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Fish n chips invented by a Muslim.

White culture is nothing. Brit culture is nothing.

MasyaAllah that's true brother.

May one day Britani accept Sharia


don't even want sex at this point, just want someone to drink wine and watch telly with


if you have a strong opinionm you deserve to be hatted into oblivion

i only have sex as an excuse to cuddle tbqh

This thread is mine by royal /birt/hright


*barges into the thread*
Doctor, I'm here to talk about my shoulders

interesting idea
sounds like a pretty... strong opinion, almost?

is there a more wretched state on earth than north korea? demonstrates the failure of bolshevism remarkably clearly. a land of starving brainwashed midgets. south korea should put them out of their misery.

werent they more successful that south korea until the mid 1980s?

would love a cuddle honestly

emus get CREST'D by cassowaries on the daily mate

Where is Russell Brand on the political spectrum lads? Thats probably where I am

>the tinder match who isn't sure she wants to meet

why even get the app?


this cunt looks like an upside down triangle
bet a slight breeze would knock him over

The question is: can you put a lid on the squid?

I'd honestly be a bit fucking terrified if one of those cunts waltzed up to me

to find people who arent weirdos like you

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it's not that she's ugly, far from it, she's just very cute and not very sexy. Which is very good gf-material just not very good shag-material


the choon


3 girls in 4 weeks lads

thank you tinder



virgins like to attribute all their failures in approaching a woman to some fake playing field like how they texted her or their "game"

sod off

cute maisie

>no black soldiers

bit racist

bizarro radical rorkesheed centrist


me shortly after wanking

bit dangerous

>never got to fly on concorde

seems weird to me that it's North Korea that's all weird and South Korea is relatively normal despite them both being on a peninsula
like how does anything get to normal Korea? is it all by boat?

just fucking toasted the gf lads

hah don draper me

got accused of being too attractive
it’s not a bad thing surely?


Had this exact feel the other. God it must have been peng to take off at Heathrow and land at JFK International before you even took off


You don't need to be a pua mong to know how to not come off as a desperate runt

want to sort this outside pal? x

if you give a northerner £10,000 he will buy 1000 whippets

Can I order dark net stuff to my post office lads

think back twenty years — never foresaw the fat caterpillar becoming such a big thing in the britannic section of a primates’ fleas–picking discussive marketplace of insults.

not scared of giant birds in the slightest, would just grab them by their neck and straight karate kick their bulbous abdomen straight into the nearest tree

simple as

love the way the saffa always makes the new thread says lads and haha sometimes misspells brit haha it's classic haha

no, and even if they were, it's irrelevant now. they have stagnated thanks to crippling ideological flaws and a retarded subhuman system

What's this?

I guess if your role model is a guy who grew up extremely poor and stole a dead guy's identity. Pretty depressing. There's more to life.

>seems weird to me that it's North Korea that's all weird and South Korea is relatively normal despite them both being on a peninsula
>like how does anything get to normal Korea? is it all by boat?

if you give a southern fairy £10,000 he'll be able to finance his london flat for the next three weeks

Nowt wrong with that

getcha whippets, getcha whippets 'ere!
tenner a dog! fresh whippets 'ere!



>getting matched moments after you swipe right(or left?)
>not responding immediately because you're already holding your phone
nah better wait a day or two

how does stuff get the the UK?

shut the fuck up you insufferable virgin cunt

antivirus is going off the charts

>Implying being a virgin is bad
I wish I was one.

breathed through my nose a bit

Business idea: get a load of staffies from animal shelters, stretch their backs and legs out (have a method) and sell them up north in pubs as whippets

Whippets for a tenner is a sound investment you could flip them for way more

got a trim lads

fucking bring it on mate


you essentially are

cock immediately deflates when i try to measure it

I guess if that term is meaningless.

Brighouse spoons, three minutes, be there

actual /brit/

paid £15 for a whippet the other day
broken brexit britain

you are meaningless hush up

worth it's weight in meat 2bh

just take a picture of it without the measure and I'll tell you how big it is

Might just have a nap lol

anyone wanna play ck2?

more like c u ck2

What does /Birt/ think about Jews???


