Japanese director’s pro-whaling documentary wins award at London film festival

A 2015 documentary on local supporters of Japan’s traditions of whaling and dolphin-hunting won an international film festival award Saturday in London, the director said Monday.

Keiko Yagi, 50, director of “Behind the Cove,” won the award for best director of a feature documentary at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, which ended Saturday.

Her film is a rebuttal to the 2010 Oscar-winning U.S. film “The Cove,” which thrust the small whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, into the international spotlight with bloody scenes of its annual dolphin hunt.

To film the documentary, Yagi stayed in the town in 2014.

The aim of the weeklong annual festival is to discover new talent.

Yagi said it was significant that her film, which aims to end “misconceptions” about the long-standing traditions, won an award in a city where antiwhaling protests are often held.

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That is one ugly "woman".

>not talk about the film
>insult director's appearance
typical american

Maybe that hag is your mother, that's why you're so triggered.

my opinion is that the only reason whaling is bad is because eventually there won't be any whales left to whale. I don't give a shit about the whales themselves, I'm saying if there's no moderation on the practice of whaling, then the practice won't be able to continue. I'm concerned for whaling rather than whales, and that's a reason one might want to stop whaling, ironically.

International Court of Justice banned Japs from whaling.
You guys just need to stop already.
Australians know full well how whales are being killed on an industrial scale in the antarctic.

Why? It isn't a good film.

I think this is fake news.

Same with China's sharking. These two countries are more related than you think

It seems like it's just a bitter Japanese lady who doesn't like foreigners telling her country what is right.

Well too bad. Stop being so racist, stop killing the whales.

Why is that woman supporting the removal of her specie ?

or at least don't violate international laws and only whale in your own ocean

>If you criticize Japan, you must be pro-China
Nip diaspora, please

>killing animals that take forever to reproduce at an industrial scale
Moral dilemma aside, that's just not sustainable... Eat a pig for once. Yeah, they're intelligent as well, as far as animals go, but at leadt we can breed them.

It's strange how a country that claims to respect nature so much is so stupid when it comes to hunting whales.

She looks like a rasist stereotype wax cabinet figure of a japanese woman.

>respecting nature
They just like watching rain drops and having a pretty garden with little tree

I saw this documentary at my film club and it was really bad.

If you want to be truly sustainable then go vegan. Industrial livestock farming is disastrous to the planet.

>that whale necklace
She must be so fucking morbid

How about we just stop eating endangered species for starters.

japn is a shitholw

japs and anglos are evil

Japs are an undangered species, their population is declining

You are correct but nobody’s gonna stop eating meat. It just tastes too good.

kill yourself

>A 2015 documentary on local supporters of Japan’s traditions of whaling and dolphin-hunting won an international film festival award Saturday in London, the director said Monday

Japan-kun, the wooden spoon is not an award you want to win, it is a joke award.

this site is full of butthurt americans.
it has a lot of positive reviews meanwhile far less negative reviews though.

We think human being is also consisting of nature. We just don't like to be hypocrite westerners who claim killing cow is ok but dolphin is not.

Two nukes wasn't enough.


Prove it.

It is okay to kill cow, because cow will not go extinct, and the UN has not told us to stop killing cow. There is no hypocrisy.

The 2018 British Film Institute festival has not even begun yet. Which festival is she talking about? Probably, no one has heard of it.

I see op, you are just mentally retarded.

Australians should not slaughter kangaroos, crocodiles, emu and eat.

Killing and breeding, Cow is not an endangered species. How are you gonna breed dolphins and whales?

Australians farm kangaroos, crocodiles, emus. They will not go extinct, it is fine to eat them.

Even among whales minke whales do not become extinct because there are many numbers.

start breeding them in senpaitachi and it will be fine. But you cant do that stupid Nip, too stupid for farms.

Whaling is bad because UN said so? I think it's ok to kill Brits too because they are not endangered yet.

fucking hell. the troll looks like she's munched on one too many whales herself

Is it a joke?
Australians hunt wild kangaroos as hobbies and eat.

Britons also eat wild rabbits.

lmao are you fucking retarded

killing brits is fine you are doing a favour to the world.

Not undangered spicies nip try again

Kangaroo decreased for a while by a hunting quite a few.

By the way, the Brazilians are eating endangered monkeys and Anteater.

yeah I thought so, you're a fucking dumbcunt kek btw don't reply to my posts mongoloid

The monkey meme again. Monkey eating is illegal here and so is dog eating. Kangaroos breed like rabbits if you eat one, two are born.

Hello. The usual South Korean who used proxy.
Are you pretending to be an Australian now?

Japanese hunt all whales, not just minke.

Japanese say they hunt for science, but they eat the whales they catch. Innocent people do not lie.

>Kangaroo decreased for a while by a hunting quite a few.

From what? 20 billion to 19.9999 billion? They're a pest more than anything you dumb cunt.

>Whaling is bad because UN said so?


> I think it's ok to kill Brits too because they are not endangered yet.

Yes, killing Brits is good.


Rabbits are a pest, they will never go extinct.

Kangaroos are not endangered.

Whales and dolphins are smart and rare. Killing them is barbarous.

The Japanese are a very selfish people.

They are killing many, many whales because they are greedy, and want to eat them.

Soon there will be no more whales, and no one will be able to enjoy them. How selfish of Japanese people.

