kero kero bonito

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>heh, nothin personnel Jiren

Got anxiety and depression

let them make their own thread underage sperg

kkb is /cum/ property. fuck off.

Fingered Gordon Brown outside a Yates in Maldon


kero kero bonito is literally british culture

>m-maybe they'll accept me...i'm one of the good ones...
fucking loser faggot lmao



don't care. we used to post about them months ago.

no it's not, they're basically synthy j-pop, they just live in britain

>HAHAHHA look guys i made a thread again with a picture of a nigger. im so kewl, fresh, new and hip

die tonight

She is crusher property

i am literally sarah

embarrassing post, holy shit

This, my friends, is the power of authoritarian radical centrism.

that is a stupid argument

Japanese director’s pro-whaling documentary wins award at London film festival


renting out a dirty hotel meeting room?


>being concerned over who i embarrass with MY post
hop off the dick asap

Reminder to stop wanking

that fucking horse mouth lmao

t. Christfag

There are no proven side-effects to masturbation.


that's an image for klinefelter syndrome

Fuck you red button nip monkey I fucking destroy your gay country and your gay emperor and gay prime minister who bows down to the big korean bull you nip monkeys can't do anything right koreans are doing so much better than you stupid monkeys we have the more popular music, films, tv, cars et cetera how about you jump off a bridge you useless nip monkey red button comfort woman war crime commiting worthless schizophrenic waste!!!!!!!

there's a lad with klinefelters at my gym. somehow has a really fit bird with him all the time.

t. whale

probably happy she doesn't have to worry about any other woman trying to take him from her, same with all ugly dudes

Fuck you pathetic nip monkey i spit on your mother's grave i hope 2011 happens again and i hope you get nuked again you pathetic red button monkey bastard

good post

everyone stop fighting pls

vile nonce

I have fat manchebs and wide hips
Reckon I have klinefelter syndrome


how dear you

odious little bacterium

insecure that my shoulders will broaden by the time i'm 30
NOT aesthetically pleasing

*drops redpills about black people*

Fuck you psuedo-costa rican nip monkey butt licker motherfucker

*drops red pills about pit bulls*

are they already wide or are you a tranny

Early divergences between Scottish Gaelic and Irish are partly to be explained as the result of
natural linguistic drift over a large geographical area. Early contact with different languages,
including Pictish, Cumbric, Northumbrian English and Norse must also, however,
have been a significant factor in the development of a Scottish variety of Gaelic. It has been suggested that aspects of the verbal system of Scottish Gaelic, which are structurally more akin to modern Welsh than Irish, may be due to early contact with a Brittonic language, possibly Pictish. The phonological feature of preaspiration of historically voiceless stops has been claimed by some as being due to Norse influence.

doing a poo

*offers you a delicious meal*
giv peas a chance

was DBZ even on tv here i dont know anyone who watched it

it was on cartoon network about 5pm iirc

thailad why did you remove your kev videos?

is this mcdoNALDS?

kev forced his hand

actually good band with two nerds and a jap youtube.com/watch?v=LZbw_LD3PbY
this is supposed to be a kids show?? what the fuck is wrong with japs

have literally shaved my pubes 0 (ZERO) times

I didn't

Kev calls 1: streamable.com/ww612
Kev calls 2: streamable.com/cwm73
Run run cold out: streamable.com/rkmja
Tyrone: streamable.com/al1xf

The guy actually found them and reported it lol

are kev is no pushover

They were charming, especially the oldest, a blonde of eighteen, fresh as a flower, and very dainty and pretty! Ah, yes! The pretty Englishwomen have indeed the look of tender sea fruit. One would have said of this one that she had just risen out of the sands and that her hair had kept their tint. They all, with their exquisite freshness, make you think of the delicate colors of pink sea-shells and of shining pearls hidden in the unknown depths of the ocean.

off to work lads

The Americans, the Russians, the French, the Germans, everyone thinks Enigma is unbreakable.

poor kev

cold out

how come so many japanese women look EXACTLY like dumb puerto rican women from the projects/slums? we don't even have a lot of indigenous blood
are the project whores secretly high IQ nintendos?

gl hf

I like Tim because my name is also Tim

J-just go back to sleep. Toilberg won’t mind

alri Tim

semantics - the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. There are a number of branches and subbranches of semantics, including formal semantics, which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics, which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics, which studies the cognitive structure of meaning.