I can't believe you've done this.

not a fan


can we make a /brap/ general?
british, russia, australia, and POOmerica

we can talk about fun things like fat girls and cocaine

is it too late to get in on the whippet gimmick? I actually own a whippet

haha fucking epic!


oh my days just fuck off
no one wants you in this thread and no one wants to share another thread with you

yanks are the biggest beta orbiters on this board

can someone tell me why we even bothered to fight in ww2?
europe is in a death spiral. we allied with judeo bolshevism and our country is now overrun by foreign hordes that hate us. even people in other countries loathe and despise britain over our empire which we lost thanks to the jew puppet churchill

left wing humour is hilarious
there's literally nothing funnier than lampooning the working class and laughing at how uneducated they are

Indifferent, lad. Feel as if antisemitism is a mental disorder.

Do Yanks miss Pan Am or is that before your time? God they were peng, just imagine flying around the world with your fellow rich executive buddies smoking like a chimney and drinking champagne while the starving masses below look upon the chrome fuselage of your spectral chariot making its way across the heavens

fantastic post

they're fucking vile scum and deserve more than mere mockery

wow you seem pretty triggered my poor island friend, are you mad?

Very cute picture

just picked up the ol' footlong meatball marinara, lads

Indeed. If poor and working class voters didn’t exist Trumo would’ve won by double digits and he’d have a Mandate.
Secular Jewish Americans number about 3,000,000, have a median age of 65, and yet they have such disproportionate influence over global politics it’s absurd

more of an air rhodesia man myself

i was born in 94, it would've been before my time even if i was born a decade earlier


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I Don't Care if You Broke Your Elbow

>teehee im bent btw :v



NEED a retro-futuristic pan am international space airline

this is so mentally ill it's disturbing

Would you say the same of this one?
Nice. Reckon we should all strive to be that successful, lad. Shows how far putting emphasis on education and culture really goes.

Honestly??? Your basically the Father of the US. Albeit estranged

is that the girl from that fedora dancing video??

is there anything more pathetic than gayposting twats? you'll never get anywhere near a virile young stud because they want nothing to do with your disgusting body and personality you abhorrent virge mong

No...no I would not.

Why aren't you at work?

would anyone really care if all gypsies were killed?


ha ha my phone is american

Why are Jews so smart is it genetic or more to do with their culture like how Asian parents push their children?

on lunch sitting in my car in lidl car park

Not a bender, but that picture really gave me the IRL hahahas. Funny how two lads can be so comfortable with their sexuality that they're capable of doing such whacky things with one another.

I imagine human rights groups and the UN would have something to say about it
they stole an entire playpark near where I used to live, metal frames and everything

>Jake & Amir
funny, I don't reading anything about this on his blog

gypsies stole the cigarette bin at work for scrap metal haha

Outside of the US they aren’t really. All this talk about Asians & Jews doing so well doesn’t really apply to Europe or South Africa.

used to not understand bigots, thought they were just uneducated or ignorant

then i eventually began to dislike most minority groups the more I learned about them and the more experience I had with them. started with pakis, now it's expanded to blacks, jews, gypsies, gays, chinks and trannies

Our Asians and Jews are very successful here, lad. You being serious?

Just found out the girl with massive chebs who I thought was sacked was actually on holiday.

Shame it's cold so they're covered up.

there basically is no good culture except white British

haha what are they like x

>small brain:
hating blacks and jews
>medium brain:
hating nobody
>large brain:
hating poor people
>quantum brain with lights coming out:
hating japanese and indian people

>experience with jews gypsies and trannies
where do you find them? Jews are the "biggest" of those groups but they are insular and you wouldn't know you're talking to a jew unless you're already in one of the jew groups.

they're literal fucking subhumans

REALLY want to wank but trying to save my testosterone for my job interview tomorrow

and even then I dislike our chav underclass and our consumerist numale lower middle class

I've become too bitter tbqh

Asians do incredibly well here a huge chunk of doctors are Indian/Paki and our private schools are stacked with Chinese

Evens I nap
Odds I play guitar

Funny how Brits try to pass off any criticism onto the working class, then act offended about it. Your middle and upper classes are just as boorish.

aren’t boers just as successful??? Despite having 3 kids per family on average??? You know while Jews and Asians in SA have 0 - 1. Also South Africa does have the most Jews to White Ratio.

online interactions. They're usually batshit insane
There was also one or two when I was doing A levels in college. Just absolute crazy freaks.

I used to be a big fan of Jews tbqh, even had a Jew best mate, I just really began to hate the sneakiness of them. They're clever but they're weaselly little fuckers and the memes about subversiveness are all true. Can't stand them now. Hate duplicitous scheming people

I'd love to kill all the gypsies

I'll have you know I'm not remotely boorish.

t. Tarquin.

