Slava ukrayini :3

slava ukrayini :3

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salo desu

Slava Crimea!

Glory to the gays! Gayroyam slava!

Heram slava!

Salo haram?

Tasty salo!

Salo uranili


What does it say?

"Akcja wisła" best day of my life

He has some stupid ukrainian "Putin - huilo La La La La La" song written on his pad
The white letters say various curses wont protect you from 5.45 caliber bullet

partitions when?

The only thing ukrainians deserve is nuclear holocaust

When I was 15, a buxom Ukrainian girl in my class said to me "wanna have sex?" I told her to fuck off since I knew she was obviously joking and teasing me because I was a scrawny beta.

S-she was joking right? Right?

Hi , ask your answers

She was not joking but you did the right thing. You'd end up either with an STD you ve never heard of before or dead

cлiвi Уkpiiнi

Whats the root of pi?

>Whats the root of pi?

Have you got proofs Ukraine exists?


Back to Ukraine hohol

Cлaвa pycи!


Ukraine STRONK

Need more arab and nigger.
Stop IMIGRATION slav shiiit.

why are these so many ukrainians in portugal?

It's Portugal anti immigrant poster they can't tell difference between arabs and portugese.