ITT we say nice things about Blacks


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My parents told me if I had nothing nice to say, I should not say anything at all.

I bet if you bite them, they taste like chocolate.

>t. a fucking chocolate bar

>[literal] flag

Thank you Henrietta Lacks for the HELA cells

Black men are manlier than White men.

Masculinuty is toxic you heteronormative patriarchial shitlord
Black men should embrace their feminine side

they have very colonizible coasts.

Great comfy music

they're superior to whites

I bet you flag taste like chocolate as well.

i want to stick in in them

Are you fucking heightest too? Omg. We don't accept your "eugenics" nonsense here.

They have the hottest women

chocolate aids

Caesar was a great king

my ancestors :)

They're not pajeets

they were great farming equipment before they became obsolete

The superior race

Place where jews and judaism came from only for it to be hijacked my ar*Bs.

they have good body aesthetics