Unconditionally loved by Japanese citizens

>unconditionally loved by Japanese citizens
>would rather learn English and study abroad than learn how to be royalty
>meanwhile Japanese peasants fear the gaijin and the gaijin tongue
>this troubles the Yamato race

Is Princess Kako the heroine Japan needs?

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imagine being in line to be queen of entire country but you fell for the career woman meme

she was probably bored and had something to prove

Come home, hime-sama

im going to find her and impregnate her, wish me luck lads

I honestly do wish you luck. Who wouldn't want to fuck royalty?

>i unironically believe royals really study something when they "study abroad"

She could choose any major she wants and go full passion project mode. It's not like she needs the money.

she is cute

No she is not, not to mention that literally all slim/skinny asian women look EXACTLY the same. And it's not some meme, they really do.

>jap royals
>study abroad
it's not rare at all. they mostly go to the UK to study for some reason.

I think the biggest reason she wanna go abroad is because everyone knows her in Japan and it's smothering her.

7.5/10 (+0.5 for cat smile). Would.

she is a 8/10 to me

8/10 if you consider her royal blood.
6.5/10 at best if she was a commoner.

joke's on you, I have an irrational obsession with them and tons of them exist

this chink again

>only 1 young dynastic male left
going to usurp the throne,
wish me luck.

>grugolev no like oriental grug

>Kako will never be your wife

>her uncle, father, and sister had studied abroad
>all British universities
I think this is the biggest reason, if anything

Or maybe it's because British and American universities are just the best in the whole world.

>She could choose any major she wants and go full passion project mode. It's not like she needs the money.
She could. So could all the other rich students asian students who come here to study.
(protip; they don't)


why do asians always cheat?

That saddens me.

Didn't she postpone her wedding because of financial troubles?

Well, they barely go to American universities so maybe there's another reason

i think they go to britain because it's a monarchy too.

that's her elder sister

I think she want white boyfriends.

She just hates japan and wants to go to somewhere else
Japanese love her but she is not feeling good with it as it's making people focus on all her actions

would the japanese people be upset if she married a white man?

Do you think she's been BLEACHED yet?

She looks like the type that hangs around roppongi hitting on nigerian club bouncers

a lot of rightists would be upset and a lot of leftists would be hyped

she probably won't, though

chick's probably like sauruman of many colors at this point

why would rightist be upset particularly? Becuse of the race or becuase of the culture

maybe both. they prefer the traditional style for the royals of course.
but maybe more important is that lefties will make fun of them for it.


Princess Tunka Aminah of Johor Malaysia married with the Dutch man. There's no such thing as "won't" in this world.

idk, man. probably she could if she really wants bat it could be huge pressure for her.

that guy looks like indon-dutch mongrel

whats worse is that with the fees they pay the university is heavily incentivized to not let them fail. if they aren't at least passing their subjects then they lose their student visas which means the uni misses out on possibly hundreds of thousands per student.
so tutors are heavily discouraged from giving them low marks even if its wildly clear the student has made little to no attempt.
then on the flip side of this, you get students who don't even come to class, can barely form a sentence of proper English, but manage to hand in near perfect essays, written in a similar style to a HD student from a few semesters ago. and of course the other half of the Chinese students also have similarly styled, great essays on different topics. Even when its stupidly apparent the work isn't that of the students there's usually nothing that can be done if its original.
I'll end my rant here though, I shouldn't even be posting this

Yeah, that makes a sense if you think that way.

Kek you're right.

Why doesn't Kako have a Twitter or Instagram?
How am I supposed to see how she's doing?

Well if they do pass by completely cheating wouldn't they be useless at what they're studying?

Whats the point in that

are there any royals have a twitter account? just curious

she looks like...

It's just a status symbol. They already have the connections to do anything they want.

Her name means "I'm shitting" in a somewhat vulgar way in Italian

Although written caco, pronunciation is the same

(Io) caco

He's a Brunei Prince.

not as real as kim desu

wtf he looks chad as fuck

Get ready for your princess to get BRUNEI'd.