Am bheil thu an Yanc Albannach?

Look what I got

there's no toy in those ones

people don't masturbate often to look like that, people masturbate often because they look like that


Aurora Borealis?

A... Aurora Borealis! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your cubicle?


May I see it?


The Wars of Scottish Independence were a series of military campaigns fought between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.
The First War (1296–1328) began with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328. The Second War (1332–1357) began with the English-supported invasion by Edward Balliol and the "Disinherited" in 1332, and ended in 1357 with the signing of the Treaty of Berwick. The wars were part of a great crisis for Scotland and the period became one of the most defining times in its history. At the end of both wars, Scotland retained its status as an independent state. The wars were important for other reasons, such as the emergence of the longbow as a key weapon in medieval warfare.

Uhhh of course not I would choke



that's illegal and extremely dangerous
*proceeds to buy my 18 year old multiple rifles*

those ones are shit lad

any CJNG man in?

The toilwagon has left the station and my commute begins.

The prospect of toil hangs over me like the sword of Damocles

What if I just continue to lay in bed and let toil pass me by

>“ÖÖ, I’m sorry, sir. We cannot allow you to take this on an airliner, as its parts may be used to make a bomb.”

Tapadh leat, maith an ghille.

>3.8/10 on IMDB

Mmmm ah yes

metacritic > rotten tomatoes > IMDB


there’s a reason IMDb has a good colour scheme because it’s the gold standard for movie ratings

just called the FBI

i just use scaruffis film page


Broken America

tha thu di-beathte.

what did you read / study in order to become fluent in scots gaelic?

So we’ll plot day and night
By the office water cooler
Toilberg the target
Let’s take back our freedom

>*Jams it down my gullet

>Members may not eat or drink in the chamber; the exception to this rule is the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who may have an alcoholic beverage while delivering the Budget statement

very bizarre sounds coming from the neighbouring flat

me and the lads

Is that stained glass by Harry Clarke

No taste of food, no feel of water, no sound of wind, no memory of tree or grass or flower, no image of moon or star are left to me. I am naked in the dark, Sam, and there is no veil between me and the office of toil. I begin to see it even with my waking eyes, and all else fades.

Dreamt I was Dougie Jones trying to forge a signature on a cheque

not that funny

This is my thread now. I own it.


made me chuckle

is it for sale?

not sure ill try to find out for you

>go for a run
>do a couple laps of the block
>come home panting
>dad says "that was quick"


Some ugly lady at toil (like big glasses, beedy eyes, spotty skin, very pale) was coughing without covering her mouth last week now i have a sore throat


Only to the girl from the trivago ads and she can have it for a quick blow job

>i just use scaruffis film page

its the ugly disease which only ugly people can get sorry to break it to you sweaty :( x

chicken madras

The five stained-glass windows were made by Douglas Strachan in 1922, and illustrate St Margaret, St Andrew, St Columba, St Ninian and William Wallace.


Hate le quirky conventions of le parliament. Pandering to reddit harry potter fans

Wish I could sniff her chicken vindaloo farts

hmm yes, right I see. I'll make some phone calls, don't move.

Make her suck your cock

Im handsome.

Shut up you child

You guys remember those meerkat manor ads with bogdan

Remember seeing them all over bath at the station especially

Cute but imagine having bog in your name hahaha

>Im handsome.

ive got spurs

My ideal achievable job is night shift taxi driver.
Still can't drive yet though.

Are they for sale?

Why are you bullying me

Can’t decide which pomade to use today

wi yu bli m

Ah shit never mind it had nothing to do with meerkat manor

alri travis
Somebody hat this gimp

None you fucking poofter


lamo spot on stupid twats sounds exactly like that

tfwnogfinitis is flaring up again lads

Haha my name is actually Travis and my last name is sorta similar to Bickle

Have to cycle through the rain to get to toil this morrow

games and films and books are a lot better when you're younger before you get more critical
wish i could go back for a bit

what sort of business man are you? everything has a price and there's a price for everything. sell me

malmo is actually an alright place

they have personal value for me above the material

I intended to go see Three Dildos, but have decided otherwise since I wish not to pay a single steely kopéjku t' a man of such femishitty stuntery.

