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Comfy edition

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pls suck my dick Zando

The fuck is this supposed to be?


boring edition

You're a shameless slut, Zando. Seek help.

i'm hungry

wat do

Terribly uninspired, desu.
Makes you wonder why he made the effort.


tacos con crema mexicana y salsa hispana

Where's pooman when you need him?


look at this dog


Just a prank bro

Looks like Seattle


sad :(

Opening up that magazine in its face only gives the impression of a huge mouth opening up to bite, that's all.

>implying comfy posting isnt best posting


>crema mexicana y salsa hispana
i have no idea what either of those things are

Certainly not worth its own edition.
What is this, the travel channel ca. 2002?

nth for sucking dick

Cat posting is the real patricians choice.. Post more cats

ahhh yes universal health care

cartels and degenerate politicians can't cover every inch of land and city

Mexico can be quite comfy.

must Texan/northern things, lel

Comfyposting is excellent
When done right

Is this what americans really think?

rec me a cozy short skirt


>Just a prank
Was getting attention from thirsty virgins part of your "prank"?

>must texan/northern things, lel


i want to rub my dick all over this body



what's wrong with that?


>britshit is a lainfag

I don't have any skirts besides my shimakaze cosplay one

Maybe, don't see what you get out of this


Don't give it a (You), newfriend



Don't tell me what to do.
And I replied to a /cum/ flag

It's raining tonight. Feeling really comfy desu.

Honestly couldn't give a rat's ass about some stranger'a dog



your body is perfect
please let me be your bf
please please please please

/cum/ is a cat general. Refrain from posting d*gs in here.

Did something crawl up your ass and die, lad?

But that's impossible user, you are all the way in Germany



but I can visit you
there are no cute traps in Germany, i'm so lonely


Honestly I wouldn't visit me.

Look for a qt German girl user, don't give up, You'll find one.

Why is the Pacific North West so COMFY?


maybe you're right
you're out of my league anyway


Stop this, never put yourself beneath someone.

I'm kind of doubtful that that's even a real dog


dogs >>>>>>>>>>>≥>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cats

i wish I could put you beneath me naked in my bed
you're so nice too... please be my bf

How horrid.


The carpal tunnel is kicking in again. Remember to practice good posture, buds.

And take breaks.

Central Mexico is maximum comfy, especially temperate cities in the mountains.

>not relaxing in the tree covered patio of your 500 year old home eating locally hand made tamales and a hot caldo while a light September drizzle sporadically interrupts the warm air carrying the distant tunes of performers on the Zocalo

Let's be friends first user

are you serious? because i am

You're such a tease, you slut. Even women are less manipulative and more willing to put out.


Sorry for my reluctance to not want to fuck strangers on the internet

>But that's impossible user, you are all the way in Germany
>Let's be friends first user
You know exactly what you're doing, you manipulative whore.

i'm really boring and can't into relationships
i'm going to be honest and say I'm only interested in sex


That's unfortunate user but at least you're honest. Sorry but I can't do that, hope you understand.

ok :(
pls post more pics of your body

>He doesn't have Zando as his friend on Discord

Don't have anymore and don't plan on taking anymore in the foreseeable future :/

please add me on discord too
you should take more pics,
you look so great and obviously put much work into it

Guess who's talking to him on Discord

I would if you gave your tag

tfw no bird friends



Quick, someone make an edit of "Top 10 anime romances" and put screen cap of Zando and the German there!

>attempt to post an image
>"detected possible malicious code in the file"

change your password NOW

Would you move to poland if you got a well paying job over here ?

more like "top 10 anime rejections"

Sure. Don't see why not.

Don't you see, Zando is just playing hard to get! Come spring, they will be running over rolling hills, hand in hand. There they will lie down giggling, and share their first kiss.


What are you doing here? Go have good time with your Aryan boyfriend! You only live once!


youtube.com/watch?v=TsHUCwdAYes choon

This is what I am listening to youtube.com/watch?v=OkQ8AEgWSpw

I love lolis and shotas but real children can stay the fuck away from me

I've always wanted to live in a small fishing town in US

real children smell, are annoying and are also ugly

started my visit to austin today. it looks and feels like a mix between the PNW and Mexico.

