Do you love Japan?

Do you love Japan?

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I met some really nice korean guys, are japanese the same race?

i dont really like anime or anything but the culture seems nice in terms of cleanliness and respect

>pikachu instead of a yellow broad
wtf I hate japan now


Probably no.

No, definitely.


yes, almost exactly the same

japanese men are weak, they attract weak chinese cartoon posting neckbeard weebs while the south korean bull attractivity gravity field pulls every woman within 200 kms to himself

Japanese old race
Tibetan genes are close縄文人

Japanese new race
Yangtze River basin
Japanese oliginal弥生人

The Yamato race, aka the Japanese, is the master race (or ubermenschen in your tongue) while Koreans are just one of its slaves.



Hey, mongrel


yes, all slant eyes are the same shit since they're all derived from the chinese. look the same, sound the same, same culture...


They're the same shit from northeast china.

this helps you understand racial division here

>tfw ywn have friends who will visit Japan with you
Feelsbadman, what do you recommend besides Tokyo, Mashimoto?


I like Pokémon more than I like Japan desu