(I shall instead wait until it reaches th' æther.)

Will you at least take my phone number and consider it?

whats your surname la

i'd LOVE to see you wear your kippah while taking a stroll around malmo central

yeah, ok

Made sweet tender love to Naga Munchetty behind the bins of CEXchange in Romford back in 1998


I've issued an international arrest warrant for Harry Kane. He will pay for his crimes.


Lay rite

I’ve always used reuzel and baxter but they don’t compare

Nigella Lawson funnelled money to ISIS in 2014.

“SPUUUUURS are on their way to AUISCHWITZ!”

I forget how the rest of it goes, any help?

gave thailad a call


got a call from a lad in Sweden

The Murthly Hours is one of Scotland's great medieval treasures. Written and illuminated in Paris in the 1280s, it also contains full-page miniatures by English artists of the same period, and was one of the most richly decorated manuscripts in medieval Scotland. Medieval additions include probably the second oldest example of Gaelic written in Scotland.


did you call him a nonce?

I cannot believe it. I cannot fucking believe it.

Just so fucking furious right now. Feel like I'm going to snap.

cheers mate

did he call you a nonce?

nah just talked about the weather and the such

bit cold out

my application to cex has been rejected

reminder the leader of ireland is a homosexual indian

nah we just talked about the weather and the such

apparently it's a bit cold in Sweden

morning lads


didn't sleep again haha

Thank God they had the foresight to reject a little worm like you.

don't tell me what to do

do cex take chastity cages?

might get another cuppa

haven't decided yet

Ah yeah Irish weather

haitiANO wants another cuppa...

MY ideal job is working the night shift at that 24 hour Jew bakery in London.

de kinderen shall not forget, nor be allow’d to.


toil interview tomorrow

hearing is the most underrated sense

The Fernaig manuscript (Scottish Gaelic: Làmh-sgrìobhainn Fheàrnaig) is a document containing approximately 4,200 lines of verse consisting largely of political and religious themes.[1] The manuscript was composed between 1688 and 1693 by Donnchadh MacRath in Wester Ross[2] and is notable for the author's unique orthography which is, like the more famous Book of the Dean of Lismore, based upon English, rather than Classical Gaelic, phonetics.[3] Although the manuscript has been studied, "translated" in accordance with correct Gaelic orthography and republished – for the first time in 1923 by Calum MacPhàrlainn – it has been said that it has yet to be reliably interpreted.


was just thinking this yesterday

good luck lad


*blares car horn at you*
yea alright

Sick and bloody exhausted. Really don't want to go to uni today because of it but the cute girl who confessed her love for me on Saturday is expecting me.

big fan of touch myself


thanks lad means a lot

Arrogant student fuck off

dad's disappointed in me, i can tell. wish i could be the normal, productive son he wants


it's no secret that he was a methhead

really like touching things
stuff that isn't alive mostly


like to touch the dogs head


was he injured early in his life in the war? could that be part of the reason he is shaking like that?

nah im the swede

haha dont know why i typed malmo and not malmö

thailad opinions on thai genocide?

not a fan

For me, it's the breakfast of champions

looks like first world wtf

my ears just popped after months of them being blocked and now everything's really loud

I'm at the Raddison.

He was by m8 he's clearly in a different fucking dimension in that webm.

racist cunt

what's that?

Educational Video of the day:

Cringing at my musical tastes just 4 years ago.

that Ethiopian condom looks rough as fuck

we all do lad

what bands did u like


he served as a dispatch runner on the Western Front in France and Belgium,[63] spending nearly half his time at the regimental headquarters in Fournes-en-Weppes, well behind the front lines.[64][65] He was present at the First Battle of Ypres, the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Arras, and the Battle of Passchendaele, and was wounded at the Somme.

dogs are great

and liked horse steroids
what are your tastes now
name your top 5 bands

Pick up that soap, nigga.

The footage is sped up so the movement is more erratic.

