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Living abroad?


Nigga you literally said you wanted to study overseas



maybe he wants to do overseas study with schools associated with his uni. mine partners with UAE and Italian colleges for some reason

Don't post pics of attractive women or I'll feel sad desu!

*invades murica*

>maybe he wants to do overseas study with schools associated with his uni
Like an exchange?
Then it wouldn't matter what uni he went too, they all have exchanges with Europe and the US

Said looking at it, meat Unis in NZ.

Seeing beautiful women should make you happy my friend

*gets taken as your warbride*

idk how it works desu

Hate m*Rching
14 days left

*invades Liechtenstein*

Sorry desu but that clay belongs to Australia now ;3
All 3 of those girls (I know they're the same person) are so pretty it makes my eyes water. I-I want one of them.

hang in there singa

>I-I want one of them.
Don't we all?

Thanks cutie
Can't wait to get to the office

Nevermind, never seen one of these before I figured it'd be a bit more about /ausnz/ I haven't been on 4/int/ since 2013, I'm from 8/int/ but it is dead.

wait you are supposed to defeat me
uh, no sweety.

We only have two unis worth going to.
Auckland or Otago
If you live in Auckland or want to do computer science go to Auckland, if you live elsewhere and want to do an earth science go to Otago.
Miss me with that Massey or Canterbury shit
Both have strong exchange links so don't worry about that, if you have the grades and the money you can spend a year in Europe or the US.


Is it cute marching where you all have to walk in simultaneously?
Aaaaah she's adorable.
Your bed is now my territory. Either become a citizen of Australia or get deported honey :3

>Don't post pics
It seems to me that everything is so beautiful.
And you can continue to post.

We get a whole mixture here, mutts, r*ssoids and Europeans.
We just can't seem to get rid of them.

oi you secretly like our presence

why do they have you marching if it's just a 3 week training period, that seems dumb

no, you defeat America and take me as a prize
it's only natural desu


only some of you

No it's awful because of the tropicalistani weather

On the bright side it's the only physical activity I have to do all day, marching to lunch and back

Else it's just lectures the rest of the time

No clue matey I don't think I'll be doing any marching once i get posted

Sounds awful desu.
I thought Singapore and Indonesia were close desu, why do you have to do this?

>but I'm saying saying who
Ahhh you made a mistake, everyone look
he made a mistake in his post.

hope not desu, don't like seeing you being uncomfortable

rare picture of the singaporean army marching to victory

rude, UC is fine. I mean im there which makes it great :^)

What post?
Silly Westy you bloody druggo, you are always seeing things that aren't real.

oh... your serious



Rare image of Liechtenstein general after battle with the Australians during Winter.

wish my general would hurry up and move to cripplechan desu

You can't wash away your mistakes that easily.
I'll always remember, until I forget.

Why couldn't I be born a normie ;_;

because you like boys and boys like you

>until I forget.
I just have to wait 30 seconds then, no problem

Then you wouldn't be spending time with us :(

Maybe next life mate.
Until then make the best of what you've got.

you just playing life on hard mode

UC is actually fine
t. 3rd year undergrad math major in UC

Some of its lecturers and courses are complete joke though

>Then you wouldn't be spending time with us :(
but maybe I wouldn't be sad so often

I actually like my teaching staff and a couple of people LIKE me there

but normies are sad as well
They just drown it away with alcohol and partying but the emptiness of their lives remains

>a couple of people LIKE me there
Damn, I haven't met a single person I like at this god forsaken hellhole


I like you desu

Normies are gross desu :3

I hope looking at this picture makes you feel a kiss from a dear person

lets make it happen

and they tell their gf about their sadness, and their intact families and they will make them feel better and then they go out to drink with their buddies
and after that they lay into their bed because they have a normal flat and fucking hell i wanna shoot some fucking normies now

If I felt sad I would just message my bf.
That would make me feel better.

hope you don't think I'm a normie

I like you too :D
im almost a normie
pls dont shoot

True, it would just be nice to feel like I have some control over my life

>invades Liechtenstein
*Liechtenstein invades you*

I-I want you to have control over me desu

I'm a turbonormie, I slay bitches, go to wild parties, and do whatever else that some like that would do.

how??? last time i tried that i needed till 1950 till i had enough manower for one division

>Talking with your family

Knowing they're fine is all I need to get by desu. Nothing more and nothing less desu.
S-same desu.
N-no I want to be controlled first g-go away :3
>Slay bitches



im gonna go to work now.
am i not enough for you?

haven't had snu snu in a while

Fucking normie,no more to say

Fuck up
you can't complain
what about those of us who have been dry for years!

