The number of pro-China posts here is unbearable

The number of pro-China posts here is unbearable

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>Hong Kong

>Australians making fun of Americans for not doing certain things, coincidentally things that have roots in China
>Canadians hoping for both America and Russia's downfall and for another country to lead the world, they never mention it by name but China fits all of their criteria
>get called a mutt and "whiter than you mohammed" whenever I point this out



whiter than you mohammed mutt

>>Australians making fun of Americans for not doing certain things, coincidentally things that have roots in China

I'm interested in what these things are.

Well I just couldn't believe the fact that Cred Forums has also been polluted by 5-cent party like all of other Chinese forums.

or maybe you know

not everyone whose opinions you don't like are paid shills?

We're good now lah


Wtf is this bullshit map?

Is Mongolia a non-country? Someone didn't even bother labeling it.

>No Russia

Typical shill post

I'm all for Taiwan independence but I'm not the one who hold 700 million adult population and the largest army in the world.

Also how come only shit country is pro China? Maybe except Thailand. HK totally is not


How comes Taiwan has its own flag on 4chin?

>how come only shit country is pro China
Because they're getting loads of money for OBOR. Malaysia is effectively pro-China now.

too bad taiwan is a proxy for american faggots to try and undermine asia and china's greatness in particular
so sadly you have to be if not anti-taiwan, then at least pro-china in this matter and in all/almost all others.

if only taiwan wasn't another lapdog puppet of USA, if only taiwan didn't have degeneracy mechanisms running already like gay parades and shit, then maybe. otherwise, it's plague like hong kong, singapore, malaysia, philippines and other self-hating uncle chang cucks galore states.

because you have a dumb meme opinion about what constitutes a 'shit country'

This is american website.

Taiwan is the real China

i want to FUCK taiwan girls

fuck you mohammutt

VERY good post by me. I applaud myself.

you are European

>Hong Kong
>pro China

If you didn't make that map, that map is outdated. We might as well be a province of China by now.

I also think that your post here was very well written.

Hong Kong isn't just pro-China...Hong Kong is a Chinese territory, therefore expo facto China.

russian, pay for your crime for propping this shitshow and indirectly causing the death of tens of millions of chinese people in the process.

One of the Swedish flags continues to admire China bluntly
In addition, he is attacking the flag of enemy countries of China.

That map is outdated. We’re pro-china now.

t. daniel william chang

don't worry japan sweden is faggots

No, Ivan, we are not. Just because you moved to e*rope you didn't magically become one either, you'll always be just a "russian in e*rope".

No, Finland. It is you that is the faggot.

Not like you don't deserve it. And China is pretty good tbqh

Balik china la babi kokedudeldooo

>causing the death of tens of millions of chinese people in the process.
Isn't that like typical day in China?

Maybe people actually view the world differently than you?

You are rude!
Finnish people are really great and wonderful!

It's like ruins
meaningless mystery buildings is being built
Were they profitable...

Thank you

post narrow eyes with timestamp and japanese passport or you're a whitoid english teacher or a proxyfag

The paid shills or 50-cent party from CCP are fairly easy to be recognized as they are using the same set of theories to defend the dictatorship of Chinese government.

>anti china

Some friends of mine can confirm the recent generation are just as brainwashed as mainland chinks.

good, uncle chang shall not pass

They're really easy to spot, though. Also for some reason most of them use a US proxy.

yea it's indefinitely bullshit. I blame the britbongs for letting hong kong turning into an authoritarian cesspool like the rest of China by just handing it back to the CCP fuckers. the umbrella protests were a sign that at least a fairly large sum of people still care about their freedoms, but it'll probably get killed off by the chinese well before hong kong is fully integrated into china. Taiwan I hope won't go the same way but the shitty Kuomintang did retarded diplomatic shit with the PRC when the KMT still had leverage with the western countries and could've established itself as genuinely independent. but no, of course they just had to come to the shitty one china policy rather than actually acknowledge that the ROC and PRC and two different countries, now Xi Jinping wants to anal rape taiwan and turn it into its bitch like Macau and Hong Kong.

also thank you to based India for keeping the commies at bay. you still get shit from the western media and shit in your streets, but just know your efforts will be remembered.

yea watch out for that.

generally speaking, a lot of chinese expats are starting to flood into western countries that are willing to be cucked by china. sweden is definitely one of them, and having lived in the US for a long time it's starting to be that way a lot more especially in the northern states and on the west coast. Canada, more specifically Vancouver is basically now overrun with rich chinese who drive up the property value there and also have extremely pro-CCP opinions, same thing with New Zealand, Australia, and Britain.

tl;dr, the hyper nationalistic pro-CCP chinese are in basically every western country now, thankfully based japan and s. korea naturally repel them from their land and make sure that they btfo whenever they do some shit retarded in the south china sea.

I can guarantee you that China’s government gives zero fucks what autists on a Cambodian cavepainting board think

dumb meme opinions.

taiwan isn't really a puppet of the US since at basically every opportunity since the early 70's the US has fucked Taiwan over for the PRC at every possible opportunity.

how so?

