Has your country swallowed the black pill?


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Yes. I was able to get tickets for the 27th of this month.

I don't even know if it's been realease here.

>segregated pill


Is that real? Cred Forums told me that Coco would fail because chinks didn't like spics. Then they told me that Black Panther would fail because no one outside the U.S. wanted to see blacks.

Cred Forums told me asians were racist as fuck and would boycott a movie with a black lead, it can't be happening!

Even the shittiest MCU movies do well in the box office. Only MAGAtards or nignogs care about his race.

b-but Cred Forums can't be wrong right?

this black man looks turbogay, one of the leaders of the gay community in Poland looks like him

Chinks are okay with Hispanics because they look like chinks

Coco was also about muh ancestors and chinks love that

why does this movie make white people so angry?

there are black people in it and that triggers Cred Forums

what's the movie about? inb4 ancient athlanteans and space egyptians

Seems like the meme that asians dislike black people is wrong.

What triggers Cred Forumstards is to see black and white people in the same movie loving themselves

How about that meme that asians dislike wh*Te people

It's the biggest fear yellow feverfags have

ever since their women stopped giving a fuck about their virgin white ass and started dating black men, they started being, like every white boi, a yellow feverfag.

You see, according to them, the biggest positive with having an asian gf is that "they never fuck niggers". That's their biggest fear. They know damn well, once asian women start burning the coal. It's all fucking lost to them. No more white women for them, no more asian women for them. And who the fuck wants black women anyway? Not even black guys want that shit.

They fear that.

This has been happening here, blondes are usually the most slutty enough to go after black dicks. And blacks go after the whitest girls they can find. And asian girls as long as they are unmixed and has a restrictive japanese education from their father usually behave like the best wife a man could have.


space athlanteans and ancient egyptians

getting BLACKED is also a meme in Brazil? I thought you guys didn't like them

We invented that meme. Blacks dating Blondes is very common around here

What? Aren’t most Brazilians part black?

Because it's become heavily politicised. No one cared about other films with a black MC like Blade or I Am Legend.

yeah, but that's because of rape by europeans on black slaves

Where you seen that? They are mostly mixed but not black. Haitian could hardly fit in here.

This movie is banned here.

I watched it
Mediocre but better than most marvel movies

what were the best parts (for black people)?

Stan was in it?

Kek, t. nigger

I’m pretty sure most of pol doesn’t care how the movie does in Asia. They just hate niggery anti-white movies. It’s already common knowledge that Korean and Japanese girls are huge coal burners that slurp the nigger dick.

I’d imagine the only people that would be angry at niggers becoming popular in thailand are fat, old geriatrics that fuck Thai girls and jealous Thai males.

Everybody thinks that it's just standart Marvel flick.


I think it's time to admit WMAF does not work. It's an evolutionary dead end. BMAF could still work though. Yellow fever community should consider merging in to the cuckold community.

I don't think there's something that can be more appreciated if you're black in it. Maybe Twitter black

Racists hate Black people

How anti-white is the movie?
Is this BLM propaganda?

There are some hooks about slavery and the condition of Africa but they are said by the villain and are ridiculed by the protagonist
As in, Africa isn't a single state, we have nothing to do with it, etc

>protagonist ridiculed slavery
>they got nothing to do with it

>Belgian sighs in relief and munches on chocolate hands

Lmao he isn't talking about hair dye, mystery meat.

It's already happening


>Believing 4channers
Stay gullible

It will be the biggest flop in China for being baizuo.

Why? Beacuse of no gay sex?

Why would you be reading that stuff bro

>black goyim falling for the latest hollywood invention:
>the Cucked Black Male Superhero spell cast upon them
j*wsh-penned superhero comics/reboot move fests have already lowered the standards for white ppl in the film biz, so this won't turn out nice

I remember finding a post about someone noticing a lot more white men with Asian wives entering the scene and wanting to be cucked, but I couldn't find it, and this is the closest I could find.

More likely that they either feminize or "#YAS QUEEN" up the black actors, followed by _low key_ Swirling propaganda

(race mixing)

idk, its hollywood films so trying to guess the formulaic plot ahead instead of wasting 20 bucks on it

>movie is 100% fictional
>blacks somehow believes it's culturally connected with them

I was planning to watch this movie but after blacks went ape at twitter i canceled it.

Based black

Because it's racially profiled.

Same desu.

Kinda how whites do it too with lord of the rings and shit.

It annoyed me that they said that they had gotten a relic from 16th century Benin from English colonisers.

Motherfuckers didn't even get there until much later.

I don't remember myspace being filled with "WE WUZ GONDOR"


asian girls are gonna be the next generation of bbc hounds

I am sorry but only trash people use myspace/facebook and so on.
White people in general sperged out in forums, imageboards and in irl among their fellow nerds.

don't you mean white men

But aren't movies about ghosts forbidden in China?


Ahh yes I can recall my favourite hugely popular imageboards from 2001 to 2003.

Maybe sweden specifically is different, but myspace was normieville just like facebook and twitter are. And if white normies didn't WE WUZ back then but black normies are WE WUZ'ing now, then no it's not anything like "how whites do it too with lord of the rings and shit."