Boers live in slums and can’t find work lad

>get fucked by a boy on Saturday
>2 days later he is still making cryptic references to it on instagram that only i will understand
he must have seriously liked me

as for gypsies, there was a council estate full of people descended from travellers in the town I grew up in. They're white niggers basically

good post

So the other 3 million boers are doing badly because 100,000 live in squatter camps???

The 17 year old? Can't know if he's a soyboy til 21

Most non black (and coloured) ethnic groups here are successful. The reason Jews and Asians did so well here is because they faced hardly any discrimination. Don't really think it's all to do with their genetics. Antisemitism was vey much frowned upon from the Boerjode days. So they had a chance to fully flourish here, just like you lads let them in your country. As for birth rates, not quite clued up on it in regards to them, but when it comes to property, politics, medical fields - they're all very much involved, arguably disproportionately.

same here
unironically wish i could've joined the waffen ss now

You are a paedophile, you are a nonce, you're a perv, you're a slot badger, you're a two pin din plug, you're a bush dodger, you're a small bean regarder, you're an unabummer, you're a nut administrator, you're a bent ref, you're the crazy world of Arthur Brown, you're a fence foal, you're a free willy, you're a chimney bottler, you're a bunty man, you're a shrub rocketeer...

c'mon lad leave the trannies out of it

>online interactions
lmao by that metric then through sheer amount of them white british are the worst group, hell the amount of idiots i've argued with in /brit/ is too long to count.

>trannies during your alevels
how fucking underage are you mate, when I was at school it was still edgy to be just gay can't imagine how much bullying would have gone on if you turned up in a skirt.

> the memes about subversiveness are all true.
wut. Not really sure why you think jews are anymore duplicitous than other people. If anything jews are easier to read because they look out for each otherwhere whereas your average british guy is a complete wildcard.

admittably never met a gypsie or at least been aware of it also never set foot on a council estate so I admit that could be sheltered from that

teehee got fucked by a boy, did I mention I was a bender and like getting fucked by men teehee

Israel was also a leading supporter of Apartheid South Africa hence their antsgonistic relationship with Jimmy Carter

Wouldn’t say it’s indicative of a race that’s supposedly superior

wouldnt mind finding out what its like to be on the other side of a dickin, just to understand it and see if prostate orgasms are really that good

*begins my metabolic metamorphosis*

>teehee im bent btw :v

*enters my cosmic cocoon*

I haven't had sex in a year.

>teehee im bent btw :v

You’d be surprised to know the majority of Medical practitioners in all our nations are white Protestants, then White Catholics, with Jews and Asians coming in 3rd. Also muh discrimination isn’t an argument I’m personally well off despite the fact that until about 1975 I wouldn’t be able to get a job outside of CA or NY

>a bunch of manchildren role-playing as real men
borderline worse than Cred Forums saying the wrong side won ww2

Remember when you were almost 30 with no work experience and no university degree and when you decided to fast forward in life but found that all doors had already closed?

If this yankk is seriously trying to suggest that the success of a race depends on how effectively they are able to breed then I’m affraid I’m out



*absconds from this mortal coil*

Why would that be surprising given that the vast majority of the adult population is white?

hey ethiopia

cute :3

*enters the Beyond*

Yes, some crazy stories out of that alliance.
Not sure where you're going with this, lad. I don't buy into the whole genetics thing when it comes to their succes, believe it's more culture than anything.

Which is what you’d expect from a race that is the majority you’d expect the majority to hold a majority of the jobs compare the success of Asians and Jews in proportion to that of blacks and Mexicans and it’s quite impressive how well they’ve done for themselves not just in America but in Europe as well

*ascends to the astral plane*

qt office administrator and official office whore giving me the eye lads, my next move?

*assumes my cosmic form*

taxi drivers fuming because I didn't get in his car


>official office whore
how does one acquire such a title

If I were to meet up with a bint off tinder do you think she would instantly be put off my bad teeth (yellow and crooked) and my height (5'7)?

It's not that trannies are idiots, it's that they're completely nuts. Don't you find it curious that utter cretins of men who spend a lot of time online end up having mental breakdowns and become trannies? Chrischan, Poleaboo, gingers have souls guy? Those are just some recognisable examples, there's loads more. They're some of the worst freaks of the Internet

I'm 21 and grew up in a pretty liberal bubble despite living in the countryside

Trust me, if you've had a long conversation with a Jew about anything political or social, you'd know what I mean. I wasn't even a rorke back then when I started noticing it. And even when it's not political in the slightest, they'll do a very good job of presenting themselves as a victim and guilt you into feeling sorry for them. They're just sneaky mate

Regarding British cuisine, how true is the following statement?

