Which countries do you think are good at diplomacy?

>more than 7 letters in Scrabble

not many really have to engage in it these days. I suppose cuba does pretty well


Dutch and French have traditionally always been good at this. True neutrals like Swiss, Sweden, and Singapore are also good brokers between totally antagonistic countries.

Saudi Arabia


Germany. We have the strongest Passport

It would be neat if there was some kind of diplomatic standard "culture" to avoid misunderstandings. I've read about Japanese diplomats and businesses feeling like their American counterparts are pushy and impatient, and the Americans feel the Japanese are stalling with formalities. The different ways of conducting business in different cultures makes it harder to clearly state your intentions. That's just one example, of course.

Ignore all the meme answers. Britain historically reigns supreme on the soft power front. Nobody excels more at backstabbing, manipulation and trading than the British. Divide and conquer may have been created by the Romans, but it was the British who made it an art form. The British are the Sea Jews, unparalleled in their profiteering. Why fight wars when you can pay others to do it for you? Why honour alliances when it does not suit you? Friendly, honourable diplomacy is for meme countries. Perfidious Albion is the Voldemort of diplomacy. Very powerful and effective at getting what it wants, but unfortunately evil.

Do you have a "chess match" view of interactions between countries, where the outcome is always win, lose or stalemate?


i think you need to search the countries with the most ambassies



Finland desu

Countries like Isreal have low embassy count but still very influential in the west though

So I don't think embassy count is a good metric

Controlling other countries via conspiracies doesn't count as diplomacy though.

to me it seems israel do well because they're sheltered by the USA and don't forget half the country of the world hate them i think they could have prevented that

mountain jews - switzerland
island jews - singapore
jews - israel

The one with the most reach and capabilities worldwide probably. So the US.

Fucking america has the negotiator deal master trump no other country could possibly come close to out negotiation power. we made little rocket man piss his pants it only amtter of time before mexico pays for that wall

Can another dutchie come in and confirm this because my country seem a little too fucktarded to be top tier diplomacy.

Looking at it from the long view here, not judging by your recently departed FM. Your national penchant for directness has been a diplomatic asset over the centuries

>there are people who unironically believe this

Having terrible diplomatical relation with most country in the world except one (the strongest) isn't really good diplomacy.
It's good enough, but you're still always in danger.

>Germany benefit from the French diplomatical network and add one (1) shit non-existing country on the top
We have the best diplomacy guys!

> Why fight wars when you can pay others to do it for you? Why honour alliances when it does not suit you?
Protestants, ladies and gentlemen.