How would your family feel if you brought home an asian girl?

How would your family feel if you brought home an asian girl?



>How would your family feel if you brought home an asian girl?

>oh, you guys finally decided to adopt?
My parents would be excited for another grandchild.

Is there anything more pathetic than yellow fever?

>finally, we thought you were gay



I have twice and its been fine both times

good desu

white fever

Happy that I am not introverted misanthrope

If you get yourself a hot/pretty gf what does it matter the race?

I'm white, my family has told me Asian girls are more traditional and I should marry one, so they would probably be happy.

No and I don't keep shilling for women on Cred Forums

probably happy

get ridiculed till i kms

this, but w/ "THANK GOD you're NOT GAY!"

Your not gay?

Maybe happy, maybe not; when I was a teen, I walked home with an Asian girl, mum saw it and asked me if I'm dating her and said I shouldn't associate with those people. But when I was younger I once bullied a black girl in school and my mother beat me with the wooden spoon and forced me to give her flowers.

>those people
just wow
so that's how it is
"those people"
i'll kill your mother and piss on her corpse
racist bitch

Disown me for racemixing

your mother is a faggot

Why would you get ridiculed?

she's pretty cool

they wouldn't know of any girl, any nationality, and they wouldn't meet my grandchildren until the kids are at least 18 and have their lives together

no she's not
>t. have a mother who went from physical abuse to verbal abuse when I got too big

as long as im happy they wluld be happy. they dont care about race. they wpuld be weird out tho since ive never dated asians or black people

yea but she was mean to asian girls, the men should die but the girls are cute

They'd tease me to no end about it. Call me "Ching Chong" or something like that. They're IRL shitposters. They already know that I draw hentai. They thought it was so funny that they told the extended family about it.


Larping as a non-white.

My parents aren't really racist, but they are very classist. They wouldn't mind a middle class or above foreigner, but they would look askance at me hooking up with poor foreigners ("she's just after our money, son").
Then again this is just what they say, dunno how they would actually react. I never actually brought home anything but local girls, foreigners are for holiday flings.

hey fuck off chink twinks are hot

based mom

They would think its great.

But I find most Asians pretty ugly, with the exception of South East Asians. Wouldn't mind a 5 dollar flip woman.

east asians are known for massage parlors here , aka prostitution
so...not exactly wife materials

My little brother has an Indonesian gf. When you ask how they met he always says he plucked her from a banana tree.

And sometimes he makes monkey noises to call her.

whatever you say

your mother is a dumb slut roastie past expiration date lmao

iunno like pretty proud their shut in son finally stopped being a fucking loser

I brought a brown catalan qt home once, and my family has been Northern French for generations so they probably wouldn't mind


They would be happy that I even managed to bring home a girl

wew, lad, with such a family, no wonder you visit this shitty site.

They were happy, but my dad said there are enough """belgian""" girls aswell later.

t. asian gf