"You have to keep in mind Brits are much like americans in this sense. They eat a bunch of unhealthy disgusting crap all the time and they don't care about quality of their food or fresh produce or anything like that. They also barely have any cuisine except for stuff that they imported ( curry and stuff) and those are sold by pakis. The truth is, you could take a turd and put salt and sugar on it and br*Toids would buy and eat it. Sad but true".

*enters the black maelstrom*

She was in a three year relationship with the training manager. Then cheated on him, a week before getting married, with someone else in the office

Oxford Bender and his fucking nonce gay posting how long till nonce hunters catch him lock him up throw away the key

Just clocked an emu on the bridge over the Darlington by-pass

*crosses into the 9th dimension*

Not true at all. There are far worse cuisine than ours. Danish, Swedish, German, Finnish food all rank worse every year


*becomes existence itself*

absolutely yes, unless she's a rotter herself

A mere 38% of American Adults are WASPS. Only 62.5% are actually European. My point is Suburban/Urban Whites in SA, Europe, and the US are > Jews & Asians. Especially in the US if it wasn’t for Rural retards/working class/poor scum the White population would be the healthiest, and most productive in all of the anglosphere.

reckon all the yanks on Cred Forums who post Falangist stuff are 56% chicanos trying to be proud of their Spanish ancestry lmao

Worried that the gf wont be beautiful when shes older

*transforms into The Thing That Should Not Be*

Parents moved from SA in 1995. Was born 4 years later

Deano meme was just dropped on the albion radio stream with Woes

What the fuck

just shag the daughter you have together


Don't like this leftist deep state that wants to paint the world brown and have a subservient underclass much preferred a right wing deep state

Rural retards aren't as retarded as people make them out to be at least not in the US.

They might not be credentialed but they're often capable people.

Well, it would seem that the average br*Toid does indeed eat a bunch of disgusting trash. Would ye not agree? While there are a lot of top-level British chefs, they mostly seem to cook fusion or other cuisines than British. German and Finnish food might be bad, but Scandinavian food is objectively not.


Didn't know Woes was doing videos, link?

Overheard talk of a ferret in the channel tunnel

wonder if she'd mind, could commit homicide and she'd still love me

I wrote for luck
They sent me you

>being gay

Mental illness. Why would you want to put your penis into a hairy mans anus he shits out of?


she fit?


little bird told me there's a little bird off the A1(M)

Lived in Denmark mate, the food is shit. It's all eel and glug and weird milky rice shit. Again, you've fallen into the trap of thinking Britain is bad because everyone talks about us, because the media you consume is English speaking

They aren’t a net burden you are right. They have a median age of 50, are entirely working class or poor, and about 80% are overweight or obese. That’s my issue they are basically older/smarter versions of Non Whites.

Born too late to get free tuition

Born too early to get free tuition

Born just in time to pay 9 fucking thousand pounds a year

Are people saying otherwise, lad? Reckon most don't think about these things that much, especially down here. If you're white, you're white and you get the job.

did anyone like my story?

completely agree don't understand why would you want to put your penis into a hairy woman's fanny unless it's the sacrifice made to make a baby.

ah yes

yeah it was alri

there's a glimmer of hope lad

Saw that red states actually tend to leach more welfare and and contribute less across the US, even in comparison to states with high illegal immigrants. Vey weird trends in the US, almost hypocritical.

thanks lad

nassims in the wrong thread


Yea but that has more to do with not collecting taxes and holding most of the non white population. Republican voters don’t exist in the under $50,000 income voting range.

Hate rural taxi firms can’t wait for uber to come into my area and destroy these runts livelihoods

*sticks willy into a man's hairy bum*
*cleans poo off willy after finishing*

Ah yes, all very normal.

>"as automation replaces many jobs, climate change hits and more people face balancing employment with social care"

this is one of the stupidest things i've ever seen

Mates just left me a voicemail saying there's a malaysian sun bear stomping about the isle of bute

Then please present to me the following:
>4 solid British dishes that are not disgusting
>Proof that you have fresh produce in your "stores"
>Proof that all your meat and fish is not of poor quality
>A gf

pooed yet?

Dinard or Bremen lads?

t. 55 year old

Hmmm, interesting, lad. You got some recommendations as to where to read up more on this?

They're given welfare for a multitude of reasons beyond simply ensuring their survival for humanitarian reasons.

