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thinking about kissing her again ffs :/

You can kiss me

all that labor and australia isn't yet a socialist paradise

>australian nationalists


Boiling an egg

Nothing wrong with that


jeans arrived

so quiet here rn ffs

anyways haven't consumed any drugs for 3 days now

Notice that it has almost never reached >50%

might start my book on trans Saharan Africa (world history)


Jeremy Corbyn smells

good for you man keep it up

Watched the black panther cam, it was ok, wish they didn’t speak in a weird accent for the whole movie though

Based homestudy user

Most women in online dating just aren't that attractive, now imagine the men

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger smelly black poo nigger NIGGERS

here's a really closeup picture of me where you can only see my face

now here's a picture of me being fat, surprise

Ethiopialad we care about you



Our women are genociding you lad

doing a watch

We were pretty much a Scandinavian-tier democratic socialist country up until about the 1980s.

why is there not many of these tall slim african females when there's loads of tall slim african males?

I want to be genocided by a black woman.

"women" don't exist they are just manlets in disguise

could really go for some roasted cashews rn. always eat way too many when I get them though and ending up feeling like a fat shit

could've got a mortgage by now with all the gear thats gone up my nose

I'm a girl

last time i was genocided by a black woman i had
the taste of her bum in my mouth for a long time

there's something comfy about living in a council block 2bh

gross story

I want that taste in my mouth forever.

for me, it is the junkies and their friends shouting up at each other to be let into the building

Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville were FRAMED.

The REAL criminals are still walking around free.



fucking HELL

I thought rorkes were mongs but at least they're consistent, liberals are on another level. this is actually painful to watch

did the black guy i was making fun of in the last thread leave?


fuck off

i love children


comfy listen youtube.com/watch?v=bNa1Unoy_lU

yank nonce

Why do you hat blacks?

despise ginger pedo



i'm the smartest person in this thread


why is Cred Forums so racist? don't you know there is only one race: the human race?

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room! (unless you work with retards lol)

takes one to know one

wish people dressed more formally as a society desu senpai

irish aren't a part of it

would suck all your bumholes


yeah, i like hats

>why is Cred Forums so racist? don't you know there is only one race: the human race?

don't think i've ever seen a woman under 40 wearing a skirt that goes below the knee

>Military and police is socialism
>Socialism is public sector and private sector
>Western Europe is all socialist
>Socialism never leads to communism
>Communism leads to Marxism

what the fuck am I watching

Have you ever been to a wedding? Nary a knee seen

yeah but i was drunk so i don't remember

Am I invited to your wedding when you marry?

the runt

No, but I'm about to go to your funeral

>Bikini Kill
my nigga

haha yeah it's not stocked with obscure foreign films and bands whose albums are not even on youtube

i know exactly what all of your anuses smell like right now

Will never marry lmao.

wish i could be a tarq like you and be a pseudo neet well into my 20s

what does mine smell like?

>muh dick
drugs, crime, etc


convinced that if Ethiopialad had kids with a white woman they'd basically look white
At the very darkest, they'd look Italian

being rich in a third world country has got to be one of the best existences ever

>nary a knee

using this

Why not?


She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry

You’d be rich if you moved there lad.

Enough humans on Earth as is innit

if I came into a decent amount of wealth (well off, but obviously not super wealthy) I'd definitely move to some developing African, South East Asian or South American country and immediately become part of the 1%

yeah but they'd kill me for my bones because they think it cures AIDS or something

some normoid worm at work tried engaging me on the latest football results, something about the spurs being a bad team or something

I simply turned to him, smirked, and said "did the man kick the ball?"

needless to say he was completely gobsmacked

if everyone who reached 20 married and had two children the population would fall

How many peng girls like pic related are in Ethiopia?

why go that far when you could just go up north and not have to learn another language? (except maybe Urdu)

Biting wit

need a short haired queer gf

normoid btfo

this reminds me of how i won't use my turn signal to keep the normoids on edge.