You're not zando faggot

He is back nignogs

This picture really speaks to me

>when someone tells you to smile but you are not feeling it.jpg

My mom is lazy and unemployed so I'm going to have to take care of her for the rest of my life

Why can't she be NORMAL

>his mom isnt normal

what is normal

back from sleep you guys

/cum/ pls don't die
you're all i have

I am dying

we all are


im back from work you guys

enjoy your sleep

>one of the roommates left the door to the bathroom locked again (it has two entrances connecting to two dorm rooms)

pics like this almost convince me americans are humans

my name-a borat very nice

it is morning

Yes I am


god, just let the thread die already.


I really dont think so

cana.... you're making me angry......

cheeky nigs

niggers in my anus

words to live by, buds

That's ok

Think whatever you want

I dont think it i KNOW it
Stop role playing as someone on a kazakh sheep herding forum

nearly everyone has a bf/gf in this current year of ours, why don't you, bros?


huh, i made one(1) JUST ONE post, and suddenly everyone starts posting. man i'm so awesome


I poisoned my neighbor's annoying pitbull
All the family is crying so hard right now

black people in my rectum


*eats u*

business idea: go buy more soda so i can mix it with my rye, then go buy beer to taper but end up buying rye or vodka again

Stop eating my croissants!

good morning /cum/!!!


Hello good sir

Hello Ryan

좋은 아침이야, 친구



things to buy when i go out in half hour:
-2liter of soda
-15beer pack?
-26oz of vodka?
well probably will buy it all heh
good times on credit
fuck those banks

>just got out of bed
>mot /cum/mies are probably slaving away at work right now
It's certainly is a good morning.



uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's posting again

I WANT to live there


"""""he""""". We don't say "his" name around here.

i am confused. who ever could you be talking about, anonymous?


where's ethan. i need to speak to her

"He" is reading this right now. Don't give "him" any more attention or "he"'ll never leave.


this sounds very rude



you wish

right here IDIOT


are you talking about the DANE?

the """"dane""""


humiliated by niggers again

Hi Dane (:

hi guys

What happened this time?

that's what physics nerds get ya NERD

USA has tons of blacks and mexicans

All we have are asians :( Want to swap minorities with us?

Id take asians any day over niggers and spics


tfw no violent, low IQ, abusive, alpha male BBC bf to watch black panther with me then hate-rape me afterwards for being white

t. white roastie

Middle Easterners

This country is has been pussified enough in the last years, we don't need more soiboys

>i feel the need to post every time i make tea

Very rude!

me on the right

You need to be raped by BBCs asap

whats so bad about blacks and browns?

stop that

Big Bavarian Cocks?


hola charola


Violent loud and always pissed off about something, mexicans arent ad bad its just they usually congregate with the blacks

not a fan of racism t-bh

remember before Cred Forums's built in thread archiver was a thing? you had to keep hitting update every few seconds if you posted near the end of a thread's lifespan or you could literally miss out on (You)s
dark times

made it there and back again lads
just like the hobbit

wish there was a gas station though, though gas prices seem to just keep going up and up rather than the other way at all

>not a fan of racism t-bh

penis in your butt
penis in your mouth
penis so fun to say
never dont say penis
love the penis
taste the penis
devour the penis

that insertion angle makes no sense

Why people in my job don't talk to me?
Nobody invites me to have lunch together
They sometimes go to drink after work but they never ask me if I want to join them
This has happened in every single job I've had

>see wmbf couple walk into store
>they're always outgoing and friendly
>see bmwf couple walk into store
>the woman is always either fat or a crackhead and the guy has a permanent pout on his face looking like he's about to steal something

What do you think

you probably don't put in enough effort to connect with any of them so they don't even bother asking because they think you wouldn't be interested

i've only ever seen bmwf never wmbf

It's best you don't but

sorry /cum/

A public market, obviously

>he misses hitler

George of the Jungle was the best Brendan Fraser film.

It's ok bud

I think it is because I kinda look pissed off all the time and I can't help it, that's my neutral face

want to help me test it?

zando, why don't you date ethan(a canadian poster)?

I have that problem too, I just make sure to have a constant smirk and it makes me much more approachable

Nice nigger cock my man


Try to make small talk with them

Don't know this Ethan


I do
I get along with them, mostly girls
yet nobody talk to me outside the job

What would you if your gf told you she was pregnant?

