Amerimutt thread

amerimutt thread

get the fuck in here, lads

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Does mexico really have the right to call us mutts?

sup guys?

seriously? your fucking 9% white

Yes, because they are also mutts and also seem to believe that it is a thing to be ashamed off.

la creatura...

he's just breaking balls

Even thought I don't like it when Mexicans do it, you call us fat all the time, so why couldn't he?

>Yes, because they are also mutts
>and also seem to believe that it is a thing to be ashamed off.
? If they think it's something to be ashamed of then shouldn't we be making meximutt memes instead? Most of their population are literal mutts between iberians and natives.

it's because of you that we are in this mess

You both are wrong, Mammuts.

can someone bogpill me on mutt picking order?


US media are in english, most people do not know about latin american WE ARE SPANISH and indios memes.

Also it is more fun with you guys, since there are not many mexicans that have a (racial) superiority complex and get baited so easily. I believe it also has to do with the fact that non anglo people have to have some education to post here, due to the foreign language. Anglos just need internet.

here you go. You'll find that latinos are officially the most mutt

Did Atztecs even have beards, or is this meant to be a Larper?

jeasus Christ the south is the worst part.
they are the reason the mutt memes exist. figures they are also the dumbest.

its an aztech so its a larper by default

I don't think it's a superiority complex to not want to be called a mutt.

Greetings, my fellow burgers

Thread needs more mutts.

>all the european can do is cry as he is replaced
sounds about right

whatchu talkin about? we all the same race, the human race.

>All you can do is wail, scream and laugh hysterically as an eldritch horror devours your soul

Sounds about right.

You don't know how right you are.

>Shadowrunning intensifies.

>durr shhouth ill ruyese agaiun
dixie niggers are the worst. sherman
for any non americans, if you have ever seen a retarded post from an american flag here, it was probably from a southerner.

>all the whiteboi can do is sit and angrily post on the internet as the rest of the world moves on without him
this is why you are being replaced. you are washed up.

>t. abbo

Being a "Mutt" is not an insult one would take seriously if there was not some big insecurity about this or somewhat racial ideology in there. Americans got bullied with this because it was hilarious to see how people reacted to this. It seems to be a very american mentality.

They could grow the Asian stache and chin beard combo.

Kinda like the pic user posted.

No full beards though.

>implying that euros cant get just as easily baited by their racial insecurities
you have never been to /brit/ i assume?

Hello muricans. In my country there is a phrase about you "NYYY TYPIE" that means "SOOO STUPID"

In knowing what will come after me, I will be happy to not live through it.

>but it's the fucking mexicans
It's thanks to NAFTA that your food/drinks are making Mexico fat like you.
Also not all but like half of your "latinos" are Mexican, if they're fatter there than in Latin America, then it's your country's fault not the other way around. And they don't even make 40% of your population so you can't blame them for your fatness.

I want to apologize on behalf on my country. I promise you we aren't all this bad. Some of us have both parents from the same European country

I love me a good mutt meme but isn't it stale now?

that's rich coming form you Germany. Your entire existence during the 20th century was to solidify germans as the most powerful race in the world.

Memes aside, quick reminder that Aztec is a European term and the correct word would be Mexica.

you were fat long before us.
you are a beaner.

Dios mio...

it will happen during youre lifetime whitey. it already has. look where your great empires are now. in ruines. before your pasty asses get wiped off the earth, you will be laughed at for being so pathetic towards the end.


See those fat ugly makes me happy leaving in the poor country

Not often, their humour is a bit special. Never noticed it though, only saw people calling each other Paki.

I honestly believe that the melting pot and sometimes search for identity makes you more vulnerable to this, I am % this and whiter than you etc being a symptom. Also race is a big factor in your society due to history.

yea, fuck off germany. Your country was obsessed with race for almost all of the enlightenment.