>its the japs accusing everyone of being goreans episode again
lmao I thought you were a dumbshit after you posted that ignorant crap about culling but now I realize you're just a fucktard, enjoy living life with 0 sense of self awareness fuccboi

she's 50, who cares

>Kangaroos are a pest, they will never go extinct.
the same could be said of kangaroos, its why we cull them every year

>inb4 more ignorant dumbshit asian fuckwit posts

>the same could be said of kangaroos, its why we cull them every year

I guessed, but I didn't want to assume.

Nothing on cane toads though, eh?

Japan hunts only minke whales.

Northern Europe is hunting blue whale.
Does the white race say nothing to white race?
It is racial discrimination.

British should stop killing wild rabbits and gray squirrels.

>Expecting japs, who cannibalize PoWs not out of hunger but just because it's available meat, to give a shit about anything edible and make any logical arguments regarding the reason certain animals are OK to eat and others aren't.

Can we just fucking remove Asia from this planet already?

can you go visit a therapist and stop spamming on Cred Forums? many of japanese IPs have already got permabanned because of you. is it ok japan get rangebanned on Cred Forums because of you?

Two nukes wasn't enough to save the dolphins and the whales?

I bet if nips got rangebanned this faggot would still torment us with a chink or gook IP.

>cane toads
don't really have a good solution for that m8, if only we could get the japanese to hunt toads instead of whales

Why japan never stop bringing korea to topic that literally has nothing to do with us?

Minke whales are not going extinct.

If it is strange to eat a whale, it is strange to eat rabbits, gray squirrels, snails and maggot cheese.

The number of kangaroos is decreasing by the hunting of play.
Giantmoa and Thylacine have become extinct

They can't stop thinking about it, too much hate.

Based. Let's go eat some whales to celebrate.

Why are Japanese people so dishonest?

You kill all whales and dolphins, not just minke.

Only Faroe Islands hunt whales, and we want them to stop as well.

The documentary is awful, it has not won any awards.

There is no racial discrimination, Japanese people are being selfish and hate foreigners telling them to do the right thing. Japanese people are very racist.

Rabbits and grey squirrels are pests, they will not go extinct.

>Trying to compare endangered rare species with pests that procreate everywhere like insects.

Northern Europeans are killing whales and dolphins.

>dumb crap
>random gibberish

I'm really sorry korea bro. He is a recognized mental retard making the same spamming about korea on Cred Forums for several years. I hope mods rangeban his ISP.


>archive.whatisthisimnotgoodwithcomputers.com/int/search/username/Lai Đại Hàn/

>The number of kangaroos is decreasing by the hunting of play.

Ahh yes, please continue spouting literal nonsense.

Actually please don't and instead, fucking google "Kangaroo population" right now so you can instantly prove yourself fucking wrong, then google "How to kill yourself at home" and follow the instructions.

Giant Moa went extinct 500 years ago. Thylacine went extinct 100 years ago. Are Japanese people only as smart as foreigners from 100 years ago?

Japanese hunt all whales, not just minke.

Hunting endangered whales is not "strange" it is wrong, and illegal.

Kangaroos are not on the verge of extinction.

Do Britons who dominated half of the world are not selfish?

Why not condemn the whaling of northern Europe, Russia, Alaska and Iceland?

Fuck off you retarded nipshit
Equating whale hunting to kangaroo hunting is such a joke

>There are about 50 million kangaroos now, about double the human population, with 22 million in Queensland and a record 17 million in New South Wales, according to the Office of Environment and Heritage in that state.

>Do Britons who dominated half of the world are not selfish?

Yes, they are. That's why I don't like the British.

But the Japanese are selfish also.

>Why not condemn the whaling of northern Europe, Russia, Alaska and Iceland?

But we do.


Roo-Emu alliance. Species war now, gas the h*manoids.

So please also do not post racial discrimination against Japanese.

A selfish person plays his music too loud, and does not turn it down when all his neighbours ask him to be quieter.

Many, many of Japan's neighbours have asked him to stop hunting whales and dolphins, but he still does it. Japan is a selfish person.

Kangaroo kamikaze attacks on our trucks and cars have been pretty ineffective so far.

Why people can't stop eating rare species to start eating pests. Japs should start eating Kangaroos.

The British exterminated many people in the world, right?
Native American, Aboriginal in Australia, African tribe, Asian tribe, Arab tribe, British destroyed them.

roo doesn't taste all that great, the people who I know eat it regularly only do it for the health benefits and for gains

Yes. That's why I dislike British people.

You do realise I am not British, yes?

This is true but why should whale be extinct because of that?

Japanese people exterminated many many Chinese people as well. Japanese people are just as bad.

>former imperial power tries to smack talk about another former imperial power

Every human is bad, whales are the only innocent here

Lmao if given the chance Japan would have exterminated all other Asians and replaced them with Japanese. You almost succeeded in Korea.

The only people I know who eat roo regularly is the Aboriginal community.

t. lives in QLD

The UK has extincted people all over the world. The English are selfish people.


Please stop killing wild rabbits and gray squirrels and eating them.

I am not English, you silly little man.

Even then, English killed people 200 years ago, Japanese killed people 80 years ago, and still kill whales.

Whales are endangered, they may die out completely. Rabbits cannot, they have too much sex.

Japanese can learn from rabbits, perhaps.

You are ignorant.
Chinese also killed a lot of Japanese.

British massacred the Chinese and steal Hong Kong.

Whaling is necessary for any island nation. Whales eat MANY MILLIONS of tons of fish, and left to breed freely will drive many species of fish extinct.

The species which we get shit on for whaling, which is going extinct ELSEWHERE but not here GAINS 50.000 new whales EVERY YEAR, of only that single species, ONLY IN ICELANDIC WATERS.

