Schoolbus is so lame

THIS 17-year old Ostrobothnian young woman travels to the school and back to her farm with her Belarus tractor. There is no proper school busses driving around in the countryside region where she lives.

Proper public school transportation works mainly in Helsinki region or in the other big cities, including Oulu which is in the north Finland.

Woah, so this is how Finland-Swedes live.

that feel when Finnish speaking young Finns cannot afford to live in a farm, let alone own a tractor




i'd hate to be "the kid who drives the tractor to school"
like, it would suck to be that, guy or girl, no matter how much you owned it
>the part where cars are passing her on the highway
i kind of feel bad

Are you the same that posts other Finnish news? Like the one about the wolves?

Why not get a motorcycle or a moped or a kei-car? They are infinitely cheaper than a tractor.

She looks 35 as far as I'm concerned

>17-year old

Nope, I mainly post videos and not always about Finland

that makes no sense at all

It's pretty hard to drive a moped in freezing temperatures

yeah, tractor will work at these circumstances too

This place told me Finland was super rich, wtf

Dunno, I often see people driving mopeds and bikes during winter here.

This place Österbotten/Ostrobothnia or Pohojanmaa as the few Finns there call it isn't exactly Finland. It's like our Sardinia, but Swedish speaking and even more inbred.
It's a really unique place and of great value in heritage disease research but it has almost no similarity to the real Finland down south.

>real Finland down south
and to the east and to the north also

>It's pretty hard to drive a moped in freezing temperatures
The vid shows her driving in sunny weather, green grass and green trees all around, I bet it's like +10°C outside.

So yeah, a moped or a motorcycle would do the job just fine in these circumstances.

You look 12 as far as I'm concerned.

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