It just came out

Democracy Index 2017

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Amerikkka is still too high

>the more (((democratic))) you are, the more cucked
really gets the noggin joggin


>Anglo countries on top
Unreliable source, come back with true research based on true facts.

Colorblind fella here

What's the one for Mexico?

I swear, painted maps never account for people like me

Ireland is more cucked than UK?

>the authoritarian Chad

Their prime minister is literally a gay Indian

Ireland is the most cucked country on the planet.

that's still human

Flawed democracy, 6.0-6.99 I think. I have trouble with these maps too.

Flawed democracy

>The greenest countries are the best countries
Really makes you think

Doesn't surprise me

Thank you for your reply

Have this Colombian thot

t. Ivan

*obedience to white man index

Fixed that for you

This is so fucking retarded. What the fuck is a democracy index?

An index about democracy


Land of the free my ass

>Flawed Democracy
You people better move to canada

Democracy is a spook

we should move towards more red-ness.

Freer than you Vladimir

supposedly but how do they measure it?

>supposedly but how do they measure it?

>The questions are distributed in the five categories: electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation, and political culture. Each answer is translated to a mark, either 0 or 1, or for the three-answer alternative questions, 0.5. With the exceptions mentioned below, the sums are added within each category, multiplied by ten, and divided by the total number of questions within the category.

could you have picked a worse image quality?

i pretty democratic, yey


>german caliphate
>anglo caliphate
>svenska caliphate
shit, didn't know muslim countries allowed democracy

>USA still pretends to be a democracy

Do we get shit scores because the president has so much power here ?

>full democracy

That's scary as fuck.

>often known as "defender of democracy"
>"land of the free"
>lower than fucking Uruguay


>propaganda magazine calls country it is trying to influence, a "flawed democracy"

Gee, I wonder why.

>authoritarian regime

why do they fear us?

USA is not a democracy, it's a constitutional republic.

Sweden is not a democracy, it's a democratorship.


>The election results, showing a first-round majority for Déby, were contested by all of the opposition candidates. On 28 May the six opposition candidates were briefly arrested after meeting at the home of one of them, Saleh Kebzabo, and four opposition activists were killed in the action. They were released half-an-hour later.,_2001#Results


I don't see how democracy = freedom

Especially considering that Sweden has a blacklist of wrongthinkers and they put people in jail for criticising the govt's immigration policy

Defender of freedom sweetie :) Also honeybears, America is a republic and always will be, as so we have the electoral college, which will always lower our """democracy index""" score, honeymcbubbly snoodletoodle bears :)



So is a percieved index, not a real one

Unedited version



More like good goy list amiright

Basically yeah

>the virgin democracy
>the authoritarian chad

>the (((economist)))

If that were the case the US and Israel would rank higher.

Understanding Democracy is the single most defining trait that separates the educated experts from the historylets. Democracy has never been one static thing, even in Ancient Greece it was in constant fluxuation to correspond with the changing ideological and political landscape.

In this case it seems to be more about "can they vote" rather than "can the will of the people actually change anything?" I'm pretty sure America would be in the red and us nordics would at least be a lighter shade of green in the latter case.

That is good; Never go full democracy.

Well Russia should be deep red then

Democrazzzy is fuckin shiiit

Journalists are being killed everywhere
And a lot of faggots on your list were enemies of the state and western agents. They got what they deserved


democracy fucking blows anyways

>Journalists are being killed everywhere

Snrk, what?

I wish

>enemies of the state


Enemies of the state and enemies of Russian people.

So Russian government just killing journalists they don't like?

>Be born in western Europe
>It's Poortugal

Truly the gods would laugh on that day.

>Freedom of speech doesn't exist because of feelings

Yes, they work against interests of Russia and therefore they are the enemies of Russia. The west usually takes data from such journalists and use it in their articles as propaganda against Russia. So its better to have them killed.

>Anglo countries on top
Uruguay is Anglo

>the economist
pathetic propaganda by the instruments of western imperialism

>AIDS is serious problem and a lot of people don't even believe HIV exist
>Kadyrov is building islamic caliphate
>Politicians are corrupt
>Roads don't need to be renovated every year
>Elections are rigged and real political rivals get jailed or killed
What other lies my loving government protected me from?

