1.2 male to female ratio in my country

>1.2 male to female ratio in my country
i will unironically be a khhv forever

Isn't it more like 1.5 for 18-25?

Maybe, it just doesn't end

how the fuck is this possible? do you kill your females at birth like some 3rd world shithole?

its not a problem since all swedes are gay

About 100k of our population are immigrants, these immigrants have on average 6-8 children where 5-6 are male

*1 mil

You know what you must do.

> 90.59 males per 100 females
> still no gf

More women for Chad.

I will either kill myself or kill others, it's the only solution

My city has 30% more women than men between 18 and 29. Still single lmao.

how many girls have you spoken with in the last month

Now that you say, i haven't spoken to a girl in ages, my teachers at uni are all male, my friends are all male, the people at my gym are all male, the people who run the grocery store are all male, maybe it's worse than i thought

Stop importing Achmed's

maybe you should search for a cute swedish girl instad of feeling sorry for yourself


What city is that
Asking for a friend

You don't want a Swedish girl. I hate them so fucking much. Dumb as rocks, haven't thought an independent thought i their lives.

Aren't girls like that in every country


Some are slightly worse than others

utrecht, uni bitch city of dutchland

Noice I liked that place anyway.

Yup. That's correct.

>you can only find a partner from your current country

You'll be a KHHV not because of gender ratio but because you're a brainlet that doesn't understand what maximizing possibillity means

>just go to asia
No thanks

>other coutries
>That means ONLY Asia

You simply are too stupid for a relationship, innit?

Why cant you just import russian and ukrainian women?

Idk senpai, I've been to a lot of countries in Europe and Norweigan and Swedish girls are the worst I have ever met. Extremely inflated sense of self-worth, complete lack of humor and depth.

Right now I Iive in Stockholm so the kind of women I meet are a little different from your average girl in the countryside, but they are literally the embodiment of the Captain Sweden meme. I once drunkenly exclaimed that I 'loved all races' a this party I was at with some exchange students and everyone cheered along except for a group of Swedish girls.

Later they pulled me aside and said I ruined the party because I had used the word 'race' inappropriately. I thought they were joking, but one of them even started crying over it. Of course no one of the shitskins or nogs there cared because we were just having a good time.

Sorry about the blogpost, but I have hundreds of stories like these. I fucking hate Swedish girls.

*9.9 mil
We all came from Africa sweetie

Most of your migrants come from countries where the average fertility rate is below 3.

Go use your white privilege in third world shithole. Not a joke, people do that in Thailand and Flippins like all the time. No idea why you shouldnt

achieve enlightenment?

He's not danish he doesn't find animals attractive.

>started crying over it
my sides

Blond girls are a waste anyway

Gothenburg has more females than males though. Sucks to be you