1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Do you love Japan

1. Poland
2. Dear Japanese,

Do NOT come to my country

I'll order a ticket to poland now and you can't do anything with it

Try it bub

C-can I go to your country then?

Been there last year.


that was actually a clever stunt imo

two bombs weren't enough

You want Japanese to go to Poland?
I will GO!
Japanese bull will go to Your country and fuck you! >:3

1) USA
2) before seeing that webm, no. after seeing that webm, YES!

I feel like I've seen this elsewhere.

the used panty market is pretty lucrative

>buy undies in bulk at shartmart
>apply fish sauce
>sell on internets
>print money

I will go to Poland and chain your panty.

Hong kong

Don't ever come to hong kong, japs

Dont make me answer again
I will let answer my neighbouts

The market never be productive in America because American used panty always have weird stains.

People who have a decent mind will not go to Poland

>Go to HK

sorry, I can't brave the depth of hell.


Depends on what Japanese feel about my country.

At least I have a decent mind unlike you fucking autist.

japan is different but in a cool way

>At least I have a decent mind unlike you fucking autist.
>and I want go to Poland!