Most of those countries except the US, Finland, Japan, and Brazil ban loli porn, so...

>Roads don't need to be renovated every year
Isn't it a good thing when you don't have to repair it every year?

You dont understand geopolitics, kid.
Russia basically didn't have a choice about Ukraine. They would have gone all the way to nuclear war to hold Crimea, because Crimea represents a lynchpin location for Russia's national security. Losing the port to a US-friendly Ukraine doesn't just mean losing Crimea, it means losing the entire Black sea, and it means US nuclear boomers sitting right in the middle of Russia's heartland, making a nuclear first strike against Russia plausible.

There's been hints and rumours a year or two back that russia caught wind of the UK and US planning a nuclear first strike on Russia. Maybe that's true, maybe it's not, but given the choice between an economic hit, or possibly utter destruction, Russia took the most sensible of the two.

>You dont understand geopolitics, kid.
>Referring to someone as "kid" then going off on an idiotic tangent defending Poopoo-man.

>There's been hints and rumours a year or two back that russia caught wind of the UK and US planning a nuclear first strike on Russia.

Jesus Putinbots are even more fucking paranoid and retarded than our nationalists

>Enemies of the state and enemies of Russian people.
They are not enemies of russian people. Our true enemies are those criminal bastards occupying Kremlin right now, Ivan.
And the way everything is going on in Russia these days (and most likely it'll only keep getting worse) there is absolutely bo reason for this country in its current state to exist. The only people who benefit from modern russia are Pootin's crime gangb (russian police, military forces and the national guards are parts of it) and his oligarchs who keep raping this country. The ordinary people would welcome the regime change even if it means russia as a country ceases to exist.
This is why you, Ivan, and any other russian who has even a slight chance to escape from this corrupted hellhole does that immediately.

>The ordinary people would welcome the regime change even if it means russia as a country ceases to exist
In your dreams.

+25 cents

> Spain is considered more democratic than France, Japan or Belgium
> after all these corruption scandals
> after the Catalan drama
> after ignoring all EU warnings and deadlines
This is bullshit. It's impossible that countries like the USA or Israel which systematically disobey UN resolutions are more democratic than Slovenia. Or that Georgia and Armenia are "mixed regimes". Or that Cuba and Qatar are more democratic than Russia.

the download gave me a .ashx file

>Israel is yellow

You can also look it up on Wikipedia.

What a horseshit map

Kys yourself pedo.
Normal person would just mention holocaust denial laws which infringe on free speech.

Depending on region roads either renovated every year or not touched for decades

>a flawed democracy

What a load of bullcrap.

bullshit, last month the Congress determined that uruguayans who don't live in Uruguay can vote in the national elections, what they seem to forgot was that, in a national plebiscite people said NO, but they decided yes in the Congress, is that democratic?

Finland is my fav anglo cunt.

It's true majority of people will believe whatever tv will say them to believe.
And those who won't still wouldn't do shit to stop it.

How is KSA such an authoritarian regime? I mean I get to do a lot of stuff here like sleep on a comfy bed, go out with friends, visit the family, play vidya, etc.

Yea r*ssia should be deep red.

>russia is dependent on foreign aid to have a good gdp

HAHAHHAHA LMAO you dumb Russian pigs rely on the EU to have a good GDP xDDD

Because women I guess. Saudi Arabia is based though. You are like Jews but with darker skin.

>the USA or Israel which systematically disobey UN resolutions are more democratic than Slovenia. Or that Georgia and Armenia are "mixed regimes". Or that Cuba and Qatar are more democratic than Russia.


>The ministry reminded the UN that since the US has never received Damascus’ consent to operate in their airspace, the coalition’s actions “blatantly” contradict UN Security Council’s resolutions, international law and international humanitarian law.

>“Syria reiterates the importance of halting the illegal US-led coalition’s actions and implementing Security Council resolutions related to counter-terrorism, including resolution no. 2253,” the letter said, according to the state news agency, Sana.

tBh I don't really care much for most of the politics and all except for when it is ACTUALLY affecting me.

