ITT Cred Forums posters you recognize

Ones I've seen more recently are:
>mexican "kys" poster
>turk warrior with Brazilian proxy
>"YOUR MOM" belize
>nevada guy who lives alone in the desert
>alaskan inuit guy
>french guy who creates every /mena/ thread
>Jap who spams the same 5 threads every fucking day
>canadian from Yellowknife
>qatar faggot
>aruba poster
>jap who speaks basque
>afro-lebanese Brazilian
>lebanese Australian

Leave Qatar poster alone you mutt

94% of me agrees but the other 6% tells me to be evil to him

>cute Danish poster

>>lebanese Australian
Theres used to be at least 4 of us, don't if they're all still here. Don't forget the Iraqi Australian that makes multiple threads on this board.


That one Finn who is hilarious. I'm in stiches from laughing so hard at his posts. Keep it up!

>cute French poster

>gay pali who lives in the UAE
>Murad of Palestine
>The egyptian imam of /mena/


>neetbux swede who goes fishing
>comic translator Italian
>venetian Italian
>croatian who posts maps of girls he fucked

Qatar faggot keeps changing identity

based brazilian crusader
amerindian pride argie
italian rumena poster
morracan in belgium
that's about it

that one french dude who's autistic about law

>Argie who is in love with a chilean
>Chilean who is in love with an Argie

the volga german autist
the butthurt chav
the canadian "i wana get rich" fag
end the EU debtistani


THAT retard if ya feel me

Know any Thai person?

Jesus Christ I hate people who post that image of Pepe. For some reason, a frog in a suit drives me mad.

>Italian hating argentinian

the american with horrendous education

I like it, he looks smart.

>The dark blonde/light brown hair American that always posts photos of himself because he wants to know what European country he looks most like.
Oh wait, that's me.

Mfw I'm behind all these posters.

Kaixo, denak ahaztzen zait nire laguna

>fingolian faggot

>"Transylvanian" Romanian poster that always whines about independence of Transylvania

the leaf incel paki
greek e """"""u""""""" poster.

Can't wait to be recognized JUST like in r*ddit hahaha

>venetian Italian

The self hating chicano faggot

The nice german

finnish gayposter
pedo australian

Based sudanbro who always has something nice to say.

The finnish gayposter is great.

>amerimutt LARPing as self hating italian making ">wake up >shitalian" threads

He should kys himself asap

I dont understand. He is posting under italian proxy, but he did nothing wrong in the picture, so why does he says "ops"

Along with the amerimutt living in finland

He came into an italian general in that pic, i'm assuming he likes to turn off the proxy to get (You)s into generals

The cute Finnish and Eesti posters

I'm glad no one remembers me