Our maximum quota of how many of these whales can be hunted each year?



>Mongol invasions


It was okay for Chinese to kill Japanese, was self defense.

Japanese were violent criminals, stealing, raping, murdering.

Fuck off, you dump japs. Don't free use Vietnam for your own convenience.

It's messed up how he's bringing up war crimes to justify whaling.

Every single one of this faggot's threads is bait so that he can dump his WOR GRYMES folder.

none of your mates eat kangaroo sausages? some gym junkies I know swear by that stuff cause its like 99.9% protein or something

You people had better no feeding this sick japanese man. He is one recognized poster who is known as "Link spammer" who has severe mental illness. There is no communicating with him coherently

I can agree with the quota, but still don't agree with dolphins hunting.

It is because he knows he cannot excuse such selfishness, so he is trying to change the subject.

Yes I am writing this in simple English so you can understand it, Japanese man.

Then how come all fish didn't go extinct in the +10 million years during which whales existed and we didn't hunt them? Fucking moron.

>200 yearly
>Insignificant number

Holy shit you're dumb.

British who kill wild rabbits to eat, Australians who kill wild kangaroos to eat, Brazilians who kill and eat wild monkeys.

They have no right to condemn the food culture of other countries.

If they condemn Japanese whaling, they should also condemn whaling in northern Europe, Russia, Iceland, Alaska.

can this dumb faggot even pass the turing test

I thought we were the monkeys. Is this a new meme.

>Japan hunts only minke whales.
LIAR. Outright lies.

>Northern Europe is hunting blue whale.
BULLSHIT. More lies. Norway hunts Minke Whales in accordance with the UN. Some disgusting island of snowniggers also kill a bunch of dolphins for sport sometimes, but we hate them too.

>British should stop killing wild rabbits and gray squirrels.
Oh yeah because I am sure WHALES are eating all of your crops on LAND, and breeding at unsustainable levels for the environment. So you MUST kill them

Do you have sarcasm in Japan? You're all so fucking weird it is impossible to know.

This has got to be bait

Japs should have learned to not listen any western countries' opinions already.

There is a history that the Allied forces of Mongolia, China, and Korea have invaded Japan.
Chinese soldiers killed a lot of Japanese.
Mongolian leaders, Chinese soldiers and Korean soldiers killed a lot of Japanese.


Whaling is justified you fucking manchildren, it needs to be done. If it is not done, the artificially numerous whales which are now not being hunted, will kill off all the fish and the ocean flora which are being predated faster, but still also having their numbers lessened by MASSIVE INDUSTRIALIZED human consumption AKA COMMERCIAL FISHING.

You fucking landcrab scumfucks don't know shit; because you have no fishing industry, because you don't have a fucking clue about how to preserve your ocean ecosystems.... I wonder who is the world leader in that... HMMM

>Iceland is home to the most modern and competitive fishing industries in the world, based on protection of the marine ecosystem and a sustainable harvest. Fisheries remain one of the strongest sectors of the Icelandic economy making it responsible for a large share of both the GDP and the nation’s export revenue.

They always did that.

There were forced to by the Mongols. They were under Mongol control. Are you retarded?

Of course he's a retard. His posts don't make any sense.

>They have no right to condemn the food culture of other countries.

You are saying "everyone else is selfish for asking me to change"

That is what selfish children say when they do not want to grow up.

You are hunting animals to extinction. We are not. That is why we can criticise you.

Japan also whaling is conducted according to the rules decided by the International Whaling Committee.

British who made half of the world colonized has no right to criticize other countries.


Oh, so you ARE trying to make them go extinct so you can fish more? Glad we cleared that up.

Thankfully exterminating the dominant predator of an ecosystem doesn't have any adverse effects. Except for, you know, EVERY SINGLE TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD

Fuck off retard

>Japan also whaling is conducted according to the rules decided by the International Whaling Committee

This is not true. International Whaling Committee says Japan's whaling is illegal and should stop.



He said "wild monkeys", I guess it's not the same.

Dumb snownigger. You savages hunt endangered Whales and you don't even eat them. Fin Whales are endangered, there is no reason to hunt them, but you do anyway. Not even the Japanese really eat Fin Whale, it's barely lucrative, most of it goes into dog food.

You would have me believe if Iceland stopped hunting endangered fin whales they would overpopulate and eat all the fish? Fuck off.

Even if it is forced, it is fact that the Chinese have invaded Japan.

You are not familiar with Asian history, so you better not talk.

>Japan turning Taiwan and Korea into colonies is good because Japan helped them to develop
>WW2 is justified because Japan was liberating colonies under European oppression
>We Japanese are the good guys

Some weirdos here eat horses, but I never heard of monkeys

Give me one good argument as to why whaling is bad.

Japan is acting like misbehaving child who has been caught. They lie. They blame other people.

They should be punished, like a child.

It's not that whaling is bad, it's that too much whaling is bad.

And you are not familiar with the English language, so you better not post.

>International Court of Justice
A what?

>Stop killing innocent endangered Whales for no reason

Mentally disabled.

ITT: butthurt SEA monkeys and chinks

>weirdos here eat horses
It's actually quite tasty. Horse meat is popular in my region, so they sell it in every store here. But nothing can compare to the smoked deer meat, too bad it's rare and hard to find.

Icelanders are so fucking dumb, just because they have a cross on their flag people think they're in any way related to us. They're the retards exiled from Norway which was already a place where retards were exiled to.

Not a good argument.

>eating men's best friend
Fucking subhuman asians.

Why not?

Information source is BBC's propaganda article?

