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The only smart burger?

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Bill “redpill” Gates has spent billions on reduction of African birth rates, so he is definitely /our guy/.

This cucklord could have put 30 billion in technological research but no, he instead wastes it on 3rd worlders. I hate him so much.

quite sure he only said that to make cheeto hitler less popular

How about giving a raise to your employees?

Idiot. All the rich people would just leave America if they had to pay higher taxes. Then they would get no taxes.

He's also a complete hypocrite, helping the poor and dying while condemning Europe for not shooting the women and children huddling around our border. So yeah, stupid, no empathy and acting big because he's got money - He's a fully fledged burger alright.

I doubt Microsoft employers complain a lot about wages...

>rich people pay taxes

He gives third worlders free birth control in order to reduce their fertility rates. He also tries to improve their level of human development for the same reason, developed countries have lower birth rates.

>All the rich people would just leave America if they had to pay higher taxes. Then they would get no taxes

Yes, which is why there are no rich people in Sweden and nobody pays taxes. Are you pretending to be retarded?

I do not care. He could have done everything Elon Musk did but 15 years earlier. Bill Gates is a waste.

Elon Musk is a waste and the only people who like him are retarded redditors. Bill “redpill” Gates is a crypto-eugenicist who is trying to save the world from negroid hordes.

Except elon musk haven't done anything

You're dumb racist turd. He's already invested billions in research. He's already improved world's technology. You cannot expect to just throw billions into some research and expect it to work. Anyway, part of his charity actually goes to research.

What happens in Africa is important from a global point of view and improvement there will be an improvement for everyone.

Elon Musk is a meme
Bill Gates is actuall making the world a better place

Many leave for that reason, yes. Back when we created a 70% income tax for the rich lots of traitors jumped ship.

>dude space lmao
t. brainlet

Our species is doomed if overpopulation isn't brought under control. Our resources are already strained to the point that we've unbalanced the environment.

UH? SPACEX???? TESLA?????? OPENAI????????
Fucking brainlets should not exist

you think

Smart management of resources is important. Resource itself is abundant

These are not as revolution or useful as you think


That's just because the West is the only region fully exploiting said resources. Even the West is overpopulated though. We would never have to worry about climate change if there were fewer people.

Still Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world and the best places to live, the economy continues to grow and you do have a budget surplus.

Your point?

you think Bill Gates handpicks every scholarship recipient?

also he helped in the explosion of population in Africa and thus leading to the migration crisis in Europe.

so he is evil because he helps poor people?

He should have gave them birth control instead of providing them with food and vaccines.

That literally what he does and he is critical of both mass migration and handing over food. He is accused of wanting to genocide India and africa because he puts so much emphasis on birth control ans reducing the population of third world countries.

That’s literally what he did though. Vaccines actually reduce birth rates.

His donations of vaccines save a lot of african babies from dying of diseases.