egg edition

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just woke up


love eggs me

This is genuine autist delusion. You would get curbstomped big time by the US, Russia and Eu and practically the whole international community as a whole if you interferes with us, and it’s just never going to happen beyond your autistic fantasies. If the demographics keep shifting in NI a United Ireland will be very likely in the next century.



Cook the man some fucking eggs, bitch!

10/10 post
2/10 post

egon schiele is my man egon schieling is the plan

agree with this post

big willies in my mouth

the gf loves Schiele
we went on a holiday to Vienna together and she showed me all his paintings in an art museum there

well maybe next time

jelly as fuck ngl


is this the thread?

do the people on dragons den even consider the offers made, or are they just looking for screentime and subsequently better offers from smaller investors

the final boss of europe

only one i've ever heard of afterwards was levi roots

pooo waaa

eating an apple lads


this is why britain has a containment general


alri willy poo bum gonna do a wank x

finished my apple lads

What kind was it?

finished my egg lads

fat cunt

braeburn. they're quite big and crunchy at the moment, definitely my top apple pick of the day.


gonna name my daughter Isambard

why lad?


gonna name my daughter egg

Did a normie today
Went to a party
Chatted to some qts
less sad now x

why did you post this image?

was it because I was looking at it only moments ago? Are you inside my head?


good lad

Just think its pretty

Thanks I really appreciate the support x


looks like some dead dude is in the shadow

awful thread

How do we purge the weebs from /ausnz/, lads? It's a fucking disgrace tbqh.

Any of you tried/heard hawaiian baby woodrose seeds?

apparently they're similar to acid and legal here


how do you get them?


They look so Irish

no but I've sniffed some hawaiian baby heads

it's the braindead mong look on their faces that does it

dont rate him

it looks so Irish

literally ebay or other sites

wish they just left his back story alone
it's so contrived

could heem both of them with one hand tied behind my back

never heard of it, looked it up and its ergot in it - something you can get from wheat i think. sure there is some sort of countryside madness associated with it.



seen them live

not the dead one you haven't

he's not dead


He ran away to India sweaty everyone knows this x

bet you a tenner he is

dumb crossposter

Lil Pump, the rapper best known for the hit “Gucci Gang,” was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly firing off a gun inside his San Fernando Valley, California home.

According to news reports, the 17-year-old, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, called the police and claimed three men had attempted to break into his home. He also alleged they shot a single bullet through his front door.

The outlet reported authorities were “immediately suspicious” of Pump’s claims and found the bullet hole was shot from within the house, not outside.

CBS Los Angeles reported he was home alone. Officers served a search warrant on his home and seized cannabis, according to the outlet.

Authorities also allegedly found a .38 Glock handgun in bushes below the apartment.

Pump was booked into the Sylmar Juvenile Hall after being charged with illegal discharge of a firearm, the outlet reported. He is now wearing an ankle bracelet and has since been released, according to reports.

“We got rich lawyers, the best lawyers in the planet,” he told TMZ on Thursday. He also rapped a few bars about Xanax and his Gucci tattoos.

The rapper released his self-titled debut album in October. He co-wrote “Gucci Gang”, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

where he was killed and eaten lad

>What are you talking about Alan we are not perfidious, that's just an ugly stereotype perpetuated by centuries of-

xanax is shit


dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duu dunnn


what is this?

so why aren't you at work?

got to survive the next 6 month of essentially being a NEET

It's 3 in the morning and I'm an arrogant student and I quit my shit tier job x

2212 and I'm up watching Moana :)

love when the 'chon gets depicted on telly


I'm a NEET

I'm a NEET

I'm a NEET.

gonna fuckin kill myself

gonna fuckin kill myself

what song lyrics are these


Radiohead - Neet

fuck off


Like this post if you're reading this in 2018!

most dire, awful thread of the year

sent ;)

do u think we'll have hovercars and robots in the future

like anyone cares what you think you pathetic ugly piece of shit

don’t know how people can force hundreds of women to suck them off and whatnot, still feel a bit predator ish about the time i spent 30 seconds convincing my gf to have sex when i was 16

The percussion on this entire album is right up my alley.

ego, personality, wealth, looks, etc

came within 5 feet of a black person today, almost shat myself

surely ill loose the v soon

>black person

don't count on it

>truth found to be lies
wat do


mm yes mr spotify advert man please continue breathing into the mic and smacking your chops

5G soon lads

5 eggs soon lads

would need a 5G phone first

listening to jamie xx again

Any South African neo cohens here??? Still have one more thing to say

Finally a REAL /brit/ thread

Cut the crap you fucking mong

Why don't you own an iPhone X?

Two and a half hours of toil remain.


don't want an iphone

recognise this grill from somewhere, lads

reckon he's a BTEC wanker and has finished all of his coursework early so he doesn't have anything to do before going to uni

Jesus Christ in the middle of a horrific uni group meeting

Going to name my daughter Islamic bard

I am actually a BTEC wanker but finished 2 years ago lol

any anglosceptic man in?

never had a group meeting
what are they?

