Why are Koreans so beautiful?

Why are Koreans so beautiful?

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had a true korean bf, no plastic surgery AMA

Does Korea have a single masculine role model?

Kim Jong Un.

Surprisingly no soy in the answer yet.
But seriously we eat those everyday. I'm also pretty damn beautiful if you're talking about smooth skins and stuff.


are you the shiny cock man?
love your work, if so

I'm jelly of their flawless skin, I got a good bone structure but I hate my skin quality
What is their secret for such good skin? Make-up?

>good skin
LOL have you literally only seen pictures of asians online?


Asians on average may not have good skin quality but koreans do.

t. actually went in South Korea

Korean "men" wear makeup. That's why they have "flawless skin"

not true.


That is not true
average korean men think make up is gay thing only entertainers do
I just use lotion,sunblock and drink water a lot eat some vegeitable

Is your skin good?

and that is just propaganda of beauty companys
everyone think make up for male is gay

We don't have asians here but I went to universal studios in burgerland and saw some last year. There were two slit eyed girls wearing some harry potter shit and they were 10/10. They looked exactly like they do on the internet.

how beautiful are you from 10 to 10?

Good skin requires adequate hydration. Lowering sugar intake will also help clear it up.

Why are there cracks in the pillar?

that's why we can't have nice things


It's marble. Maybe open your eyes more so you can see?

My Korean gf said that most guys in her old uni wore makeup

Idk, but they also have some top tier daddies

They are not


this italy girl will grow out her taste someday.

can you imagine that boy in that picture being 50 years old bald man.
kek. I know some sorts that acting like a girl on intention to look 'cute' and their behaving is disgusting as hell.

calculating in ratio, it feels like boys are Justin bieber wannabe by 5/10.

Degenerate tier

Why do koreans have all that same stupid haircut ? Do they fear showing their forehead ?


ehm ...

they are perfect
>picrelated my bf

A...are yuo girl?

... n-no

Prastic surgery

You like cute and they have on avarage much more neoteny.

Also they put more effort on avarage into looking good there compared to the west.

you have no taste

proxy 乙

They're slave to trends and follow whatever is in vogue.


Isn't using lotion a part of makeup?

Korea gets dry as fuck in winter
Lotion and hand creams are must

No. Lotion is just skin care. Imo men, specially ones working outside in the sun should be using it.

they're the most superficial country in the world

>'''''''''''''''just'''''''''''''' lotion, sunblock

They are made of plastic.

ridiculous. there isn't a single beautiful race in all of asia

Racist get out.

>good skin

Lai Đại Hàn

god I hate gooks

>What is their secret for such good skin?

Adobe Photoshop


Their penis is smaller than girl's crit.