give me a HEIL

your dick is broken, shlomo will fix it

Are you actually pale mehmet? That was a totally random guess.

turks are so fucked up lmao

all you can think about is genocide

i am volga german, dont even compare me with goat fuckers

>tfw didn’t get circumcised

seething shlomo

Jesucristo por favor protege el alma pura de este pobre rumano...
Vade retro, criatura mongrelizada!
Aléjate del Rumano incircumciso!

So what makes uncut able to masturbate without any sort of lube? (Not even spit?) do you secrete more precum?

but that one's 2 cm too long to carry on your person

you're not some sort of criminal, are you?

automatics are illegal in germany
reported to the police

No I don't

You fucking monsters, who would do this to a child

The guy who invented cornflakes said that boys should be circumcised to prevent masturbation and premarital sex. With the pleasure reduced, people would resort to only having sex for the sake of procreation. He also recommended waiting until kids were entering puberty to do it so that they would associate sexual thoughts with painful mutilation (as he recommended doing it without anesthesia).
All the men who got mutilated like this thought it was normal, and to save their songs the suffering of it happening as a teen, they did it at birth. While we know now this accomplishes literally nothing but suffering babies and scarred genitals, people refuse to change it because they're afraid of admitting they're broken.

Ehm no sweeties, I am my own boss, I don't accept the current reigning government thus I may wear and take with me whatever I wish

We move the skin, that isn't dry, up and down.

get a life mate

I used to ERP in wow and when I moved to NA goldshire (ERP hub) I found the strangest things. In comparison to the EU, where one might think ERP is more accepted because muh sexual liberation, it instead is frowned on. NA however it's widely accepted, and the amount of people doing it is far greater.

That aside, the kinks I found more prevalent on NA were somewhat interesting. Namely, people had a preference for "uncut cocks" meaning that one had to describe the details of the uncut dick during the act. A same thing went on for black people, on EU I hardly if not never found anyone who explicitly stated they wanted their partner to be black. Add to that, that when I made a black character most people would refer to me as nigger. For example "That big nigger dick churning up her insides". To this day I still find this fascinating

Im cut and I don't need lube to masturbate. Its more aesthetic than uncut too.

tfw i need lube for masturbation because i have sweaty hands

Im using my own spit, if I’m using enough and it’s mixing with Precum it’s like lube.

>The guy who invented cornflakes thought
>what actually happened is
>anal sex due to severe numbing (of which victims aren't even aware)
wew never knew cornflakes birthed anal