Blasphemy laws, lack of due process in law, death sentence or corporal punishments for prisoners of conscience, forbidden political parties, no elections to the Majlis, no religious freedom and so on.

>Any EU countries
>More democracy than the US


What's more interesting is that Ukraine is more democratic than Russia, it's like you get bonus points for instigating a coup every 10 years instead of normal voting process and having pro-American candidate as a winner instead the one who thinks about his country's interests.
"Government functioning" is also almost twice higher. I guess you should be on the brink of collapse and be completely dependent on IMF loans to be more functional.
Higher political participation when there are millions of people and several regions excluded from the voting process.
Higher civil liberties when the biggest minority is oppressed and having their language (Russian) banned in schools, when all independent and Russian-speaking media are closed and banned (and still Ukraine has 3 times higher score of media freedom). When police is useless and armed nationalist bands doing whatever they want without any consequences.
I wouldn't say this index is completely wrong, but seems like it heavily influenced by irrelevant factors such as liberal values or LGBT rights.

At least Germany, Britain and Sweden don’t have the same level of human development as Mexico, unlike Poland.

Most democracies are constitutional republics

Should have painted Portugal before uploading stupid nufag

>not dark red

Tel Aviv have the biggest gay parade in the world :^)

Honestly I'm surprised we're that high.

>wanting to live in a democracy

Why would they when you're in the minority

if spain is a full democracy then i'm very scared about the world

Don't know about LGBT rights. Shortly after Euromaidan, there was a gay film festival in Kyiv's iconic Zhovten cinema. Which was literally attacked with fire and smoke grenades.

They DEFINITELY would you filthy stinky putinshill bastard, and we both know that.

The greatest countries in history were authoritarian.

Now it's a truly democracy:

>On 12 June 2016, Ukraine's third pride parade, dubbed the Equality March, was held in Kiev without incidents. The march of 1,500 people lasted about half an hour and was guarded by more than 5,500 police officers and 1,200 members of the National Guard. 57 people were detained for aggressive behavior.
>On 13 August 2016, an LGBT Equality March was held in Odessa. The march of 50 people lasted about half an hour and was guarded by more than 700 police officers. Twenty men, who were trying to break through to the event, were detained.
>In May 2017, LGBT activists organised a rally in the city of Kharkiv. 30 people attacked the participants and police officers, injuring two.
>On 18 June 2017, a fourth pride parade, again dubbed Equality March, was held in Kiev without major incidents with 6 people detained for trying to breach the security cordon.

That's what I'm saying

>Poland as bad as fucking Brazil and Mexico
>India better than Poland
>China is only orange
Hmm one ponders what kind of agenda The Economist has.

It means you're less cucked than them. Green countries are the most cucked.

Here's the full list.

don't forget that Poland's highest historical rank was in 2014 when PO government was in power.

Bravo Botswana!

> Zimbabwe > Belarus
> Ukraine > Morocco = BiH
> Kuwait > Russia
> Mexico = Serbia
> Timor-leste > Ghana > Poland
> Papua New Guinea has a better functioning government than Argentina, Lithuania or Saudi Arabia
> the electoral process in Afghanistan offers better democratic guarantees than Russia
What a long shitpost.

Well same thing happened with gay parade in Georgia, all post soviet shitholes are similarly homophobic because we didn't had decade of pro lgbt propaganda western countries had.


It's weird. The October Revolution decriminalised homosexuality and even a lesbian marriage was acknowledged by the state. Then 20 years later, Stalin came and made it a crime again, like in tsarist times. Was he pandering to the Orthodox church / religious peasants in the Holodomor aftermath? Trying to avoid a fifth column of traditionalists? Or did he simply fucking hate gays?

More like the soy Index of 2017


Do they allow poor people in Switzerland?

>it’s only democracy if I say so

All Chinese vote and can express significantly more political opinions than some other nations. Let’s not even try to compare literal theocratic Muslim dictatorships to China.

fuck democracy
restore the monarchy

why are burgers always forcing this stupid meme

Actually we've improved a lot under commie government holy fuck the irony

Donkey Konge is rightful heir of Denmark.

