Who is your nation's greatest cultural figure?

Who is your nation's greatest cultural figure?

>Mihai Eminescu
>Beta orbiter of some chick
>Wrote about nature and how smart and lonely he is
>his crowning achievement is a long ass poem


Sir Oswel Mosley (same empire same people)

Traian Vuia, protector of Transylvanians

I remember watching an interview of some Romanian saying a Romanian poet is smarter than Einstein and created the theory of relativity.

>cultural figure
>he built a fucking plane

It's not Angus Young?

He also BTFO regățeni

Cultural? As writer, Göthe. Music Bach..or Mozart. Personally, I like Bismarck. He unified the country. Philosophy...Kant,I guess?


How do you say "optimism is cowardice" in German?

He actually supported the union initially, but was disappointed with how it turned out.

He wasn't the only one

Naim Frasheri

Please put a better Meme person there.

Optimismus ist Feigheit.



Adolf Hitler :DD

karl marx

>nas de zici că-i colț de pâine...

That’s not what I meant

You misspelled the name

regățean tipic


hard to pick one desu we had many who were influential at different times and in different spheres

wrong pic

cum spuneam

The theory of relativity is believed to have first been conceived in Sarmizegetuza, the great capital of the Dacian Empire around 17500 BC. This discovery would spark the beginning of the Dacian Space-Age(17000-6500 BC).

Ba Istavan chiar e Ungur? Eu credeam ca e doar un Roman autist.

El parca zicea ca e """german""".

I'm quite sure that The book of Zalmoxis written around 25000 BC already had some notions of the theory of relativity.

Sunt 100% germanic

Eu cred ca esti doar un Bozgor autist, oricum mars inapoi in Ungaria sau Germania.

Nici macar german. Adica un fel de corcitura.

trebuie sa te duci inapoi in g*rmoney, mohamed

Transilvania este casa mea
Singurii care trebuie sa plece sunt invadatorii (regățenii)

De ce nu incerci sa incepi un referendum sa vezi cati oameni din Transilvania sunt de acord cu tine?

Germanii, desi tu probabil esti vreo corcitura maghiaro-tiganeasca, au fost imigranti, n-au ce cauta in Transilvania.

Vlad Tepes