Mod - about the modern time
annex AST

I hope we can make that happen

yeah but this is like withdrawal from opiates

I spent too much time on Cred Forums today

Enjoy desu!
What's Snu Snu?
I-It's too much desu.

I really regret telling me parents that they can visit me during the mid-semester break.
I'll find some time for cutie.

tricked, this is my main form of social interaction.
I very really go out of my house unless it's to the shop or market.
You're all I'll ever need Bunny.

>spent too much time on Cred Forums today
Having your picture right now

I'm not sure that you'd like to know desu

Let me cuddle you then desu!
Same here desu.

>this is my main form of social interaction
me too!
It's almost as if I don't even have any other friends on the South Island!

You just need to be happy living in the country like New Zealand desu


How many Karen images do you bloody have

no, it's really fun desu

About 100 on this computer which I mainly use and about 500 on my other one :3

Plus a massive google drive for her :3
I wanna know now desu. What is it?

it's really lewd desu

Doesn't sound that lewd desu. Please tell me what it is desu :3

Ind*Nesia is a rogue state

it's what happens when two boys love each other very much

>being me
>living in Ukraine
>reading anons posts with cute 2d girls
> anons which are from USA, Australia etc.
>hope I was dead

neat pic

Could we do snu snu? It's platonic love of course :3
B-but what is it exactly?
OwO I wonder what it's like bordering Papua New Guinea. :3
It'll get better desu :3

M8 you don't have to march to lunch every day until next month

>Could we do snu snu?
I'm not sure that would be the greatest idea desu

Indonesian New Guinea is actually quite rich per capita because of the mining industry

OwO that's interesting.

Source of this pic is yaoi guro manga

you're saving yourself for karen desu, you shouldn't be doing snu snu with other boys

It's an obscure reference

>at work
>immeadiatly want to turm 360 degrees and shoot yourself in head

O-oh ok then desu. I won't keep asking what snu snu is.
>360 degrees

I hope you're joking desu :3
Post a pic :3

no thanks tbqh

also congay im on holiday from 30.3 till 8.4 desu
Cant take pic, meeting soon reee

I always end up getting super sleepy during meetings and never listening :3

wish I could live with Dunedin desu
thought you were a fujoshi?


>30.3 till 8.4
took me a minute

ok desu

cute guys being affectionate is fine, but I feel nothing when it gets super lewd. I dont know, maybe I'm broken :D
I did read most of killing stalking thou, and that was fun. But more in a "this is fucking terrifying what the fuck" kind of way.

I hope you get to live with him and be happy desu

>but I feel nothing when it gets super lewd
[spoiler]it's because you don't have a penor[/spoiler]

also, guys cuddling >>> guys fucking desu

I felt dirty after taking a poo so I washed my rectum with a warm water jet

now I feel really gay

Kinda late reply, but police has schedule on how many crimes they solve monthly, if they make it, all department gets additional payment. The point is, they won't toss you drugs without reason, but if you already have some small amount, which is not even that bad, like 1g of weed is not even sentenced here, you'll just pay charge and nothing will happen, but in smaller cities they just toss 1 kilo of weed on you and say that you're the dealer

Thrilling stuff buddy.

come live with me desu

At least you didn't wash your rectum with sperm.


>Kinda late reply,
Well, thanks.
Also, how do you know about this information? Can you please give the source?

>can't wank

You can't wank?
Why is that?

too tired

Lasagna with salad & garlic bread for dinner tonight lads.

Get someone else to play with your willy instead.
That way you don't have to do anything but get all the results.
Sounds good mate.

thats a lil gay

the person I usually get to get me off just threw up again

*nibbles on wellingtons fingers*

I feel like an old grandma, im already tired and its only 9 fugggg :DDd

went to uni today for the first time lads..
its true what they say. It really is all Asian
the only wypipo I saw i'm pretty sure were just working there, and a few weird looking low test types, probably alternative socialists/journalism majors.
I know some of you go there.. wait.. don't tell me.. you're all Asian too aren't you?

*nibbles on Welly's willy*


Only a little bit, not enough to make any difference.
Oh.. well thats not very arousing at all...
Looks like you'll have to suffer then, I hope your bf gets better soon.
Not a very good way to spend your anniversary together but these things happen.

do you have a gf westy

*cuts you to fucking pieces and buries you in a shallow grave like you deserve*

you can't be serious

yes he does, they are called liechty

If he did
I'd have her murdered in cold blood
Westy belongs to me

but liechty was meant to spoon with me

I'm horrible at talking to people in real life, especially woman, unless I'm a wee bit drunk.
Really rude.
Fuck you.

please forgive me westy

just stay drunk all the time, it's what I do

*nibbles you back*

>sometimes I check out peoples feet
I'm too far gone at this point

I would if I could in all honesty.
I think drunk me is a hell of a guy, I really like myself drunk.
You can't bloody help yourself can you, you just need to get little jabs in at people.

what do you like to drink

Just make sure you arent obvious about it m8


>you just need to get little jabs in at people.
It's a drug for me


>sing happy song
Will you sing something like "Rocky road to Dublin"?