Norway is capturing the most number of whales.
Iceland and Greenland also have many captures.
What do you think about that?

Britain is actually a whaling country.
You are ignorant.

>You would have me believe if Iceland stopped hunting endangered fin whales they would overpopulate and eat all the fish? Fuck off.

The number of fin whales specifically in ICELANDIC WATERS ONLY has tripled in the last 30 years, from 10.000 to 30.000.

Yes it is.

>men's best friend
They don't eat dogs.
Tatars and Bashkirs are Europeans.

Where's the bit about them eating all the fish in the ocean mate?

It really isn't. The general issue around whaling is the act itself. You'll notice these protesters also attack countries like Norway who have limited whaling.

Britain was a whaling country 200 years ago.

Are Japanese people only as smart as foreigners from 200 years ago?

>Information source is BBC's propaganda article?



We're not talking about protestors, we're talking about how the international courts of justice and the international Whaling committee have both ruled against Japan's whaling programme.

Also the fact that their ceaseless gluttony makes them trespass on international territories to kill what's essentially your whales.

>In December 2007, the Rudd government announced plans to monitor Japanese whalers about to enter Australian waters in order to gather evidence for a possible international legal challenge and on January 8, 2008, the Australian government sent the Australian customs vessel Oceanic Viking on a 20-day surveillance mission to track and monitor the fleet.
>On February 7, 2008, the Australian government released photographs of the ICR harpoon ship Yūshin Maru killing several different whales, and a mother whale and her 1-year-old calf being taken on board the Nisshin Maru for processing.

If you do not like Japan, you should leave Cred Forums.
This is a website dealing with Japanese culture.

A British who justifies destroying ethnic groups around the world and justifies eating rabbits is a child.

British troops should stop bombing Syria and Iraq now.
A childish Englishman.

So you asked for an argument why whaling is bad, you got one, then your reason for it not being a good argument is that it's not the one you thought you would get?

>What do you think about that?
Our ports block any of their boats connected with whaling. That's what we think about it.

>Britain is actually a whaling country.
Do you just assume you can make absolutely nonsense assertions and nobody will question them? Bizarre.

How disappointing, how immature and selfish you are.

No one cares what happened 200 years in the past. Japan is being selfish now.


1. The fin whale has no natural predators, you fucktard.

2. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually.

3. In 2013, the total catch by Icelandic fishermen was 1,362,790 tons.

4. The number of fin whales has tripled in the last 30 years, from 10.000 to 30.000.

5. THE REASON ICELAND DOESN'T CATCH 2, 3, or 4 million tons of fish annually is THAT THE OCEANIC BIOSPHERE CANNOT SUPPORT IT, which is something we spend tens of millions of Euros researching every year, and are the world leader in knowing.

5a. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually. A single fin whale eats thousands of tons of fish annually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. You are a fucktard that wants the fish, and subsequently (!!!) the whales themselves to die off because of ocean mismanagement because MUUUUUUUH GENTLE GIANTS

So, Japan is not hunting blue whale.
It is Norway who is hunting blue whale.

You are regularly committing spamming and evading bans everytime, even presently evading a ban. Just get the fuck out of Cred Forums. You don't even have a light to post here. You are literally the cancer of this board.

Russia is also whaling.

Sounds like they deserve it to me

What's he's talking about and japs hunting endangered species """for science"""" are different things.

Not as much as Japan.

No, Britain is still doing whaling a little.
You are an Englishman, but you do not know about the UK region?

It's okay when the Scandis do it, because they only hunt Minkes, and keep to their quotas.

The Japanese hunt everything, and don't give a fuck about how much they kill.

There has been no whaling in UK since 1850s.

UK also literally has no fishing industry any more because of....



What's that?
Massive mismanagement of the oceanic biosphere??

OH MY!! It's almost like *nglos... Don't know shit about fishing?

I'm looking for these numbers. But all I can find is a source that says Fin Whales feed for three hours a day, and consume (up to) 1800KG of food in a single feed. 1800 x 375 = 657,000 (KG). Which is 657 metric tonnes, or 724 US tons. So I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit

Why do *nglo scum feel the need to express their uninformed opinions about shit they don't know anything about?


How disappointing, how immature and selfish you are.

According to the IWC rules, whaling is not a problem.

The British who justifies the bombing of Arab countries and the colonial rule of the British Empire is selfish and crafty.

Why do Iceland snowniggers feel the need to post grossly exaggerated numbers in order to justify killing endangered Whales for dog food?

Yeah, and now the Japs are doing the exact same thing to the whales, for exactly the same reasons. What's you problem?

According to IWC rules, Japanese whaling is a problem.

Stop being so immature, just accept you are in the wrong.


Very good post.

You really a child of ignorance.
UK is hunting several whales in 2015

>30.000+ whales in 700.000something km2
>Up 300% from less than 10.000 whales in the 1980's
>USING YOUR NUMBERS 657 tons a year x 30,000 = 19,710,000 tons of eaten annually by only this single species of whale in Iceland's waters
>In 2013, the total catch by Icelandic fishermen was 1,362,790 tons. (18th largest in the world, 2nd largest in Europe, mind you!!!!)
>Brit-tard who has already exterminated all fish in his waters giving "advice" to Iceland (trying to get revenge for the humiliating defeat in the Cod Wars)


Why are you lying? It is so obvious.

No one's trying to give you advice moron, we're talking about Japan. Fuck off.

Hey, white supremacist.

Japan is hunting minke whales in compliance with IWC rules.
In the Japanese supermarket, we do not sell blue whale, sperm whale, and killer whale meat.
A liar British


>Japan is hunting minke whales in compliance with IWC rules.