"Why won't these girls invite me to get drinks with them after work?"

Gee user idk, I wouldn't pursue this anymore. If I were you I'd rather keep my job than to get accused of sexual harassment because one didn't like you or found you creepy.

to abort it because we're both too young to raise a child

sure, you stick something up your ass and then I'll analyze the results

Wake up from that dream.

sup guys?

this dick faggot


that's not the point
they go together as a group, they know I have a girlfriend
and fortunately they're not that kind of girl

Males don't even talk to me anyway

nothing rude about this dick, it's a gift in fact

being gay is a sin and bad for your health

well what a small gift hahahahahahahHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm not gay but thanks for the (You)s faggot

give me something to use uwu

i feel a sense of dread

like something is waiting for me or something bad is going to happen

what's this???

I also have a bad feeling about your future
you'll be hit by a bus or something

Invite your gf

I was bless long ago by immunity cat, surely that wont happen

*appears behind you*

hit my _____



Why are there no Nazi DJs?

are you a kelpien?

How can one murder a Jewish billionaire and get away with it? In a country like Canada?!.

are you calling me a beta alien

The final episode was kinda trash desu

I say the right things
But act the wrong way
I like it right here
But I cannot stay

who killed who now?

*sees that you’re sleeping*
*gets on top of you and quietly spread my ass cheeks right over your sleeping face*
*gently releases a sweet stinker right across your nose*

sniff sniff

can someone please reply "I don't know, why?"

it's a really good joke


licks licks

I dunno, y?

Because they can't tell the difference between 33 and 45.

t. stinky face

haha so funneh XD

i lick my ______


girlfriend's feet

Horrible. So horrible that it was actually pretty funny.

No but seriously never post this "joke" again

ice cream

COMMON MARKET! FINA... oh... it's public market...

Jesus Christ I keep getting these fucking videos in my recommendations.
They're so awful, this is peak weeaboism. Literally only sex depraved anime virgins will find this to be entertaining.
>where tradition and modern meets *_* I love Japan!!


Just ate 1500 Calories in chocolate covered peanuts.
Why do I have no self control?

At least I'm not fat haha

t. aesthetic European

I need a crown but don't have dental insurance, should I just go to Tijuana? I'm in the bay area so it's not that far.

Why not take a vacation to Colombia?


Get a crown, get your dick sucked and snort some cocaine on the beach.

yeah theres a ton of places right at the border, don't let those jew dentists near you make you think it's shady because it's really not

or you might even be able to vacation for a couple days in cancun and get it done there for the same price as getting it done where you are

>american rappers

Noticed that most people who don't do anything to their hair are losers.

So why don't you do something to yours?

Yes but I think you will need to go alt least thrice
so think about it

>hurting a YY that isn't bitchnatsu

Happy Trump day buds!

Just made tea lads

the cancer is everywhere

Quite literally could not give a fuck less.

Tea is for fags
drink a beer


thanks for the (You)

>went and got more soda
>also 15 beers, 26oz of rye
good times
been back for 2 hours at least, didn't bother informing /cum/

want to manhandle a feminine body right now

Glad to have you back user


Want to get manhandled by a big masculine body right now

find the nearest black male



>the solution for the problems I'm having is supporting even more the cause of those problems

hi :3c

damn politicians and sjws

Gotta gas 'em all!

I am not into zoophilia tho

I would never get tired of raming that bitch doggy style

Don't get too drunk you rascal

Which one is better?

Morning /cum/? Middle of the day /cum/? or evening /cum/?

weeb /cum/

That's Lake Champlain right? I swear I recognize that Sur La Table restaurant.

morning cum has too much dane

night cum has too much Ottawa

therefore middle cum is best

dane /cum/ tbqh

rnh /cum/

Did you like the oc I made for you?

What did she mean by this?

she's been kidnapped

Shoo, go away

>ctrl-f Zando
>41 matches


Question of the day.

Zando: added to the official /cum/ filter list or not?

that's the existential crisis look on her face

asians have alien toes disgusting

esto es un pinche TEEEEEEST




shut up



>cable above the burner
I hope she is safe

too late