Just check /poltv/ they backpedaled so hard they turned black.

I don't see race, I guess. All I could think about is how the mask actually kind of looks likie the animal it is meant to represent, and that Panthers are the shittiest feline only beaten by the Cheetah.

They should call him Black Jaguar because the jaguar is the king of the jungle. The panther isn't even kang.

>watching capeshit
wew lad

Ummmmm he has no cape sweeeeety... ! : )

>or I Am Legend.
I cared. Will Smith is good actor and all that, but good god can they make at least one good film based on this novel?

>Will Smith is good actor
was good actor

Кoмy ты пиздишь?

>watching MCU trash

This movie is overrated. If you're into textbook style Marble hero movie you may like it I guess but the story is kind of obvious to me and the characters aren't likeable. The protagonist is an extreme good guy and the antagonist is an extreme bad guy. They both lack reality. Meh movie at best.


Racists...racists never change.

Good for them.

>King's Immorality
There's your Black pill

>"Kinda how whites do it too with lord of the rings and shit."

>Korean and Japanese girls are huge coal burners that slurp the nigger dick

it actually isn’t the case in south korea, i’ve no idea why this is such a meme here

Probably gook in UK

Thor is a better example. Did you see any Scandinavians sperg out over that?

>Muh comic book hero, ASAPOWER Y'ALL. We wuz gods.
I'm sorry, but Amerinogs are a special kind of retarded.

What's so bad about this? I mean we have worse aggrandization of White king, Asian or Chinese emperor, American hero, Japanese samurai, German, or any other country or people in other movies. And most of the time they are portrayed as a normal thing and people just talk about whether movie is good or shit.

What made people so mad about black people being a king? Is it because (people who get angry believes) black people have NEVER been a king? That's what I gathered from the angry reaction.

Based, too bad people will only take away "it's a black superhero movie" from watching it.

In the name of Kara Boga. We are A BLACK country. There is no need to take the black pill.

>anglos projecting their own racism.

Because its heavily politicized in America. People are expected to feel shame for passed wrongs. Its not simply a movie, if it was just a movie people would not care. Its also propaganda and gas lighting.

The black pill means being completely hopeless about the future, not liking black people.
Just like how the red pill doesnt have anything to do with native Americans.

who is this mutt?

There's no need to care about wether a person is black unless you force it with black pride, we wuz or white guilt.

Black supremacy exists here.


Moreso than anywhere else I'd say.

>that numale
She deserves better

>black colonists

Wakanda is real!!!!

Wakanda is a fantasy, Haiti is a reality

I'm interested in movies set in Africa but loathe capeshit. Not even worth seeing, right?

Thanks for doing half of my work for me.

>People are expected to feel shame for passed wrongs. Its not simply a movie, if it was just a movie people would not care. Its also propaganda and gas lighting.
Delusional horseshit, as always, from the Cred Forumspardo.
12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained didn't cause a hundredth the asspain as this movie despite having slavery as a core theme as opposed to merely a tool used to fill in a character's backstory.

>And who the fuck wants black women anyway? Not even black guys want that shit.

we ARE the BLACK pill

it's completely neutered basic hollywood shit, just with a black aesthetic

Is Wakanda real?

>And who the fuck wants black women anyway? Not even black guys want that shit.

low test

People should watch Disaster Artist and support our Tommy instead some capeshit

No because a British film is still the kino of the year.


The Chinese worship their ancestors, that is why Coco is fine for them.
It was the reason for a big debate in the 1600s between Jesuits and Dominicans iirc. Jesuits had managed to convert like 300.000 Chinese and had become advisors of the emperor, the Dominicans got jealous and accused Jesuits of allowing the converted Chinese to continue honoring their death ancestors (who were pagans), Jesuits answered it's the same as praying to saints or for the souls of the departed.
The issue went to the Pope and Jesuits ended up getting fucked.


China shouldnt even count as a measure of box office success anymore, almost everything shown there will gross higher in comparison.

It's ogre, rlm said it's ok™, so it's a good movie.

The most crazy reaction in my cinema was when Bucky shows up, kek.

to be fair it looks really cute

does anybody have the edit with Luz Extinquido on the screen?

This was among the best Marvel movies along with the original Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Anyone who says it was shit was probably just too scared of black people to go to the theatre.

i want to see it but i already live in a 2/3s black area and i don't want to be the only white person in the theater



i think u'll be alright, especially if you go in a day screening

>man ape
>purple drank
I'm so glad Coogler made this movie. It'd be so fucking shit if some white neoliberal made it.

The content of Coco involving ancestor respect and reverence got it the green light to release in China without censorship of the death themes.

It was quite big news last year, even Disney expected issues with it.


paddington bear a cute.


What does the right wing policy of free markets and deregulation have to do with blacks?

Director and majority of crew for Black Panther movie were black.

The skin color and its political theme don't matter but movies based on american comics are relatively weak at the Japanese market in general

so maybe not

No but i have this

anyone who did that was probably getting their lunch money stolen from them

beware of the 7.62s favelito

probably a reference to the black panthers in america dude

just remember, the mankey breeding grounds are being cleansed right now as we speak