I’m pretty sure that most of the third world isn’t like that but just ultra shitholes like Malawi.

that's not peng at all
find an actually cute black girl, not just some generic negress skank if you're going to cherrypick

What do peng ethiopians look like in your opinion?
What is the best black woman then?

more like cotton pick ahahahahahahahahaha

>need a queer gf
need to kill yourself


queer =/= lesbian

the moon

Best black women are the ones who basically look like dark skinned white girls

You get the ethnic exotic complexion with a face that doesn't look like a monkey. best of both worlds

would like to be a 1930s hollywood star

got a reputation as an intellectual juggernaut

no you wouldn't
be quiet

got a reputation for being your MUM

The hot ones don't look like black girls iih

>those lips
>that nose
>those eyes
>that hair

>basically a white woman

yeah sure

No the best ones don’t look white at all.

yes i WOULD


the best ones look black as coal.

the Greek term “Ethiopian” (also
used by Romans and not denoting any specifi c region of Africa) means “burnt face.”

amharic looks hard to write. are you able to write in moon rune script?

might staple a tapeworm to my penis

in the 1930s they didn't have internet or even tv

thine be the glory
risen conquering son
endless is the victory
thou over death hast won


be thou my battleshield
my sword for the fight
be thou my dignity
thou my delight


Nah just slightly conversant. Anyone I might want to have a converstion with or buy something from speaks English anyway.


Roman calls Ethiopian "Burnt Face". Ethiopian responds, why you so racist tho?


So the flesh worm will drink brain juice from your fetus

ethiopians didn't evolve language back then

Imagine being the dad of one of these little shits growing up today. The fat, selfish ones that just want to play computer games or watch Youtube.

When I was growing up I'd play football, go exploring, help my father with DIY etc. What went wrong?

>there are posters on here who are so simple that think that CP Sport is th’ only way to view U.E.F.A. Champions’ League
>they didn’t gratuitously watch Real Madrid versus P.S.G. on 2DF
>implying that ““““voters”””” don’t just tick the first boxes that they see because gubmint tells ‘em to

just want to go back to 2010 era Mount and Blade Warband

Romans call Ethiopians 'burnt face'
I call Romans 'burnt empire'

good posts

reckon you actually have a bestially fetish, lad

burnt face man


romans on suicide watch

*feels the blood gushing from my anus*

This slag has dated every signer/basketball player in the US.

MVP of the thread right here

I definitely have jungle fever but a live in rural Norfolk sadly so I’ll never get to act on it :(

Now that's what I call pay-per view


She a gold digga.

she's a nigga

do they have gold mines in ethiopia?

All women are tbf

>inna house
>standing in the kitchen, mixing drinks, drinking half of them because friend keeps encouraging me to drink me to loosen up
>decide to take out some dipping tobacco
>pack a fat lip
>grab a solo cup to spit into
>night continues
>continue to get sloshed harder than I ever have been before, get double vision
>reach for my dip cup
>not there
>just start spitting into the sink
>people get grossed out
>people tell me to stop
>I laugh and wave them off
>a girl grabs a cup and offers it to me and says something
>I shake my head and spit into the sink before packing in more dip
>she gets closer and forces the cup into my hand
>I spit right onto her chest
>girl gives me pic related's look before running away
>suddenly realize that was my friend's gf
>laugh so hard I double over
>stumble outside and vomit

What’s the best method of getting to smash Ethiopian pussy?

Yeah they're in the exploratory phase atm though. Oil has been found in the southeast as well.

printing this out to read on tomorrow's toil commute

That woman is too skinny

Tell me ONE good reason as to why private citizens shouldn't be allowed to own nuclear and chemical weapons.

if we found gold or land oil in britain im sure the same people who protest against fracking would be out to prevent any mining or drilling to save mother gaia

I'm 20 and redoing my A levels lmao utter state of my life


t. Scary-Poo McRonald

STICC is where it's at

That's not so unusual, good luck lad

because something something economy

Getting thicc desu lads


fair play Donnie

Hey, what YouTube channels are you subscribed to? What's your favourite YouTube Red show?

why don't you go to uni in somewhere like Romania, they don't give a shit about A Levels
I have a friend who got Cs doing medicine there

alri Tom Jones, calm down

Well adjusted hands with a gf typed this post.