Woman on the radio says theres reports of an orangutan terrorising norwich

so why do you have 6 months of NEETdom?

neet neet neet by the the damned

Gr*up Work should be banned

happy with my ching nong ping pong phone

thats no way to talk about youre mum

Never rated BTEC wankers in my school days

Pack of wasters who should have just went to the tech

this is pish mate, maybe if you're eating in some overpriced tourist trap in marbella but the average spanish produce is way cheaper and way better than british and same with the restaurants

Hey South African mong???

the germans should've won ww2

Meeting with a bunch of randomers to do a gay project

You arrive in Hull. The year is 2035, only a few years after the completion of the Northern Powerhouse Project.

you are mum

Only when you have to engage in group tasks do you realize how inefficient a democracy is

Dictatorship is the way forward

>enrolled in a compulsory course on how not to sexually assault people
Could be worse.

Worst of all it's mostly girls so just chatting shit for an entire hour

there's only a few of us on our course so we would always just pair up with each other into two or three groups then smash the project out the evening before the deadline after a pint or two with dinner

it complicated :]

fuhrerprinzip my nigga

university projects were dire I kept getting the woman who fucked i tup the first time round so returned to university at 30 and now takes everything super seriously

I always enjoyed working with the older students. Efficient and no nonsense.

Is the camera on that any good satan? And does it send your data to somewhere in china and randomly install malware like other chinese phones?

need a pagan neofolk fascist goth gf

Don't cal me a mong, you literal fucking niggers.

i'm 30 and going to uni and i'm annoyed by how the runts literally could not care less and take things for granted

the proper mature 50 year olds who came back vocationally maybe, not the "failed university 10 years ago so now back after I had a kid" mothers

>tfw brainlet


Depends on what the girls are like but I find they’re generally more reliable than lads basically had to do the project for the group of lads I was working with last annoying because you need to pass even if no one bothers to put the work in groups are picked at random and I always get put with the wasters

tfw 18 year old uni freshers smarter than 30 year old trihard veterans, pretty dire desu

Rate my sick note for unitoil please lades


>I've been ill with the flu since Friday, which I assumed would clear up by Sunday so I didn't think it was a big deal. But it just keeps getting worse and worse, and now I'm fairly sure I'm going to still be incapacitated until Tuesday and probably Wednesday as well.

>I'll do my best with the biochem work, but its not looking good and there's a solid chance I won't be able to finish it by the deadline. I might be sufficiently better to try and work on it from my bed on Tuesday morning in the best-case scenario, so it might be okay, but I don't know for sure.

>Sorry for the late notice. At first I thought it would pass in 24 hours, and then I tried to email you last night but I kept having really confusing fever dreams where i dreamt that i had already emailed you and... gosh, well, its all been a bit awful really, ha ha ha.

>Lots and lots and lots of apologies,

What do you think?

I'm 25 and amazed how hard 19 year olds work while I still don't give a fuck.

Sorry. Regardless in Cities most of the actual White people you will meet will either be millennials or boomers. In Suburbs most of the white people you will meet will either be Gen Xers or literally children. In rural areas any White people you may meet will likely be a boomer

Look at this fat bastard lads. Hes always fucking there. Always fucking looking at me.

for me, it is the extremely smart late 20s mature male student who's clearly done a lot of drugs in the past, but has turned his life around quite well all things considered

not true
can tell you're a runt
i'm acing every test and paper whilst my runt classmates squabble and squirm

im a weirdo

camera's better than my last phone, although that's not saying much
and I doubt it, I rooted it and installed a fresh rom the day I got it

>ha ha ha.
Don't write that.

tfw called a runt by a yank when had a masters degree at 22 and nearly finished my phd now at 26

dissertation is due in 2 weeks and i haven't even looked at the topic yet

won't you flyyyyy hiiiiiiigh freeeeee birrrrrd yeaah


Oh sweet, which ROM?


never ever buy a chinkphone unless it's Xiaomi

university is for just putting off the inevitable toil

shut the fuck up you cunt

Napoleon was so fucjin based

Actually get a stiffy when I think about France in general

Where the hell is Sargon of Akkad?

been reading since 10pm its 9am considering a wank shower and rest


no need to get salty lad i'm still a loser shit posting on /brit/ just like you



Where the hell is Blaire White?

don’t say this lad haha, i’m 21 and starting uni next year, hope i don’t feel like a grandad

shut the fuck up mate

What are you losers reading? I’m reading Heart of Darkness

>"Tell me about yourself"

What's the best normie way to answer this, I'm a boring person with no hobbies besides lifting and I don't really consider that a hobby cause I don't look like I lift yet

nah you'll be fine
I didn't even know one of my classmates was 30 until he told me one day

history of wolves

Can't read

wot u readin

I got this chink thing coz it was cheap and has a decent battery
as you can tell from my phone history I was reluctant to adopt a smartphone because I liked buttons

Tell them that you like skydiving

Think I'm going to die lads

The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature: From Columba to the Union (until 1707)
Cries Unheard: Why Children Kill: The Story of Mary Bell

perdido street station lad. really enjoying it.

