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>your country
>Ass or tits?

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Legs in their entirety.

you can suck what comes out of tits

Those look disgusting what the fuck man

I am a tits man. "Ass" is literally for homosexuals

well you CAN suck things from ass too

t. Low test soy boi

>he doesn't suck what comes out of an ass

Both, along with hips, legs, face and neck.

Ass is for savages. Tits are for patricians.


Ass (male)

It seems we're assisting the wrong Korea.


Hips & Ass > Tits

How can there be stats for Korea when porn is illegal?

Weeb bf...(best friend(hate fags))

legs are whatre gonna be wrapped around you

Porn is illegal, but that doesn't apply to government officials and their children.
Not an option

Not everything is blocked.

t. just checked


I personally love a chick with a good personally



the kiwi knows whats up, have a picture of an american in his natural habitat

What is though

breasts are the only thing i live for

Tits by far, arse doesn't do much for me.

why is it always americans who post this disgusting shit

I appreciate every part of the female body, pretty sure I could fap to hair or hands if I were very horny

50 / 50
Depends on various things

every now and then there's a gril with a haircut so qt you can fap to it easily

Girl with no tits still can be hot. Girl with no ass can't. But the most important thing of the girl's body is a nose.


Absolutely true.



vagina (ass)


So a Jewish girl?




for me it's the midsection


ass give shit
tits give milk

Tits/waist/hips ratio. A petite skinny-ish girl can be attractive and a bbw can be attractive as long as their ratios and fat distribution are good.


boobs are literally for virgins and ass for chads.

hips,for looks,a sign of fertility
with a curvy ass and a C cup tits

user, some jewish girls are okay but in general, they have horrible noses.

This essentially is perfection.
>implying you wouldn't want a girl with jewish milkers like those

face and figure

No, I don't like her face. But I do like Alison Brie.

it sure is friend

Mommy mommy look my pee pee
Mommy mommy kiss my wee wee
Gimme gimme handy now
Or I will scream and shout