Haven't you always been fatter than us, except that one year when your media made of it a big deal like if you got any better?

lololol goblino

It is a travesty...

are you serious? if you go over to Cred Forums or /his/ and point out that most monarchs in Europe were infact mixed, which is a very basic historical fact, you lot throw a fit. and dont even try pointing out the Europe's military failings in the modern day, the butthurt will be felt a continent away.

>l-lies mexico stronk!
you have always been fatter. only mexicans deny this.

Not true, WW1 was about not being bullied anymore. Also, what has this to do with muttage?

Everybody was about muh race before Hitler, thats why the US had eugenic laws before us, barred certain immigrant groups and sterilised criminals. So germany being more about race than others started with the advent of the Nazis.

You have always been fatter, only Americans deny this.

>this level of damage control
go back to eating your tacos, fatty

Please elaborate how and if so, if it was done singulary by germans. Otherwise it was not something specifically german.

>this level of damage control
Go back to eat your burgers, fatty.

can i get a mutt on pic related?

germany didn't become muh race because of america, that's a non factor. Sure eugenic laws where based on the US, but that doesn't mean you guys started to get obsessed with race because of us. A lot of your philosophers in the 19th century where trying to answer the question of "What was deutch" weren't they?

I still feel bad for this kid. Imagine being left in the car with your dead parents all night before help arrives.

Well, then they are idiots. But I still believe that the mutt meme triggered a ton of people as it hit a nerve. Do you agree?

You both are from Murica, so that makes you both fat

What do I need to do to get that look?

sure, but to deny that euros can be just as easily sent into asshurt is just plain denial.

Sure, but If you tell anyone that they are mutts and not what they think that they are, then of course they would be angry. Especially on this massive of a level.

>56 percent of 1RM on everything

I didnt say it was due to you, I just wanted to show an example of others caring about this. German identity was discussed due to the road to unification and trying to overcome balkanisation due to feudalism. Culture and race were a path to that.

He waits beyond the old wall, muttering in the dark. His vices are many, his virtues are nil and his hunger is great. His greatest torment is knowing that he can never live like those who walk in the light, so he desires to steal their light from them, forces them to know the torment his dubious ancestry has given him. He is a demon in their folklore, a creature of the night who saps the vital essence of his victims and replaces it with something else. Something far more sinister.

When asked about the creature, they simply make the sign of the cross and whisper among themselves two words.
>La creatura...

ofc, we are professionals on the mutt field, in fact muttifing america is our main project as nation

My favorite one is
>immigrant press 1x20 million
I just had to imagine some mutt operating a mechanic device that pushes 1 new immigrants into the USA per repitition and slowly morphing into the 56% meme with each one

Euros are also triggered by this never denied that but I stand by the argument that US citizens have a higher response rate to this. Similar to germans and being called a Nazi. Denying that there are different hot topics in different cultures seems dishonest.



at-at least i wasssss whittteeeee



>tfw have seen the mutt so many times that he is starting to look completely normal to you

reminds me of woll smoth

fuck off Cred Forums




dios mio...

What's wrong with being mixed race?
I thought Cred Forums didn't stick to 'muh racial purity' memes

do mexicans not realize they're the entire reason for the mutt meme? El goblino is supposed to represent a mexican

That is the joke, there is nothing bad about it..except maybe lingering insecurities due to being inbetween chairs. The joke is how it buttblasted so many US citizens on int , pol and elsewhere. I believe this might have been therapeutic for them, similar to how I dont get triggered at being called a Nazi. Might be similar to you and "why u deny warcrime?".

>El goblino is supposed to represent a mexican

It does represent a Mexican, which just so happens to be America's future.


Muttposters try to fuck with you guys, I believe he knows but doesnt care. Also it is sort or fair since this is the equivalent to islamic invasion memes....sort of

>tfw I work in a grocery store and every since this started I unironically see mutts every day

>tfw they're almost always obviously of Mexican descent - you don't get the fat, brown, ungainly, ugly countenance out of anybody else

So you win and you lose at the same time.

Hehe good one guys


el abominacion...

Learn to live with the memes.

>t. Muhammad al Almani