Have you ever encountered corruption in your day to day life?

Have you ever encountered corruption in your day to day life?


What exactly is corruption?


In Finland? No. Only time I've directly encountered it was during a trip to Uzbekistan.


No. But when I did an internship at the government my job was to check out where all the money went. Aaaaand it's a complete mess.

Especially in large cities like Amsterdam politicians like to give projects to people they know, which is illegal if they don't inform the city council.



After I graduated from the university my uncle helped me to get a job in the oil company where he works. Does it count as corruption?

When you guys do it it's called "business" or "politics".

Drive license 100$





dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

"the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places"

That's nepotism. Could be corruption, if it's bold enough.

if denmark is the least corrupt country then the rest of the world must be corrupt as fuck

Yes, the area where I live is supposed to be protected countryside, yet the local council (who just happen to be friends with the landowners of the area) have allowed 3 separate factories to be built, one of which is a chemical factory, and fucking housing estates.

I call bullshit on this map, there is no fucking way the UK is any less corrupt than Russia or the middle east (just look at all those undercover exposures of our top politicians accepting "donations" for access to the PM or changes to laws.) But like Russians etc, nobody here cares because there is nothing we can do; the news will feign outrage for two days then forget about it, and the politicians are just going to keep doing what they want without punishment anyway because they can change the corruption laws and pressure the police/courts any time they want to suit them. Most just "resign" for a year or leave for a lucrative job as a director in one of the companies they were bribed by. We all know this, so corruption "perception" should be a lot lower.

it's the perception index

nordoids are so naive they don't even realize when they get scammed.

Look at my flag and take a wild guess

Well it basically customary to gift doctors with something especially if they overdid work that was in their competence usually chocolate for women and cognac for men.
This is considered awful corruption and main social ill plaguing our society
Corrupt politicians with mansions are ok though

School extorting money from parents for security, school renovation, money for presents for teachers and director.
It's all "voluntary" but if you constantly refuse kid grades go down.

Bribes to pass driving test a lot of people do it

This is main ones majority of population encountered i think.

School and doctor ones are not even considered corruption by most people.

It's to scam or to be scammed.
Too much corruption is bad but too little is also not good. A country completely devoid of corruption would be autistic, boring and inflexible.

Belgium, the USA and France are the winners here.

We gave a cake to a policeman that testified for us in a case.

Is that considered corruption?


Yes, it's faster to give a bribe than do paperwork.

Cops will also often ask for a bribe instead of fining you (the bribe being lower than the fine)

Of course

>first world levels of corruption