WTF Spaniards are actually white

Also what's going on in Spain, this is degenerate even by Roman standards

Me in the middle

>white people

I'm always wondering how they don't have a boner under such a situation

Do you know what that picture represents, OP?

Imagine if somebody accidentally had a wet BRAP haha


>that's considered white in hungary

wew lad

we are used to have human contact unlike nips

It's a protest against bullfighting. Protestors get naked to simulate the bull's lack or protection and cover themselves in red paint as a symbol for the bull's blood.

>we are used to have human contact unlike nips
I-I'm not jelly
Ah I see, that's a quite sensational performance desu.

>Do you know what that picture represents, OP?
Honestly, my first thought was that it kinda looked like an orgy.
It also reminds me of prehistoric people, and how they slept together just like this in caves. It looks...kinda comfy. Sharing body contact and warmth. Having a tribe. Whispering secrets, and stories to one another while everyone is sleeping. Knowing you're never truly alone.

Are you sure abou that ?

its not an orgy or something sexual, dumbo

And people don't believe that berbers bleeched Spain...

>"... the swarthy faces of the Silures, the curly quality, in general, of their hair, and the position of Spain opposite their shores, attest to the passage of Iberians in old days and the occupation by them of these districts; ..." (Tacitus Annales Xi.ii, translated by M. Hutton)

t. Bilel

They don't have walmart there



Browner than you Muhammad

its a protest against bullfights.
its supposed to represent the violence of bullfights by "humanizing" it and showing bloody nude people

Fuck off, Spain is a very diverse country and not everyone is a fucking whity.

I bet those are filthy guiris

who cares

That guy on the front has a nice butt.

stop making threads subhuman, dumb fucking virgin

they're defenders of ""animal rights"", obviously


falling for chr*stian propaganda

Reminder that "anti-degeneracy" is codeword for "I'm a virgin."

>muh poor bulls :(

probably tourists, cucks, and other wh*te scum

real spaniards love bullfighting and are proud of our berber origins

>t. half spaniard.

>french flag

I'm 100% sure this are guiris and not Spaniards, since this is an anti-bullfighting protest.

Despite all "muh catholicuck traditionalism and virtue" catholics take to degeneracy surprisingly fast and then to shocking depths.
>argentinian_feminists_staging_the_abortion_of_christ.jpeg (sorry, eating)