More people allowed to own nuclear and chemical weapons = more production of such weapons = more jobs and more economic growth

Mechagamezilla is ace

how to meet girls when you aren't an arrogant student and work from home?

I actually unironically have a gf ahahahah
she's got mixed race cousins too lol

haha this is funny you even posted the funny reddit frog!

it's not unusual to see me cry, I wanna die ;,,(


Millenial Woes, Jordan Peterson, Pewdiepie and Survive the Jive exclusively


AvE and Redlettermedia are the only channels I care about nowadays

t. guy who has an amazing life

very good choices tbf
bit miffed about Woes not uploading any videos in ages but I can understand it if he's going through some shit

>Jordan Peterson

any slater man in

dae get jordan peterson and jared taylor confused?

Master Brew
You Kipper
Robert Mugabe
Morality Official
Millennial Woes
Braving Ruin
Preston Jacobs
Survive the Jive
Last River
Murdoch Murdoch reuploads

>I actually unironically


yeah well you're finnish so you don't count

alri grandad get with the times LOL

even sargon made millennial woes look like a mong lol

have no respect for anyone under 26 years old

you are children to me, simple as

*knods in agreement*

is it gay to sleep in the same bed with your m8 if it's the only bed available


The modern male

how do you get over this emptiness inside you? you wake up with hope that this day will be different but within an hour you are already bored out of your mind and feel so empty and pathetic

im very ill

been having all these mad fever dreams
yesterday i was so ill i needed to text my mates to tell them i couldnt go out, but i was unable to because i kept passing out every minute or so and was constantly being auto-locked out of my phone

tears have been constantly streaming from my eyes the whole time, and looking at even the dimmest of lights hurts

this might be the end
remember me


Peter Hitchens: baby boomer paleoconservative
Jordan Peterson: baby boomer classical liberal
Jordan Taylor: baby boomer white nationalist

Big fan of the three of them in different ways

hate pakis
love pints
simple as

how autistic must you be to find murdoch murdoch funny
only decent video is the meme war one


see: scott pilgrim

come to the realisation that most grim yankposts are just copied from other boards
how disappointing

all pakistanis should be killed

i dont think brexit is gona do it

>being an idiot
>get with the times
think id rather die


yes real men sleep on the floor

paki cunt

Unrecognizable tbqhey

It's basically Cred Forums condensed and self-satirising itself using South Park style humour. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. Big fan now.

drink a glass of orange juice and have some honey on toast
you'll be on the mend in no time


underrated post

*Jared Taylor
Whoops I just confused myself lol

Given one frying pan, in what order should you fry the following items:

overrated post

not really it depends on how large the bed is mainly

*sticks a big tanned and calloused finger in your face*

>I'm 20

Christ alive her head is massive

nothing like this happening with a girl you know and using that excuse touch or hug her the whole night

Just went into uni despite feeling ill and it was horrible

>KFC closed due to chicken shortage


it's only gay if you're a poof

some major slagage on this train

Anyone here seen The Wind That Shakes The Barley?

what's wrong with you?


Fry them all at once

if you're 21-24 you're not that much older than me and were probably posting on this site yourself at my age
if you're 25 or older and still posting here I feel sad for you that you're still here. My life is pretty sad too but at least I'm still young enough to change it before it gets too bad




been a while since germany started a land war in europe

we must be due

neil diamond was a musical genius

aren't all paleoconservatives quite old

>if you're 25 or older and still posting here I feel sad for you that you're still here. My life is pretty sad too but at least I'm still young enough to change it before it gets too bad

haha keep up that delusion I used to think that when I was your age and now all these years later here I am still. I have still never had a girlfriend, sitll never had a job etc

what do your parents think lad

>if you're 25 or older and still posting here I feel sad for you that you're still here. My life is pretty sad too but at least I'm still young enough to change it before it gets too bad

oh you sweet summer child

She wants a man from ________

a wealthy family

the co-op

Can see her gnebbles through her brassiere

Spilt jewels like Eastern Riches
Junkie fixes
Around here we say birds, not bitches
As London Bridge burns down, Brixton's burning up
Turns out you're in luck
Cos I know this dodgy fuck in The Duck
So it's just another showflick from your
Local... City... Poet
Case you geezers don't know it
Lets... Push... Things... Forward
It's a tall order, but we're taller
Calling all mawlers, backstreet brawlers
Cornershop crawlers, victories flawless
Love us or hate us, but don't slate us
Don't conform to formulas
Pop genres and such Sharp darts, double Dutch
Parked cars, troubles a much with more Bud
Let's... Push... Things... Forward
You say that everything sounds the same
Then you go buy them! There's no excuses my friend
Let's... Push... Things... Forward.