>soft drink
>not the pure aqueous reserves flow’d-down from the Roof of Africa
>not smonking rolls
not for me.

fact: blacks dont actually have big cocks


Lady boys, are they all they're cracked up to be?

im not the dog lover, two different people tbqh

Shut the fuck up mickey

Arctic Monkeys
The Beatles
Simon and Garfunkel

Four years I was unironically listening to Watsky


sainsbury's is by far the best supermarket



yanks needs gassing



no shut up ur a fucking faggot

Rich cunt stealing the proletariat's gets

too busy to click

ah yes, the “I’ve just reached legal adulthood, better step up those mature points on my musical tastes” sort of selection.

don't worry la you'll be cringing at most of your current tastes in 4 years

dolphin square is getting redeveloped lads

i'm smarter than all of you

Don't think any of those choices are particularly mature really


which is the before pic?

could debate you into a catatonic state mate

Women's """sports"""

oh yeah well i fucked ur mum

right so, if you could choose any youtube video that would be played on every TV channel in every country on the planet at the same time. Which youtube video would you choose?

fuck you triple nigger

no you

>tfw 5'6"

Is this an actual Olympic run or is she injured or something?

she's wearing jeans

she's disabled and ethiopia lads a big dick

>tfw 6'6"
Nowt wrong with being 5'6" lad. You'll manage


she's a woman



The wonders of watching 360 at 1920x1080

bit lonely lads haha


90% chance it was committed by a negroid.


since whiteness in USA is fucked, can europe be counted on to save the white race?

what disability

thats not how you spell tesco

good yank posts

the biggest tune

Cred Forums you ruined my life!!

Told you to fuck off mick go run into some Black and Tans


Brotherman bill
Brotherman bill
Brotherman bill

new thread LONG overdue

Jews are already well under way of orchestrating their ultimate "revenge" for the shoah there.

fuck off

summat from Brooker on BBC Four.

>Whiteness isn't disappearing from America. If you removed California from the picture America would be 80% white.


But even if that was correct




two more weeks of winter


Is there any way to scratch your arse thoroughly without having your fingers stink of arse for the next 36 hours?

take a shower

love dropping a


me on the middle left

so annoying


neck thyself


Uh oh. I know a janny whose ass I’m going to have to kick. Gonna skin this fucker alive.


maybe but it will be a scratching to be remembered

shower daily



based janny

tankie scum

what the fuck happened in this thread?



hey folks - Belfast or Glasgow, where would you rather live for 3 years?

*pisses on the ground*

based jannies doing their job

>New janny is a Fin

probs glasgow

>warned me for spamming and flooding
My first post was a new thread wtf Janny?

>what is a bump limit

I hope /brit/ has its own designated Janny again






This was actually good t󠀡bh



aussie power hours

haha lol im pissing on the floor this is so funny


How much does he earn?

no good reason
there's advantages and disadvantages of both

babe, can you stuff this cucumber into your pussy so that we can post the whole event to pornhub afterwards


to both*

Now we find out if we're back to bump limit or the page 8 rule

alri lads

lets do this

>calls herself a hot brunette

name them mate, I face a similar decision to OP


toil imminent

>Weather conditions and night flying conditions made airship navigation and maintaining bombing accuracy difficult. Bombs were often dropped miles off target (one raid on London actually bombed Hull)

>no to racism

really not an expert
wouldn't trust what i have to say on the matter
it depends what you're looking for
most of the info should be online somewhere

invite her to a round of ‘ki bashing

why would a male be on the political left

>tories out
a penchant for whine more like haha

why would a jew support hitler?

low test

the best way to scare a tory is to ____ and get ____

box means bussy

>The Whigs played a central role in the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and were the standing enemies of the Stuart kings and pretenders

no thank you

love her hair desu


it's the lad from thailand
some know him as... thailad

he's like a superhero! xD

this but unironically

do black people have shadows?


why do we call them black people?

what this faggots story

it's political correctness gone mad

good question

i don’t

just look at him go haha

kill yourselves fucking scumbags


thailad opinions on face tattoos?

australia, finland and sweden are all nice countries!



As much as I love Scotland, there are probably no muslims in NI.

>she stopped responding
she got to shut you down thats all she wanted was a laugh and a little boost to her ego hah

stay crushed boys