The ancient Egyptians were not black

The ancient Egyptians were not black.

>M-my ancestor?

Is there anyone except for Americans that dispute this?

Yes, a Finn somali on this board is absolutely adamant that they were somali and black.

A somali in Finland, not a Finn somali

He could be some half breed with light diarrhea skin and buck teeth

Hamite on the right, are somalians descendant of that man?

No, they are descended from the Nubians Ramesses saw joy in slaughtering.

Americans are probably the only ones who are unable to process that there are peoples in the world who are either black or white

Ramses II would kill all wewuzers.

Sorry but they were by modern opinion.
They literally show one of them being the same color as the right person. When did I say that Somalis were descendants of Egyprians though??

LMAO I didnt say they were somalis you stupid sack of shit.

>Muh hamites
T. Maghrebi Arab who hates being Arab and got his fake berber identity from Wikipedia.

>arabic-ish people were not black
color me surprised

That's a Somali

North and Horn are both classified as Hamitic

I consider them caucasoids yes even Somalis who are not mixed are caucasoid, black = negroid people.


Are you somali? Have you even questioned whether or not that race theory is correct? Do average people think of you as black or MUH HAMITIC CUSHITIC CAUCASOID? At the end of the day you are black because you have the stereotypical black look which is woolly hair and dark skin.



Somalis are still Black. Having dark skin and coming from Africa = Black.

We know

>except for Americans
You mean African Americans. No one else thinks otherwise.


No. Its something about black americans growing up watching yugioh and dragonball Z and for some reason never gave up their fantasy of being an Egyptian pharoah/ space monkey.
Its the same with white americans, grew up watching pokemon and disney and then grow up to wear furry costumes, playing in ballpits and shitting in litterboxes.
Dumb fucking americans

The 25th Dynasty saw some Nubian Pharaohs, I think that is why this meme exists.