You are lying.

You hunt all whales.

IWC has told you to stop.

UN has told you to stop.

EU has told you to stop.

Your neighbours have told you to stop.

You carry on because you are selfish.

What is the information source?

By the way, according to the rules of the United Nations, it is against the rules that the bombing of British forces to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

Roos are in plague proportions in some parts of the country. Whats worse will be the population crash when they've eaten everything out.

I dont mind what the faorese do, because they are locals killing local whales, but even then there are issues because they take the whole pod and lower genetic diversity. I do not like japs sailing 10k kms to kill whales in the southern ocean. If its such an important part of your culture, shouldnt there be still plenty left around japan?




Britain doesn't bomb Gaza, you stupid chink.

>Defeated and humiliated, the *nglo shriveled back into his scaly membrane, and fled back to the hole where he came from.
>Her Majesty would be beyond furious, once she learned that yet another attempt to undermine the Great Icelandic Naval Empire had been foiled.
>If things went on like this, MI6 would surely lose funding for Cred Forums operations
>It seemed, that alas the sun had finally set on the British """"Empire""".

>IWC has told you to stop.

What is the source of this? A liar British

The United Nations, the world, the EU said that British people should stop bombing the Syrian and Iraq.

There's more than one of us posting. You lied too, about "A single Fin Whale eating thousands of tons of fish annually" it eats at absolute maximum, assuming it feeds to its maximum potential every single day, 675 tons.

South Korea is the fourth-largest whaling country.


>What is the source of this?

Japan is being selfish. Japan must be punished.

Even though Norway is more hunting whales, is Japan the only violation of the rules?
Northern Europe also hunts many whales.
Funny judgment

japanese is too ugly

Europe follows the rules. Japan does not, because they are selfish.

You know Britain is helping Israel. fool.

Not a gook you dumbcunt

Just remember japs. When a species of whales go extinct, it's because of you. When a whole ecosystem cease to function because there are no whales, it's because of you. When Japan is dying because of all the whaling, it's because of you.

Britain is not responsible for what its government does.

Many British people do not want to bomb Syria, help Israel.

B-But muh whale

I need to eat their fat

I don't care wif the world is ruined as long as I get my fatty meal

Two nukes weren't enough.

So, while Norway is hunting more whales, is Japan the only violation of the rules? why?
White supremacy?

South Korea in a whaling country is very ugly.

So, Norway is more hunting whales.
White supremacy?

The Cove was a shitty propaganda piece. The entire movie consisted of americans using emotional arguments, and spreading misconceptions.

wtf is going on in this thread, never seen an anti whaling opinions being here.

>2000 of population of millions die each year
>their going extinct

you are retarded

But when it does go extinct and/or problems arise because of all your wailing, what's your excuse then?

Let's also tell European whaling countries.

Rather, Toothed whale is increasing, and small fish are decreasing.
The catch of small fish in the world is decreasing.
It is important to hunt whales and to balance.

it will no get that far.
We been doing it for hundreds of years, with similar kill numbers each year. They wont suddenly go extinct. And nowadays with modern technology, we know how many whales there are.
There is no risk of extinction.

Yes. Lets. We must also decrease all the shitty over fishing done. I hate how developed countries like yours like to steal our fish. Go to hell japs and eurocucks.

The whales Norway hunts are not at risk of extinction.

Japan is hunting endangered whales. Japan is supposed to be hunting only for science, but they are hunting to eat them.

No white supremacy. Japan is selfish.

Whaling is illegal in here :p
the whales that we eat and sell are """(not meant to catch but they got in to net so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)""ones. Some greedy fishers do whaling on purpose because whales are extremely expensive here but still it is illegal so please don't put us in Category.



・The fact that the British Empire annihilated people around the world
・The British ignored the UN rules and bombed the Arab countries
・British people slaught wild rabbits and gray squirrels to eat

Do Britons not accept these?

It's so strange.
You can post in English.
But you can't read English.
It's almost like you're being retarded on purpose.

Look at minke and pilot whales, which are 99% of whales being killed, dumbwit.

Did the British Museum return the historical heritage of Egypt, the historical heritage of South America, the historical heritage of Japan to the victims?

Please return the paintings of Katsushika Hokusai to us. The thief British.

This person is so angry.

He must not have a job, or a girlfriend so he spends all his time arguing on the internet with foreigners. How depressing.

Brits are robbed of work and girlfriends from Arabs, blacks and Asian immigrants.

And japs are robbed of girlfriends by their work and own incompetence.

Japs are robbed of girlfriends by English teachers from England ;)

It's okay.

I will go to Japan on JUST programme, and Rob Japanese of their girlfriends.

Sorry, JET not JUST.

Wow nice opinion,so will you give back our former king's helmet? And other 61,409 of stolen (during the japanese occupation) Korean cultural properties in japanese museum?

The British steal things from the colony and "destroyed the historical heritage"

And the British exterminated colonial tribes.

Britons are still killing Arabs and rabbits now.
They are immature children.

A lack of genetic diversity will fuck those whales up eventually

Why did you repeat ranbit twice?

At least they don't post on websites in a language they don't understand.

Japanese kill whales when they are not supposed to.

When people tell them to stop, they get angry, they lie, they accuse people of being white supremacists, liars, and hypocrites.

Truly, they are selfish badly behaved little children.

Do not you tell the Chinese empire who stole the historical heritage of Korea?

Did Korean soldiers return what they stole in the Vietnam War?

What happened to the Buddha statue that a Korean thief stole from a Japanese temple?