Also did I confirm your bias Juden??? I said Rural not red states. Suburban & Urban whites are still conservative. Suburban whites are the most conservative out of all 3.

yeah keep it up

I'll do that as soon as you provide more to your cuisine than oily north sea brown and black fish lol

Fish and chips
Sunday roast
Cottage pie
English breakfast

wish i was a punk in the 70s

The Saffer claims to be a conservative and would probably vote Republican if he was American so I assume he's playing devil's advocate tbqh

Just had a lot of real and tangible sex with my girlfriend, who is also real and tangible, lads.

Poos? Nah mate, not the sort of thing I want to be associated, dont even do them

wise beyond your years

Do jfs just live in a cartoon world?

>bridish cuisine is bad because the Simpsons say so
>bridish teeth are bad because family guy

the former gf thought it was funny to kiss me on the cheek but leave a glob of chewing gum threre the vile runt

Restaurants are of a better quality than most European countries not as good as most of the Mediterranean countries but the average British town has better places to eat than the average German town and the average Scandi town

wish I was a skinhead in the 80s

>ywn squat with joe strummer and bang punk slags

Okay br*Toid, I will present my proof to you. You will regret ever having insulted our cuisine.

Number 1: the most iconic Swedish meatballs with unique, locally fresh picked lingonberries. When was the last time you ate lingonberries, br*Toidoid?

every single person on the planet poos regularly

would smack a bird if she did that to me

was about to call you out but then I thought about german and scandinavian cuisine and you might just be right, it's just french and meditteran (as you say) is so far ahead of everyone else

Would heem her into molecules if she did that to me

Meatballs originated from the North German plain. Nice try Lars Al-assad

Find any place in the US. And it’s denographics. Also no recommendations. Now if you want to learn more about income gaps between Left & Right wing voters just look at exit polls from 2016

Number 2: Smörgåsbord with sourdough freshly baked bread and fish straight from the ocean. Scandinavian food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world,

Poor folks have huge marginal propensity to consume while wealthier individuals exhibit the opposite. In a consumer economy like America's, full of disinsentives to saving and fueled by subprime lending, small consumption choices, supported either directly or indirectly by welfare checks and various federally subsidies, are important

Imagine the queen doing a fat steamy poo. Not so royal now, eh, your highness?

fit birds don't

objectively untrue
t. colonostomy bag man

and fish and chips originated with Sephardic Jews

Just reported this post to GCHQ

they do
dont get it

Alri, laddo, will read more into this. Thanks.

Number 3: Dilled Buttermilk, Potato, and Watercress Soup. A comfy warming soup

ah yeah if we throw some colours in and turn the saturation up it looks less grim

In lehmen's terms, what is the meaning of life?

Number 4: fish stew with delicious vegetables, shrimp, oysters, mussles, salmon and others. What better way to stay warm in the NORDIC climate?

I practice tantric pooing and selective poo retention. Amazing for your energy levels and wellbeing.

howling, hoofing and harping

literally just pushed her out of my room
took quite a bit of self control to not thump her as she fell on the floor laughing thinking I was kidding

TIL meatballs, cheese/meat/bread platters, soup and stews were invented by the scandianvians

>Scots Leid


Number 5: a dish that is as much Danish as it is Swedish, maionesse with freshly caught shrimp , lemons and crayfish. A meal fit for a fisherman or a sailor

Can’t shit unless I have a smoke

Time to knock the fags on the heed one thinks

Fucked it mate

Even if you don’t want traditional British food you are never far away from a nice Indian place or Chinese or steak house go to any mid sized Scandi or German town and you’ll find that there is literally fuck all to eat German beer is the biggest meme on earth as well nowhere near ours or the Belgians

*knocks you on the head*

Number 6: the finishing blow against the br*Toids. Biff rydberg, proof that we make beef better than you. The finest grown beef cut in square dices, same with the potatoes, and the onions, divide into three, mix and put raw egg yolk on it. I have presented my arguments, if there is ANY br*Toid here who dares refuse that our cuisine is superior to yours, then go ahead and try.

Don't know if I'm quite a conservative, lad. Have toned down over the years 2bqh. Mayb more of a (((neocon))) than anything.

just as much Spanish as it is Asian as it is Danish as it is Swedish
Mayonnaise is a Spanish invention, and lemons are native to Asia


beef looks quite dry

why do all swedes have autism

>not as good as most of the Mediterranean countries

Even this is a meme, Spanish restaurants are no better

*bellows out a primordial screech*

literally just a prawn cocktail

garbage lad they are

>6000KJ to go
>not sure what to eat
>the daily struggle