Road trip to westport? im in


Im going to try stay up for another 10 mins, then im going to let myself go to bed
idk why im so tired

people tell me that all the time :^)

>go to bed
>10:22 am

What substances can I consume to make time go faster while I suffer at my miserable job?

>people tell me that all the time :^)
you really need to get them under control desu

I enjoy beer, but when I'm in the mood I'll drink anything with alcohol in it.
I'm not at all fussy.
Honestly sounds like a blast.


Its 9:23pm you silly thing

ive tried but it doesnt seem to work.
i really want to know the context that previous reaction image was actually in for the source content tbqh

I don't know what the context is but I've never had a reason to use it

w-what about victoria

> (You)
>Its 9:23pm you silly thing
>Don't be silly, sweetie

give me a little jab :3


Is that FF9 art?
It looks familiar.

is that final fantasy

FUCK this week
Tomorrow and on Wednesday I have to stay until nighttime in camp before going home

It all gets better after this week desu

Anyway,have a good night

that really sucks Singa

Get some of the lads in the camp together and organize a coup for doing this to you.

Btw, this art looks like Dorohedoro's demons

terrible font color
took me a few secs to read the time

ye it is vivi
I really like the Quina one as well, its bloody delightful

thank you! you have a good day today :)

>>go to bed
So what?
I sometimes go to bed at such a time. (Noon or slightly later)
Maybe, today at 18:00 I'll go to bed.
I don't see anything wrong

Hello dear upside down friends,

Does the whole "polish death camps" law and shitstorm it ensued get any media coverage down-under and what are your guys opinion / knowledge on this matter?
Are you with team kurwa on this matter or with team hummus?

>ye it is vivi
Vivi is a CUTIE
Love him.

Man, I see nothing bad in this cause of my regime I usually go to bed at 0:00. But 1-2 times a week I can go to bed at 5pm and sleep till 8am

Yes he is, he is solidly delightful

anyways bed, before i turn into a grump

>tfw played through FF9 and don't even remember it

>polish death camps
I only check the local media every now and then
but the only place I've heard of this is here t b h

Good night.
Sleep tight.

nighty night christchurch

don't bother, he's spamming this in all the generals


Meh it's just until 9 March
This week is especially cancer

*kisses you so it'll go even slower*

So I'm sitting down in the lounge room eating dinner with the familly, my Dad has The Project on.
The topic that comes is Circumcision. Wew, just what I wanted to hear while eating.

need a speed run to 9 march


i need a speedeun to...2100 or something






why are you posting at work desu

why not?


cant i talk to my 3rd favorite poster?

Just put away all their dishes because it was really fucking triggering my autism.
Also had a shower.

who are the first two

westy and girlkiwi desu


Guys, you are so cool, really


>you are so cool
You too

Ok fukers
I'm gonna need some (You)'s REAL SOON

dont feel bad desu.
on a scale 1-10 westy is a 10 and you are a 9.9999998

there take it you addict

I see how it is desu

I want to be crushed by those

>westy is a 10
Thank you Bunny!

w-what am I

t h i s


what did you get banned for


For having an “avatar”

2 and a half days of using my data desu.

It's been like 6 months since I've been banned...
I think? Or maybe more recently

Well Karen spamming is quite literally against the rules.
Didn't you recently get banned for this as well?

>actually banning for avatarfagging
wonder when they'll finally get the Cara and Barb posters

fucking autismo mods, I swear

I’ve been banned twice for this already desu. Feels bad desu.
Feels bad desu.

>tfw took a photo of me in a Chinese face mask in my work suit trying to make an anime orgasmo face but I look like a retarded Muslim making the 1 sign.

great, now i feel bad

post photo

Source: experience of friend (read as my ass)


Have the top of my head instead.

post it

it's ok liechty

thanks conway
luv ya okay

love you too bunny

Having a shower now OwO

Cool, having dinner right now

Whats for dinner buddy?

Beetroot soup

goodnight everyone


Sleep tight

Hmmm looks pretty tasty, hope you enjoy it buddy.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.

Thanks. What do people in New Zealand eat?

Food typically

I mean what food

The edible variety mostly

Hmmm.. I dunno how to answer that, our foods pretty basic
just think of British foods and thats what we eat usually.

