Are spaniards mongrels?

Are spaniards mongrels?

Everyone who lives in a civilised society is a mongrel, Jorge. You have to go to isolated tribes in Papua New Guinea where people only screw their second cousins to find a pureblood society.

mongreler than you esteban

can i come to spain to spend ma monies :3
where should i go?

Are pure blood incestuous indios that are not mongrelized white then?
Jewer than you Smithstein.
Come to Galicia ok.

If you like busy stressful modern cities, you'll like Madrid and Barcelona. If you want to visit comfy beautiful culturally relevant towns, Granada and Santiago de Compostela are for you. If you're a Brit with a proxy, fuck off to your containment zones on the islands.

G*rm and *nglo party colonies.

No. Mongrel implies being subhuman. You are not human at all

Celter than you alberto.

have you actually went out of your village? lmao


Basically, we are the most mixed race of Europe.

Spaniards are bros


I'm the son of an inmigrant to spain who is the son of an spanish inmigrant to uruguay.
Literally el devorador de genes blancos reporting in.

> Puontebedra
> Bigo
> Ferrole

which are those user?

>Granada and Santiago de Compostela
feels comfy im more of a private person desu


Debaixo do douro todo mouro.
Ibiza, islas baleares.
They are anglo-german colonies, tainted with the blood of the pool jumpers.

Weird, usually northerners dislike us on this board.

Could I wrap my thinking hand around your neck?
Would you enjoy it?

you look like Antón Reixa

Do you have cancer?

Leukemia-er than you Hans.

>stay on land (away from sea resorts)
what's rent like for a single person?

200-500€ for a 1 person flat.
I'm paying 230~ for mine.

are you a burglar?

el albino

Liguria is the med part of the north, like south Italians and Spaniards.

you mean gypsy? no
just a humble inspired medicine plant grower witchdoctor

Darker than you Mac.

I mean bulgar burglar. Otherwise I don't know why would you move to Spain.

to grow my own weed for medicine and break habits a bit

Why not grow weed in epicgaria?

>Weird, usually northerners dislike us on this board.
why that?

jails aren't as comfy as in sweden

What countries are more mongrel than spain?

I think you can do that in Portugal, Portugal has very relaxed drug laws.


Could my bald ass pass a local in your cunt?

the pointy chin looks a bit odd, but you are white enough.

It's my father's chin. Think he got it off my uruguayan grandmother.

still illegal. there may be something about medicinal corporate sold but with thc of less than 2% which is not medicinal at all

Weed is illegal in spain, Volja.

you sure?


how illegal?


internet says sale is illegal but not consumption or in public, growing is illegal only if for trafficking not for personal use, that would be more than a few plants

More or less, I can't expand on it.

Are you epic?

Yes, why?

Because I'm more epic than you

Epicer than you Jacobo.

>Bila Reale

what the fuck is wrong with portuguese ppl

They are fucked up Galicians.

why are you bald galiciANO? are you a neonazi?

I'm a skinhead but not right-leaning.

>but not consumption or in public
>growing is illegal only if for trafficking not for personal use

post boots

(((Red))) laces.
I'm not communist so please keep the creaturas at bay.
1919 DM steel toes.

These are my safety boots for work (studies).
DM Rigger Turbine.

Stock picture of the 1919s.


Cute boy.

"why aren't you growing weed"

Please bulgaria stop smoking so much weed.

Yes, they got fucked by umayyads.

but im not smoking any :'[
>all the street ones i've rarely tried in the past were ass
i just want to grow my own pretty indica

Please america stop playing so much crusader kings 2.

Im best friends with a guy from turin. The feeling is mutual

>tfw I I’ll be able to legally grow up to 4 plants this August