What does Cred Forums think of Australia?

What does Cred Forums think of Australia?

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most racist anglo country


We're Irish.

Why are people required to give this movie a good review?

I think I impregnated an Aussie girl one time but Im not sure

It's just a bit of banter m8

No hard feelings

Will Negro panther ever recover?

if you don't like a movie then you hate black people

they have cute animals

holy fuck
so if i understand correctly
US = british and a lot of german and other lame europeans
Canada = the lamer brits
Australia = the degenerate or subhuman brits (irish)

What about NZ, Jamal?

canada and australia are chinese colonies, only america is pure anglo

la creatura...


>no entiendo, seƱor

every time without fail

it has already run roughshod on bogan butt

Seem like good lads but I also here they're incredibly racist towards the indigenous population

>go to some random town in georgia
>find an authentic australian style cafe
what do

Australia is just a Kangaroo country, am I right?

I don't know what they're teaching you in American history textbooks but you were both pretty much penal colonies.

Go there, looks kinda nice.

Add more ticks

>'Black Panther' breaks multiple box office records

>Global ticket sales are predicted to total an estimated 387 million by today.


Canadians are proud French.

Hon hon hon ma amie hon hon hon

>proud French
I see a small contradiction here.

>Pure anglo

What did he mean by this?

a broken clock is right twice a day

english your second language, xiang?

newfag detected

newfag (to nz) detected

I'm guessing you are one of those normies who just found muh nazi LARPing sekrit club huh

wow did you research this meme all by yourself?

If you were on Cred Forums at any time before 2018 you would've recognized this

Cred Forums was a mistake

yeah i found Cred Forums in an advertisement on ifunny haha

So is it a good film or are normies just obsessed with capeshit?

>people are literally too afraid of political consequences to properly criticize a non-perfect movie
Why are wh*Te people so cucked? Why do we have to pretend everything involving blacks is perfect? Is it because condescending wh*Te liberals think they need to protect black feelings or what? It's just another Marvel superhero movie, it doesn't deserve perfect reviews. This feels like the movie-equivalent of affirmative action.

You're forgetting that most capeshit "films" get rave reviews. I can't remember the last time a Marvel movie got less than 8/10 on IMDB upon release.

Normies are obsessed with capeshit, and all the niggers are spending foodstamps to see it.

Thats what I'm thinking. it could be the most culturally enriched movie of the past few years or actually be an okay movie, it's still gonna have the exact same formula all the other Marvel movies have, so it'll feel like Superhero movie big war 17: Black People edition

>Cred Forums
>on ifunny

>tfw 25
>Lost track of the marvel movies after captain America 2

Lmao fucking losers get a life or something. How do you guys have time for movies while in school??? It was impossible.

What are you even trying to say with this post?

Exiled Bongs who underwent a radical (and better) personality change. They give absolutely zero fucks and we could learn alot from them.

nobody fucking cares about kiwis

Never change

pretty based, the only people I meet in games who are genuinely nice and has a sense of humor
also the west has a serious problem with putting politics into everything, black panther in itself was a decent movie but I really don't like how everyone goes HURR REPRESENTATION

Hang out at Alice Springs and tell me how you feel Abbos afterwards.


I believe this, our history is "lmao fuck paying taxes" and killing natives till the mid 1900s
you wish

how did you know i was part black?

can one of you potential mass shooters off this cunt

All of America is, mutt.

Romanian land.

Why aren't there any Aboriginal superheroes?

The boomerang gimmick was already stolen so there's literally nothing else worth making a character for.

Its just a meme at this point