Tfw arab bf online wants me to start taking hormones for him

>tfw arab bf online wants me to start taking hormones for him
>tfw used to be a poltard but fell hard for him

Prove you have the arab bf

Fuck off out of int with this irrelevant shit.

Hope he throws you off a roof

how would you like me to prove it?

don't be jealous (:


how could this be

you are fagotr?

timestamp some pills or syringes

He didn't played enough hockey.

ERP larp faggot

what's wrong with you desu
t. gay

don't have any yet, he wants me to start taking them, I haven't started though

I've fucked two girls but I've discovered I'm bisexual.


where did you find this ""bf""?

isn't hrt in canada hard to get legally, like prescription after therapy and its not covered by gibmedats insurance rite

seems like a waste of time and effort just for some arab

godspeed tho (if not larp, if larp ur gay anyway gayfer)


through a discord channel, he's going to come to canada and we're going to have lots of fun :3

sorry to the continuation of the white race I guess haha

I'm not sure

found the pakistani briton


everyday I hate Canadians more and more

if ur not sure ur either larping (most likely), retarded or (you and your """bf""") are stuck in fantasyland

i guess in either scenario ur retarded but still, i hope i covered all the bases. godspeed u fucking autist

okay but why are you guys mad

it's not larp... he sends me lewds every other day and has plans to come here

You sound like average poltard.

faggot larper giving real fags a worse name

i'm not mad, just disappointed at your degenerate ways brother

not larp

J*wish propaganda

Don't do it. Estrogen is psychological poison. Stick to crossdressing.

>a gay Arab wants a his boyfriend to transition
Kinda hard to believe but then again, I've seen how /mena/ threads are with all the gay erps. So there might be a chance it's true.

if true you shouldn't do hrt for fetish, it WILL DESTROY your sex drive anyway unless ur the 1% where it doesn't (not exaggeration, literally 1%)

src: tranny who knows (rare nonretarded) trannies

Post pics of you

delicious. You can come live in my beach-front house here in Panama. I'll treat you better than this arab friend of yours.