Yellow fever thread

Yellow fever thread

Post five images faggot

Is a finn liking japs considered yellow fever?








This is true.

There's a difference between mixing with an inferior race and an equal race.


I don't get this comic. Is she cucking tyrone or is getting in a relationship with the trad roastie and trolling the tradthot worshippers?


>incels think that asians want their loser asses
lmao, even if you got one you would just end up with school shooter children

Tyron supposedly left her, she paid the toll.

Asians with ass, rare but very nais


>CHAD hapa kills all the weak Dan*sh mutts who can't defend themselves
where is the problem?

whiter than you, gonzalez

Fuck whitu piggu!
I never gibe u qt Japanese girls.
They are all national treasures.
I really hate fucking disgusting white pig like Logan Paul.

White pig here, gibe me arr de yerrow pusi pls.

Then stop fapping to anime lolicons and satisfy your women.

lol don't worry pal most jap girls are for jap males

They give themselves


>Yellow fever



We love our brothers and sisters

That's very asian of you

Thank you

kek. pretty good

shiieeeettt das rayciss

>implying these people have sex with anyone

Ayo hol up u raaacist n sheeit? Giv jap gf muh BWC dick!