British and Australians can speak only English, so please learn the languages of other countries.

This is a website dealing with Japanese culture.

>Japanese "culture"

This is a website mimicking the format of a nipshit website for the use of English speakers. You've clearly displayed you can't read English, fuck off.

Human beings in the English-speaking countries are convinced that English is the center of the world.
It is very arrogant.

We are making efforts to learn English, but you are incompetent fools who do not try to learn the languages of other countries.
If you want to talk about Japanese culture, please speak in Japanese. If you want to talk about Asia, please speak in Asian language.

English-speaking people do not make an effort.

You are fucking retarded m8

why does this retarded jap keep coming Cred Forums if he hates to follow Cred Forums rules, hates to join Cred Forums culture, hate to speak english so much? Why doesn't he just go back to 5ch?

I am using English now, but what?
You idiot?

>International Filmmaker Global Festival of Excellence in World Film Excellence in Global Excellence
Sounds legit

You're """using""" English like a monkey uses construction tools.

wow no wonder you guys love muslims listening to the un like sheep

It is silly that Koreans sent massive slander messages to Canadians, even though they were dissatisfied with the outcome of the Winter Olympics.
South Koreans have autism

Absolute brainlet. Species regularly dwindle to dangerous levels while others become overpopulated in nature. It eventually self-corrects, sometimes causing extinctions. The difference is that humans depend on the fish in these waters so they have to intervene in the natural process.

The monkey you can only speak English

Huh, that sounds exactly like something a dumb Jap who barely understands English would make up. What a coincidence.

That's not how you use a hammer. LOL silly jap.

>Dumb snownigger
You are really rude >:(

Souce please.
On any account,
you have not criticized without source, right?

>You hunt all whales.
>IWC has told you to stop.
>UN has told you to stop.
>EU has told you to stop.

Shush, Moon Poland.

Australians and Britons post contempt words soon, there are many rural people who do not understand internationalization.
They are very rude and have no respect for foreigners


Look at him, he thinks the nails are food!

Let's get out of Cred Forums if you do not like Japan


Lead the way, master of the English language.

I have given you numerous news articles already.

You think the BBC is "propaganda". That is absurd.

>Did Korean soldiers return what they stole in the Vietnam War?

What did we stole from vietnam?

>What happened to the Buddha statue that a Korean thief stole from a Japanese temple?

If you are talking about theese two statues these are Korean made Korean cultural properties stolen by Japanese thiefs when korea was under the Japanese rule. And the war is over andit came back to it's rightfull owner, Retard

>you yokels do not understand internationalization
>stop criticizing our barbaric local practices

You can't bait people with such poor-quality English, Tojo.

Extremely inhumane and brutally painful death. (They spend hours basically exploding bits off and electrocuting the whale)
Highly sociable and intelligent creatures.
Very low reproduction rates.

Killing Whales is bad enough. Killing Dolphins is absolutely beyond absurd Killing and eating Dolphins is basically on the same level as killing and eating Chimpanzees or Bonobos, they're insanely intelligent creatures who are self aware and highly sociable. In fact, Dolphins actually may have more advanced social development than humans and scientists are actually slowly decoding Dolphin "Words" in their language. (we know the Dolphin word for Seaweed for example)

you know someones retarded when they compare whaling to culling kangaroos

>What did we stole from vietnam?

Virgin and life of many Vietnamese women


>westerners criticising foreign animal industries

Japanese people are so arrogant.

So many countries across the world, all telling them to stop breaking the law, and they are convinced they are the victims.

Congrats you have the same logic as the retarded jap.

can you see this?

No he's correct. "Let's" is the contraction of "let us", while "lets" is a verb.

god damn zainichi using bong proxy


Both have a global impact mate, please tell me how one is better than the other.

British people eating rabbits can not understand. rabbit is very cute.

I know, that's why I asked him to lead the way.

Nah, he's just clearly a butthurt nationalist Abe-follower, so I'm just winding him up.

Source please.
Can't you supply any source to me?

He's just pretending to be Japanese to make people hate Japan right?

We don't willfully break laws and lie about what we're doing with the cows like children. Your point of discussion is about pollution, the point of discussion in this thread is about culling endangered species for no reason.

He has so far compared it to: Wars in the middle east. British colonialism. Killing rabbits and gray squirrels. And farming cows for meat and dairy.

You literally could not make this shit up. Bizarre behaviour.

・The fact that the British Empire annihilated people around the world
・The British ignored the UN rules and bombed the Arab countries
・British people slaught wild rabbits and gray squirrels to eat

Do Britons not accept these?
Arrogant British






Again, because apparently you are too stupid to click on link.

Pollution is a much greater concern. It puts the entire world's food supply at risk and yet nobody talks about the agricultural contribution because they would rather lie to themselves. That's more than a bit childish.

He is an actual japanese man who is also recognized in 2ch. He is just mentally retarded.

Not just Britain. Many, many, many different countries all agree Japan is breaking the law, Japan is being selfish, Japan needs to stop.

To be fair lad the grey squirrel is an invasive species pushing the red squirrel towards extinction.

>and yet nobody talks about the agricultural contribution

Uhh yes they do, it's a widely known fact that the beef industry is a huge contributor to pollution. But it's got as much to do with this topic as killing Kangaroos or British colonialism. That's why you have the same logic as this retarded jap because you're moving goalposts around.

Iceland Stronk!

Nothing wrong with killing animais to control theyre impact in the Sauna.
No animal is more important the fish to me so all most whales and dolphines (i love them) should be quelled because mankind fishes more then ever and we should not compete with them for sutch vital resource.

