Earthquake alarms went off again

Earthquake alarms went off again
>Light 6.0 earthquake
Is this going to be a daily shit now?

I can barely hear the alarms where I am. Not knowing if it's really it or not is the worst part for me.

Nobody would care even if every single mexican died in an earthquake.

I overheard it over my headphones and had to confirm before going outside
At least I got to see my qt neighbour in her pijamas again


Get nuked

No no... maybe hold hands someday

where you guys at?

wtf god is real and has been listening to my prayers

Yes, at least for a few weeks

feel you
but we have them monthly

Nobody would care if Russia ceased to exist.

Russians too

At least they aren't that strong it seems. Also, at least we aren't Chile or Japan even though they manage them well enough...
Mexico City is the only place in the country with alarms, I think

>tfw can't sleep without pants now
How can people do it?

I sleep in sweat pants since the 8.2 one

Who had the brilliant idea to build a modern city on top of a lake anyway?

The guys looking for the eagle and later Cortez

So, what the fuck is going on? This shit is not normal. I'm afraid we are going to get a more devastating aftershock within days. Fuck it, I'm moving to Canada.

>This shit is not normal
But it is


Two light (over 5) earthquakes in a few days is not. As the op said, I hope this won't happen on a daily basis.

>Is this going to be a daily shit now?
I hope so.

It's called aftershock
>is not
There's not a pattern. We could have 10 earthquake right now and nobody would know

1985 they had two pretty big earthquakes for two consecutive days. And in case you somehow forgot, we had two pretty big earthquakes last September

Yes, that's normal behaviour after a big earthquake.
For example, here we had 3 big aftershocks over 5.2 an hour after that big 8.8 earthquake in 2010