*hugs /ausnz/*

my favorite is a pepper steak pie thats been sitting in a gas station pie warmer for over 8 hours but because you are on a road trip it tastes like heaven as your starving.

God I could really go for a pie right now

Just got some of pigs fat (my country national dish)

>pepper steak pie

>pigs fat

the fuck is this gay cunt general

Cred Forums is shite full of faggots

Anyway, better than this nigga's dinner

dat good food yo

Mr. Ukraine
You aren't a R*ssian are you?

I am half-Russian

Watching Girl's Last Tour
This really is my kinda show.
Maybe I'll get back into anime this year.

Do you Identify as Russian or Ukrainian?

More like Russian. GLT is a really good anime, I like soundtrack the most.

Tell me the legends of long ago~

Decided to make some dumplings except of soup. Itadakimas!

okay i feel better now
midday naptime

And the other half is?

Hohles or Cockhole

back home and clean desu

Hate cleaning

Hiya, i am feeling like puking b/c i ate 2000kcal ramen too much

I mean I'm clean


I thought you were cleaning your house

I don't have any fucking energy to do that
Will have to sleep early today in preparation for the long days tomorrow and the day after

Wish you good luck tomorrow, buddy

>More like Russian

Delet dis

thanks sweetie

Enough bullies

You first

Not gonna fall for your facade P*tin

Put in is eternal

No you


Sminem's cat!

No surprise there


Good night lads.

Good night desu

sleep well

Night poofta

> tfw you are in the same time zone

need lewds

I managed to fall asleep in the end.

I slept well.

Gonna go for a ciggie now I think.

This time with clothes on.

here ya go

Smoking is for bydlo, quit that shit, NAO!

Crazy Yank literally almost got us all killed.
>I get woken up at 3am by the smoke alarm.
>go downstairs
>bitch is passed out on the sofa
>room filled with smoke
>she left the oven element on with a pan cooking empty
>raw chicken left out on the table
>wake her up forcefully
>she starts muttering complete gibberish
>think she's having a stroke or been drugged
>she takes off her pants and pisses on the floor
>she starts talking about how she wants chicken and eggs
>call the campus people
>helping her cook so she doesn't kill herself
>she manages to cut herself and spill hot oil everywhere before I completely take over
>shes spinning around getting blood everywhere
>I'm freaking out because what the actual fuck
This is fucking retarded, what the hell happened

Please tell me you made that up

Ordinary regular NZ night.

Why would I be awake at 4am making fake stories
I literally just baby-sat her cooking fucking chicken whilst I waited for the international office person to walk over.

I just smoked a marlboro gold, and it was fucking trash. Gimme luckies or camels, it's the tits

No u

Yanks can be fucking retarded sometimes

>Yanks can be fucking retarded sometimes
If I wasn't here there would be four dead yanks this morning.
I just saved their lives, and sacrificed my bag of black pepper in the process as now it's covered in her blood.

She mounted a dining room chair like a toliet seat and pissed on the carpet.
I fucking stepped in it by accident.
I didn't sign up for this shit.

Have you tried Che?

God, mutts are bizarre

I thought she was gonna die on me.
I almost called an ambulance.

need more!

should have called pest control

I think I'm off to bed now
My night has already been fucked

This song is VERY good!

No, I don't want gay-AIDS from smoking communism

Sheeeeit make sure you properly explain to her what happened when she sobers up

maybe she'll suck your dick for saving her life

okay but that is the last one

fucken brutal cunt


>No u
Smoking gives you nothing, yet you lose money, your valuable time & health. Keep going, mate.

im not afraid of you bullies anymore

>Smoking gives you nothing, yet you lose money, your valuable time & health. Keep going, mate.
dis where u worng m8

i smoke for almost for free in this country


i have the proper connections

It's even better than lucky strike...

get some good rest

>It's even better than lucky strike...
What luckies are you talking about though? I prefer True Blue but normal luckies are aight too

>okay but that is the last one

So wasting your time & health is nothing then? Okay.

>be former Prime Minister of Australia
>travel like a peasant


>So wasting your time & health is nothing then? Okay.




Red one, Che tastes like a butter toast :DDD

Good morning gang.

Going to bed early was a mistake

Good morning to you buddy!
Sleep well?

YEA I got a solid amount of sleep
What about You?

Yeah I thought I wouldn't be be able to sleep tonight
but I had no issue, just fricking crashed no problem.

That's good as c:

ChCh expecting some of the storm?
I hope it's not too wild myself.

Idk it's raining out here right now desu. We might get it but probably not so badly
I hope it's a little overblown how bad it will be