I accept the British government acted upon no desire of my own to enter those wars, sure. The vast majority of people here will tell you they never supported joining any wars in the middle east.

And yes we kill rabbits and squirrels for the purpose of environment control. When endangered Whales grow legs and walk on land and breed by millions and begin eating all of your crops and diminishing the numbers of native wildlife, sure then hunt them as we do rabbits and squirrels.

Do you accept Japan is wrong for ignoring the UN and the IWC to hunt Whales for no reason?

Irasshaimase! Kyo no special wa Kujira dazo!
So daro Hoshii daro Kono kasu yaro
Oh that whale though

Now what's better than the feeling of gutting the wild beast
Beneath the earth sheets with the taste of mild beef
Cuisine with the rice and soy Oh boy
Want to come up to the ocean run the deep with the boys
Now whales, dolphins, narwhals, krills
The Japs got a special set of skills that involves killing
We ain't chilling till we distribute the mercury
Got MSG and it's eating till it's hurting me yum
Now that's food to die for
That's food to kill for
That's food to divide laws
I ain't saying shit You caught it for science
Took a couple organs Give the rest to the markets
Ha! Now that's harmless
Except for the whale Its got a harness
If the skins a little thicker than the rest of them
You can bet that America's gonna bless them
Try to caress them So they can be the best men
Clearly The way of our quotation specimens
Despite spilling the oil like it was estrogen
Despite killing the millions of middle eastern men
Despite the decency to save another human being
Waste time save creatures from the sea

>Despite spilling the oil like it was estrogen
>Despite killing the millions of middle eastern men
>Despite the decency to save another human being
>Waste time saving creatures from the sea

An August 24, 2001, article inPeople's Dailysaid that on August 23, 2001, South Korean PresidentKim Dae-jungexpressed his condolences for violence that South Korea unintentionally committed against the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War, and pledged to continue support of Vietnam's national development by giving $19,600,000 of South Korea's Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) to the "solid waste treatment business"

From your source. Viet-Kor relationship is perfectly good ans has bright future and as # this dude said, don't use them to make yourself feel better you don't give a single shit about Lai-Dai-hans you just use them as a tool to make us look bad.

user the discussion is a moral one. It is you who is moving the goalposts, or rather over-specifying them.

The Minke whale isn't even considered endangered because their numbers and birth/death rates are largely unknown.

I explained many times that Japan is doing whaling according to IWC regulations.

Norway is hunting the endangered blue whale, and Norway is doing the most whaling.
You are a white supremacist who says nothing about whaling in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Russia.

You say whale meat strange, but nothing about strange rabbit meat.
Obviously you are crazy

he's just a hateful whitoid, he will notice a particle of dust on you, but wouldn't see a log of wood in his eye

Wow if only the Minke was the only what that nips hunt.

A hindrance.
I am not talking about South Korea right now.

Japan also paid South Korea several trillion yen ODA, and Japanese politicians apologized to South Korea many times.
South Koreans are very persistent

Based Japan.

Keep those hippie tears flowing.

Finally war crimes

>I explained many times that Japan is doing whaling according to IWC regulations

No, you have not. You've said that a lot, but that is not true.

European whaling, unlike Japanese whaling, is in accordance with IWC standards.

Hunting whales is not "weird" it is wrong, and illegal. Hunting rabbits is not wrong, or illegal.

>IWC has told you to stop.
And the IWC does not have authority over a sovereign state. Japan can do as they want, if they want to follow IWC, they can, if they don't want to, they don't have to.

>UN has told you to stop.
And Japan don't need to do as the UN says, as Japan is a sovereign nation.

>EU has told you to stop
Japan is not even a member of the EU. The EU has no fucking say in what Japan should or should not do.

It's the main species bar none. They catch some fin whales too but the quota is extremely low, less than 50 since 2006 or something.

Commercial whaling is banned outright for moral reasons which is incredibly hypocritical. The ban was created by countries without whaling industries.

Read up on the regulations in the IWC. Japan has an exemption, where they can do "scientific research".

Hell, they didn't even need to go that route. They could do like Norway, and go all "nah, fuck you, we'll keep on whaling like before", but for some reason they were trying to appease you weak minded tree hugging anglos.

This British man says nothing about the British and Americans hunting African endangered species animals.
That is a problem.


英語先生です! お早う。

No. They HAD an exemption for "scientific research", then the IWC revoked it.


These are private individuals using their own money to hunt for personal pleasure. The UK government does not support it.

The Japanese government supports hunting endangered species of whales on an industrial scale.

You are a white supremacist, racist and hypocrite, so close your mouth anymore.
A persistent schizophrenic man

So, so Japan is not hunting the endangered blue whale.

How many times have you told the same thing?

Like a little child, you start insulting people who know better than you.

No it doesn't. Which species are you referring to?

I cannot understand what you mean here.

Your English is poor.

Is it not past midnight in Japan now? Should you not go to bed? Do you not have work tomorrow?

His English is quite clear user.


That's you, idiot.

Did you come to a Japanese supermarket and saw the endangered species of blue whale meat?
Please stop the delusion

Aaaaaaand you are the one who brought this non-sense topic that has nothing to do with this thread.

And if you are seriously thinking Lai-dai-han is the same as Comfort woman, all joking aside your brain is damaged or doesn't exist.

>Japanese politicians apologized to South Korea many times

Even if your politicans apologize for their past crimes another fucking politican appears and be like "That never happend" WTF? are you kidding us? It's like killing victims twice and this is why you guys can't be like Germany.


