Is this how they cop some dome in llatin america?

Is this how they cop some dome in llatin america?

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that looks like an italian.

>latino humor

Link to video?

she looks happy

why is she so happy looking


because it's a joke, they don't actually decapitate her

thats what i thought originally but you never know with our latin american friends, some of them might enjoy decapitation

she look filipina

Poor Mexican girl


Link? Why does she look happy?

Because in a few seconds, she no longer has to live in Mexico. Wouldn't you be happy?

i would cry. mexico is great


That explains the happy face.


Ok I get it, I laughed.

such innocence

it's her kink.

would you, Cred Forums?

never stick your dick in the crazy

>would you
decap then necrophil a cartel subhuman?

oh boe

how can a woman even rape a corpse
pretty sure dead people can't get erections

they do as some post mortem reaction or someshit

>he thinks raping a man is about forcing him to put his dick in your pussy

Lmao what are you 12?

this. i think most mexican gore on liveleak is fake. do you really believe anyone is capable of that type of torture?? probably dummies and tomato juice and actors are screaming.

yeah, want some leafie?

>fed a single taco per day
What a disaster!