the kingdom of Gondor

The Toil Lord has communicated his wish that I enter the Toil Field early today


garden shed is covered in mould. almost afraid to go in there. didn't think mould even grew on timber

Got a year left then and I shall spend it wisely

Nobody should want equality of outcome but everyone should want equality of opportunity

hate it when bits of tissue dry onto your nob

I remember one valentines day when I was like 22 and I heard my parents downstairs arguing about what is wrong with me and why don't have I have anyone and when am I going to grow up lol. Only got worse since then, guess they have kinda accepted that i'm a complete failure of a human being. THey obviously don't want to accept this but it's not as if they have a choice at the end of the day.

Woman should be thicc.

every little helps


yeh grim mate then u gota go to the sink and wet ur hands and like rub the tissue off lol

>say that to my face you soyboy

Do you consider yourself a man? I mean, you're not, but do you consider yourself one?

looks a bit like pj harvey

why would i want my inferiors to be equal

What a bizarre question of course i'm a "man" whatever that means. Am I some masculine chad who was great at sports then no of course not i've always known i'm not.

Business idea: a remake of the UK The Office with Sargon as David Brent and PJW as Gareth


the soyboy perspective

yeh no shit did you not read my earlier post you illiterate goblin

>why would i want my inferiors to be equal

Wish I could heem you in front of your cheering parents

Going to bed now


had sex on Saturday after a 10-month dry spell

was beginning to get a bit worried

>never had sex
>never had a job
>lives with parents
>considers himself a man

we're all in here you gormless nonces

stop saying those names as if they're things

>Do you consider yourself a man? I mean, you're not, but do you consider yourself one?


fuck off birt

so the hatposter is a 25+ manchild that's never had sex...why am I not surprised lol

wut I don't hat post

--> me

my general is also called /birt/


>so the hatposter is a 25+ manchild that's never had sex...why am I not surprised lol

leon 'hot to trot' trotsky

ahhhh bacardi and yogurt, we meet again:)

let's get to 360 posts
that's another 80 posts of quality content in this thread

Subnormals fuck off, this is a normie general

I'm going to buy a car today

What are you getting lad?

vladimir 'big dick' lenin

thinking of all the girls in elementary and middle school i blew off lol

quality post normgroid

haven't heard a word from corbyn in ages. when will his support admit he's just clinging on to collect that salary

citroen cactus

he text me a couple of nights ago


i'm voting momentum at the next election methinks

this is a general of cyborgs and failed normies
the eternal inbetweener

hopefully without the plastic side panels

Broken britain

business idea: MPs don't receive a salary and can only claim (limited) expenses

Not so bad


which encourages them to take other jobs at the same time, cutting down on the time they can focus on their constituency work

i'm out


yes because ministers of the church are regularly working other jobs right?


Got some absolutely shitty song stuck in my bloody head

what does that achieve

just got rebuked by the toilwarden for excessive latrine usage

see you in 11 hours lads

birt is not brit
fuck off

strong contender for most bizarre post of the year so far



ah yes, let's post in a /brit/ thread that can't be found in the catalog

it's made by the saffer snowflake so it's epic!!!!! post black slags mate!!!!!!

rofl.. birt

you've violated the law

metacritic.com/music/room-inside-the-world/ought doin a listen

lol great post

i've filtered all saffers

i expect you to do the same


>yes because ministers of the church are regularly working other jobs right?




post cartoon characters you would shag

absolutely uncredible

Actual new

>single linkers

i apologised for it in the thread, my finger slipped ok??? gosh

Liberals are scum, the only good thing they can do is pass a law declaring all Liberal Nationals banned from politics and immediately executed by firing squad

Its the only possible solution