Aaaaaaand you are the one who brought this non-sense topic that has nothing to do with this thread.

And if you are seriously thinking Lai-dai-han is the same as Comfort woman, all joking aside your brain is damaged or doesn't exist.

>Japanese politicians apologized to South Korea many times

Even if your politicans apologize for their past crimes another fucking politican appears and be like "That never happend" WTF? are you kidding us? It's like killing victims twice
That is why you guys can't be like Germany

So you tell me what he's trying to say here

>korean sluts fuck with jap soldiers, make money, are protected, can quit anytime


clearly it's the effect of your rabid mad feminist women population. keep the dumb sluts in check, let go.

You do not see caviar in most supermarkets either. People still eat it.

japs arent hunting endangered species of whale. how many times did you repeat the same thing. two digit iq downie with 0 reading comprehension lmao, probably the only language you speak too.

it's what triggers korean and the reason why we are keep demanding an apoligize from the bottom of the heart.

Come off it, Japanese write English like a drunk guy.

And if the IWC revokes it, Japan no longer has to follow the IWC.

The IWC has no legal authority over Japan, as whatever regulations the IWC imposes on Japan, has to be agreed upon by Japan.

Yes you do, have you been to Scandinavia? Lol

you're being a cunt desu, his english isnt perfect but it's comprehensible

Okay, but it is still an unpleasant thing to do, even if you're not legally obliged.

>Come off it, Japanese write English like a drunk guy.

Poor structure. And you've got no excuse either, as English is your native tongue.

Well you don't in the UK. Except maybe Waitrose, which is where the posh cunts go.

Seeing as I, a native speaker, cannot comprehend it then it clearly isn't.

Native speakers don't care about the rules. Half the time we're not even aware of them.

So what if the Japs are doing something "unpleasant". They're their own people. They can make their own rules regarding their own shit.

I might consider some British things "unpleasant", but I wouldn't go and tell you how to run your shit.

That's a pretty childish point of view.

And, again, it's not just Britain that's criticising them.

Clearly saying, I have never seen blue whale meat, killer whale meat, sperm whale meat, humpback whale meat, Beluga whale on a supermarket.
I have only seen beef, pork, chicken and fish meat in supermarkets.

What does this British man tell of endangered species?
The British of this white supremacist are crazy

The whole objection to whaling is primarily a anglosphere thing though.

Most of the world really don't give a shit. But it's the Brits, Australians and Americans who actively try to impose their values on Japan when Japan hunt whales.

The childish point of view is thinking you automatically have some sort of moral authority over other people, for no objective reason.

The Japs hunt whales. The Brits eat cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, fish, whatever. But somehow whales are sacred.

You're basically like your old subject, the Indians. Except your holy cow is the minke whale.

he seems to be deeply emotionally invested and also mentally ill... he tells blatant lies and calls perfectly fine english incomprehensible while his own english is rather subpar, especially for a native speaker

perhaps we're dealing with some paki who was rejected by an international japanese student or something

The Korean comfort woman was prostituting for money sake

This talk is over

I hope god punish you disgusting human garbage and die painfully.

he's right though

shame on you

who cares? gooks are lapdogs of the USA. until they are independent, they dont deserve good things.

What about China that dominated the Korean Peninsula for thousands of years?

This picture is Korea when it was dominated by China.

Now I am talking about a whale

I thought kazakh posters were more sensible and chill, but I was wrong.

ok so what is wrong in my words? the fact that at least a fraction of those '''''comfort women''''' were perfectly fine with selling themselves? or the fact that korea is a political dog on a leash?

Koreans who talk irrelevant should die

based real nip

Again Korean who dominates the thread.

I have not talked about South Korea right now

Jesus, jap english is so fucking awful. And you wonder why you’re the laughing stock of the east.

American pronunciations such as "Samurai" "Tsunami" "HENTAI" etc. are very strange

Why Koreans would wear Hanfu and get Mandarin hair cut? braindead japs can't even distinguish whats korean?

t. David Kim

Do you acknowledge that China dominated Korea for thousands of years?
Can you acknowledge that Japan has defeated China in the First Sino-Japanese War and saved the Korean Peninsula?


t. takeshi hiroshima

again you are the reason why we are keep getting triggered,by people like you who keeps denying crime even your politicans apologize. and now i have a life unlike you so keep being awaken all night defending whats miserable and pathetic. @Cya

Over, this thread consists of abnormal British, abnormal Australians, abnormal South Koreans.


I mean for fuck’s sake, if killing not only endangered but highly intelligent animals isn’t obviously immoral to you as a human being, then you really have no where to go in life.

inb4 b-but the west! Poaching and inhumane treatment of animals is still a morally bankrupt action here; the difference being most of us don’t embrace it.

Still doing? You are persistent.

who cares lmao, even most humans aren't truly human, like you for example, and your pain and suffering is worth nothing. animals shouldn't be taken into account.

You are the only one who is abnormal here. Great job for making japan's reputation deteriorated single handedly as usual.

South Koreans continue denying that the Korean army massacred the Vietnamese.

no, you're the self-hating cuckold here, uncle minamoto.


Ignore the whaling in Europe Is not the British abnormal?

Is it abnormal to affirm Japanese food culture?

You idiot.

Idiot, that Vietnamese flag is a South Korean impersonator.

British, Australian, American, South Korean, they are not eligible to enjoy Japanese animation and video games.

The more retarded posts you make on Cred Forums, the more Japan get hated by other people. Literally every other japanese posters hate you. Please just get the fuck out of Cred Forums. No one wants you to be here.