We'll have soon though

>not a flawed democracy

>Russia worse than literal niggers
Love thic pic bruh

only if the women are majority

this is what happens when you kill journalists

Equator went from hybrid regime to flawed democracy, thanks to based Lenín.

>UK greener than the US
Instantly discarded

So what's better: live in a democratic but """cucked""" country or in an arab shithole where you can get killed any day of the week by an insane allah bomber?

Russia is not less cucked than most Euro countries btw, millions of muslim immigrants and girls marrying men of other ethnicity etc

>letting a magazine define what is democracy

Based BEST Korea

At least South Africa isn't a totalitarian cold shithole.

>India is as Democratic as the United States

>a country wherein several state government sponsor class- and caste-based militias to combat Maoism and push impoverished villagers out of the jungle
>a country wherein mining corporations and wealthy landowners can hire local law enforcement to do their bidding
>a country wherein politicians are so comically corrupt that they don't bother filling in pot-holes until elections
>a country wherein local, regional, and national-level leaders have been complicit in the mass killing of their own people, from unrest in Kolkata in the 1970s to anti-Sikh riots in 1984 and Gujarat in the early 2000s
>a country wherein being a member of a violent right-wing organization which encourages the lynching of religious and ethnic minorities to suppress votes
>a country wherein regional political parties such as the Shiv Sena operate with the express purpose of disenfranchising their countrymen

>China and Belarus are the same color
>Worst Korea is green

doesn't sound too different 2bh

Probably combination of all of those.
Even before him commies were really split on gays, he was no doubt in anti gay faction.

t. Cheng
You can get jailed for this pic in China.

Having spent considerable time in India, I do think there's a perceptible difference.

The United States is corrupt on several levels -- but in India, the government is rotten from the top-down.

When I applied for my first passport in America, all I had to do was drive to the post office. I filled out an application, attached a photograph, paid $125, and received my booklet in the mail a month later.

My friends in India sometimes have to wait for up to a year. Paying bribes to police officials, who are required to "verify" your address and identity, is practically obligatory. Same goes for other routine tasks, such as obtaining vehicle registrations, purchasing property, or simply undergoing a routine emissions test on a car or motorcycle.

India's bureaucracy is one of the biggest burdens to its democracy, precisely because its hulk enables non-elected officials to exercise control over public funds and initiatives. Politicians enact a project and then collaborate with businesses and bureaucrats to siphon the money back into their own pocket.

The same shit happens in America, too, but it's not omnipresent or a perceptible hazard for the everyday man or woman.

Russians are worse than niggers
Give Chechnya freedom.

Are you talking about USA or India i can't tell the difference

You get beheaded for posting a naked bob in Oman.

probably true, on the other hand I think shit like guantanamo and politicians openly advocating stuff like torture basically gives you a combo breaker

Anything that functions is better than pre-2006 Nepalese politics

Ahhh yes le “totally not a leninist hehehe everyone who disagrees with me is corrupt” wheelchair man

and 1984-tier mass surveillance of course

I agree with you -- I'm not saying the United States isn't without its faults, because we've plenty.

I love India, but everything that's wrong with America is amplified tenfold there, from shit infrastructure to voter fraud and police brutality. I've seen police in India beat the living shit out of people in the street, surrounded by crowds and their colleagues.

I agree with you, but the last two of three presidents of the USA were elected with less popular vote than their competitors.

Measuring “democracy” is a meme anyways.

I focus on Huntington’s time-tested quote -
“The most important political distinction among countries concerns not their form of government but their degree of government. The differences between democracy and dictatorship are less than between a government that represents the varied interests of a society in an equitable a just way and a government that does not. Democracies only tend to achieve this more often, but Democracy is not a necessity for good governance.”

>I've seen police in India beat the living shit out of people in the street, surrounded by crowds and their colleagues.
How is it fucking different from American police force then? That people in USA die a lot more frequently from gunshot wounds?