Confirmed: alpha wolf killed in Finland

A year ago in Rengo, Finland, two wolves were killed. Now it has been confirmed that one of them was the alpha wolf of the whole wolf pack, a fairly young but strong male.

It is not permitted to kill the alpha which keeps the pack together. A coherent wolf pack which behaviour can be predicted is better for humans than single stray wolves roaming around without leadership.

Without alpha the wolf pack has now been unable to kill moose and deer properly and is starving.

There have been no witnessed wolf cubs in Rengo since the killing of the alpha.

However Riistakeskus (government organization of hunt and wild game) will not start an investigation on the hunters who killed the appointed leader of wolves.

> Without alpha the wolf pack has now been unable to kill moose and deer properly and is starving.

oh for fucks sake, how hard is it to kill a deer

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weird. the next in hierarchy doesn't take the lead in wolf packs? don't they fight over domination?

sometimes it happens that they all are unsure of themselves for a year or two after their leader is gone

bet it were the russians

just like wh*Tiods, no wonder wolves are dying out

Wolf packs are ususally just a family of wolfes. It's probable that the rest of the pack are just his pups that are too young to hunt properly and the mother that cant do it alone.

Probably they killed alpha and beta wolves. Omega's stand no chance.

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Nah, wolves in Finland are to weak and to dumb to organize themselves into a proper pack.

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Are wolves in Russia smarter?

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And blame russians. It's always russians.

>Are wolves in Russia smarter?
Tigers and bears coach wolves in mother Russia. They're smarter and stronger and have better physique.


The wolf was killed
You're the first to mention Russia

>You're the first to mention Russia

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Pretty hard since they are much larger faster and more stamina

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