I am sorry about "him"

I am sorry about "him"
He obviously fled mental asylum

Hole Germany is More like refugee asylum no problem friend

I will crush your skull, Y*Mamoto

We all know it's a turk in germany.

t. Shitty toilet paper

I apologize on behalf of all german people
He is insane, he needs treatment
Pls dont bite his bait

The "volga german" ?

Yes probably him
He is insane
He is destroying our already battered reputation
I am afraid ...

>tfw no ikibey

>"eyy how do I look"
What did he do?

>What did he do?
He fucked my wife and I happily watched them

Shut the fuck you tard. Go make another thread about scat porn you disgusting nigger.


Your flag stinks like shit

That guy pretends he hates slavs and calls himself "volga german" every time, but at the same time shills for Putin and Russia lmao. He also has a weird obsession about Poland and Poles.

At least I'm not a faggot who sucks merkel's shriveled up dick to live as a fucking turk refugee in germany. Go fuck yourself dude.

This, he is a shizoid
Dont trust him

Come to Chemnitz
I will chop your dick off and feed you to my bulldog
I am officially done with you slavshits


>turks can't shitpost from their country anymore
>they literally have to travel miles to go to germany just to shitpost


Come here, You will feel the volga german slap in your face

You can't destroy something that is is already dead

No sorry, I don't want to come to your cuck shed

Is this the Russian equivalent of an American calling themselves Italian?

Childhood is hating ""slavs"".

Adhulthood is realizing that ""slavs"" do not exist and are a czarist meme.

Another mentally ill imbecile. You're that "LE RUTHENIAN EAST GERMANIC" faggot aren't you?

Seems like East Slavs are prone to being schizoids.

Is Ikbey now LARPing as a mix between a Mongol and a German shepherd?

Ikbey has left for good. Some user exposed him spreading faked infographics on Zetaboards, some of which still float around today (Almost all infographics with Haplogroups are made by him) and then doxxed him, he had a sterotypical turkish name. Apperantley he left out of shame

I already said it before : Turks need to be killed off.

He's just a retarded larper from /balk/
He's not even German

That's a bit unfair. He was fun for a bit

t. wh*Toid