Cred Forums is ranked as the 69th largest website in US which gives them a good reason to pay attention to this place.

just trade profits obviously. china wont trade with anybody recognizing taiwan at any significant level

>thankfully based japan and s. korea naturally repel them from their land

So then why do they post here?

2% of Chinese know english
Even less know how to write it

So why exactly is the Chinese government focused on an anonymous Cambodian fingerpaiting board? I could be Xi Jinping himself, yet that is meaningless when I am anonymous.

If anything, the paid Japan netouyos who spam this board are the real shills.

Find one source stating that “they” post here.

Until you find one, I’ll let you wallow in your own delusional paranoia.

I don't really know about how CCP distributes their paid shills on the Internet. The thing is I am seeing the same kind of theories defending CCP dictatorship here that I've seen on Chinese forums.


How's the job market in Taiwan ?

Paid shills in our part

yea but that's exactly why taiwan has gotten diplomatically fucked. since there can by international legality only be one china, and since a country or international organization can therefore only recognize the ROC or PRC as china, and therefore as a country, one of the two gets downgraded from being an actual country to being a sort of semi-autonomous anomaly with no voice in geopolitics, and that is usually taiwan.

Do you know how weebs defend the Japanese war crimes and cry about the nukes?

There are sinoboos like that and ex-pats.

The paid shills are almost solely concentrated on Chinese language forums. How the fuck do people who only speak Chinese even influence opinion on english-language websites?

Find a source supporting your claims, or continue wallowing in your delusional paranoia. Not everyone who disagrees with you is your boogeyman.

I’m out of here

It occurred as the 50 yen army retreated. It's collateral damage.

t. shill

>2% of Chinese know english
>Even less know how to write it
Shilling isn't about your own population. You can just force propaganda down their throats via news and education. The point is to convince non-domestic audiences of your bullshit.

>If anything, the paid Japan netouyos who spam this board are the real shills.
99.9% sure they are just mentally I'll and not shills.

how do I get paid for praising china online

you seriously think they care enough? google captcha is already banned there. i's say the number of actual PRC citizens browsing here is extremely low.

>Shilling isn't about your own population. You can just force propaganda down their throats via news and education.
Yeah, American Jews are certainly not controlling all of your media and throwing a ton of money into shaping your mindsets locally. Fuck off you goddamned moron.

The only country I want to take over from America is Canada.

if it's not the jews, it's the prc or the russians or someone else. damn dude, you'll never run out of people to blame for anything.

You need to be trained and get a license from Chinese authority.

It's specifically Jewish owned media pointing the finger at Russia, to detract from people waking up to Jewish manipulation in politics, media, academia, etc.

i'd love to get paid to shit post here. will they take me even if i can read/write mandarin? will soro's take me? can i get a referral link please.

Canada isn't qualified to rule the world though. At least Russia and China have nukes. America rules currently because they have proven that they have nukes and aren't afraid to use them.

We have the reactors and rocketry tech. I think we should build them.

Or wait till a truly incompetent president comes along and annex the areas of the states with the nukes.

I don't think you can actually get paid for shitposting unless you are a Chinese citizen. CCP has never officially admitted that they hired paid shills on the Internet although there are many leaked photos of the training classes and licenses.

So you're like Japan. You have all the necessary prerequisites to become a global superpower, but are too scared to apply for the position because you don't want to get your shit pushed in by America.

I remember that I was surprised at the time of the Beijing Olympic torch relay.
Many groups of Chinese with Chinese flags camed and they occupied roads and plazas.

In Japan, there was some person who was injured.

I learned that a large number of Chinese immigrants will move with a word
from the top of Chinese central government.

I wish that was the reason.

We're just too cheap to spend the money on it for minimal return.

Also the truth is everyone in this country (but me it seems) is content with being "good enough" I absolutely hate that about here. I want to be somewhere where everyone is trying to be the best in the world, I can't take it much longer.

Kek Nepal is incredible pro china weather be it governmental official or normal citizens

That's interesting. Aren't people scared that such a powerful and still growing neighbour may be dangerous in the future?

In fact there is an official name for paid shills of CCP. Their website doesn't seem to be publicity available though.全国网络舆情技能水平考试

Will never not laugh at pro-China/anti-Western posts from euro/north american flags.

Just out of curiosity is it common for people in Taiwan to use mainland China websites and apps? Like WeChat, alibaba, bilibili or zhihu

I LOVE Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go away

Wow, bit rude aren't ya?

It depends. We usually prefer western social networks since Chinese social networks are heavily censored. They don't even allow topics like "Democracy" to be discussed:民主

what should be done about the uncle chang problem?

They make up the vast majority of tourists here, and they buy up a lot of condos. Everyone hates how they behave like chimps, but love the money they bring with them.

>PNG doesn't even take a stance

Taiwan soyboys gna get cucked by CHAD CHINA

You have to go back Zhang

How about you soyboys surrender to the inevitable victory of the one and only China?