In Cold blood by Truman Capote. Some Mexicans gun down good hearted folk. Is what I’m assuming happened

Mature students are a mixed bag most freshers grow up in seccond year and this is when the mature students get exposed the only reason they do well in first year is because they’ve likely fucked up before and they put their full effort in also have the advantage of not getting spangled on drugs every night in dirty halls of residence the smart freshers grow out of this fairly quickly and as a result leave the mature students in the dust

can't wait to compare test grades with my ~19yo classmate on monday
i know i got at least a 93%
doubt he got higher than that

It was an Irish/Native American 56%er actually

Screen just went not orange

mature students have life experience which translates more easily into a successful career

You lads seeing flashing colours on your monitors? Just went red.

Brothers Karamazov. Seems like Russians have never and will never be happy.

fucking po wank

Is this good? Halftway through Crime and Punishment.

Just had an obscenely peng wank. Time to calm the nerves with a spot of gin methinks

dostovesky could see god in his seizures, he is one of the few russians who has felt happiness

is everybody ready?

Dostoevsky is THE greatest author of all time, Joyce doesn’t come close

I’m also convinced Russia has produced the best literary works of all time


Cool, I want a smartphome with a physical keyboard. Know any good ones?

>good ones?

*murders the fucking mandem*

maybe if you can read russian in translation Joyce is still the best altho even in trannie Dostovesky is top tier

I know of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, any other good Russian authors I should know and their best work?

Finnegans wake blows any Russian depressive out of the water purely as an academic work and mythological peice

bobbing along
bobbing along
on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea

when i say eggy you say weggy

Lol. Our first Non White Vice President WH was a Mestizo from Kansas. Irish dad. Gaelic speaker, and a Comanche wife.


imagine being a pleb like lenin
>On this topic, Lenin’s judgments were made confidentaly, said directly and sharply, without equivocation. Lev Tolstoy: On the one hand: “A mirror of the Russian revolution,” a “spirited man” who “unmasked everyone and everything,” but on the other hand, he was also a “worn-out, hysterical slave to power,” preaching non-resistance to evil. Fedor Dostoevsky: “Vomit-inducing moralization,” “penitent hysteria” (on Crime and Punishment), an “odorous work” (on The Brothers Karamazov and Demons), “clearly reactionary filth… I read it and threw it at the wall” (on Demons).

>10:00 am – 4.30pm assessment day
bit nervous lads, its only a shitty job but last time when asked a question I stuttered for a bit then forgot the question

backpacking in SEA for a year then working at a leisure centre doesn't count as life experience

about 35% of my engineering class is students who've failed the class and are retaking it
so they already have a comprehensive knowledge of the course and everything that will be on the tests and i'm STILL beating their scores


The House of The Dead was v peng


Immigrants have the right to vote for the leader of their new home

Oh fuck off
I agree with your opinions but you need to stop spamming /brit/

Going to sniff some speed to make myself feel less shit I think.

My favorite romantacist author is a Russian, Mikhail Lermontov. Check him out.

*breaks into your house and starts squatting*
wtf I have a say now this is my new home


About 2/3 through. Yeah, it's good. There is some religious moralising but that is to be expected.
Most of the characters illustrate ways you shouldn't live (Ivan, Dmitri, the old man). Alyosha is the main character, he is a good person but kind of a baby.


why do people care so much if someone intervened
democracy is fucking gay lol HH



oh fuck off

Lenin was a runt, but not nearly as much of a pathetic runt as that beady eyed Jew Trotsky. At least Stalin was a man of culture.

Mad cunt stole the thumb of on of the Terracotta Warriors

inb4 he dies mysteriously in prison after getting a Chinese cell mate

based erin poster

Does speed do that for you? Why not just buy some coke

Squatters rights

Stalin was the most uncultured dog. Hitler should have killed him.

Speeds cheaper and no, unless you’re drunk coke/speed will just intensify your feelings of existential dread and paranoia.

Business idea: send the buggers back

there'll be black in the union jack yet


Nah sniffing coke sober is phenomenal if you've got some good music and ciggies

went to a different barbers 'cos my regular one was closed and they cut my hair too short


Not my experience

>One hour and 45 minutes ago
>already has 241 replies

are bongs really talkative or noisy?

Have amassed a worrying fine of £54 from the local library, completely forgot about borrowing them around 6 months ago

Anything I can do to avoid paying?



my local library used to have amnesty days

the library has no authority, they can't arrest you don't worry

You really are a lunatic, lad.

feeling very unholy

move to a county that doesn't have an extradition treaty with your county

popping down to the vape shop
you lads want anything?

When the crypt doors creak
And the tombstones quake
Spooks come out for a singing wake

Burn the library down


>6 months

A new /birt/ thread.

*deletes your cookies*
nothin personnel

I got you senpai


Fuck off chink



I have like $600 worth of fines for not paying tram tickets. They said they would take me to court but nothing has happened. Fully intend to never pay them.

of course it does, speed is a euphoriant

sober coke is fun, sober speed is good if youve something boring to do