Post /comfy/ European Villages

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Post comfy european villages, small towns, etc.

>Pic related, Strasbourg France


Santorin is pretty comfy

Pécs, Hungary



German rural towns are 10/10


I made a better one

Vadstena central Sweden

Lierganes, Spain

>we have nothing nice in finland thanks to the ddr-minded architects who ruined everything after the war


Uppsala, mid-sized town closest to me

Same, we have no comfy towns they're all ugly as fuck

you have forrests and lakes


>they're all ugly as fuck
They seem pretty alright to me

then again we got some real third world looking towns

Another view.

tfw pre war all cities looked like this

Strasbourg is lovely


Forgot exact name of village but its in Horehronie region here in Slovakia


Poiana Horea, Romania

Bit bigger is better, most of the time.


i get rheumatism just by looking at that though

>yfw even Stuttgart looked pretty good





Wtf man?

Turceni, Romania

>looked pretty good
why? how does it looks now? did the refugees ruined your town?


Left is before, right is after.

Well, some mix of (((m*dernists))) and damage done by non-war criminals in the 40s.

Piran Slovenia, Italian and Austrian history

Kartli Georgia

Guimaraes Portugal

Every village is comfy here.

Pic related is the 'centre' of mine.

Barber van is quite funny desu, seems to appear randomly and I think the old blokes in the village get their hair cut there.


Too bad it's just a bunch of commie blocks now.

Cuenca Spain

What about comfy European style villages in Australia?


Brasov Transylvania


Well, everything commies touch turns to shit...

I go back here every few years

Leuven, Beligum

Is it also totally overrun by Russians?
Keep hearing this about Baden-Baden, Karlsbad etc.

I don't think so, Bad Kissingen is pretty small.
It's like a tourist town for older Germans, they drink the water, and the city is known for spas and old people doctors. I think the water tastes terrible.

Poo in loo

Northern Norway


Yeah, just like all the -bad or Bad xxx. ("Bad" means "bath")
Russians really seem to love these places for holidays.

Brest, Belarus




Christmas just makes any place comfy...

Wittmund, Germany (Ostfriesland).

Muh heritage is from here.


Visby on the island of Gotland. My home.

Some of the northern German towns are really comfy.

hold me bros

You can not top this


That corner reminds me a bit of pic related.

absolutely AWFUL HDR

Bad Kissingen ist ugly af though
They totally ruined the place


what the fuck

Maybe you should go to the good Kissingen instead

what about towns in your qt island?

How did they ruin it?


La première photo cest colmar, la deuxième strasbourg, mon ami ^^

yoY live in strasbourg user ,

Wells a couple of weeks ago.

there is no comfier place than home desu








Comfy as fuck

i hope you're memeing because that place is a turboshithole to say the least


That looks pretty Russian, tbqh.




Nice.. looks like Vadstena, Sigtuna, Trosa etc here in sweden.

I agree

Any German anons know of any comfy tier small towns/villages in NRW? I'd like to get out of the city but every town I've been to so far has just been a continuation of the grey, depressing new build sprawl, the only difference being that the buildings aren't as tall and there is some green space between towns.

If I had them on my laptop I'd upload some pics of villages in Thueringen, there were some really nice villages and towns there when I visited.


Quedlingburg is great


Gorlovka .

Hydra Island, Greece

>Bad Kissingen ist ugly af though
>They totally ruined the place

Anybody know what this faggot is talking about?


t. never been to russia

A bit larger but a classic, Heidelberg

I liked those buildings hillside a lot

>was about to say Attendorn (fahter worked there for some time and liked it)
>google for pics
>one of the first ones is "mosque and culture center has been dedicated"

Well, then again we are talking about NRW...

Kazimierz Dolny



Makrinitsa, Greece

don’t you dare tell people about Quedlinburg



I've been to some pretty cosy small villages on Fyn. T. Finn in danmark


pic related Aviles in Asturia


lol all of your gay pics suck. Here have glorious romania

That's the nicest street floor I have ever seen

At first glance I thought that it was some flood, kek.

Fauststadt Staufen


Thank god you send us quite a few of your people that with hard work and dedication manage to bring our shitty cities up to your high standards.

Like heaven...


Lugo, Galicia. You can walk ontop the wall around the city

Well, yeah.. Surely one can find some small jewels here and there, but it's mostly hideous grey/white cubes from the 60s and 70s.
I'll never be able to understand architects like Alvar Aalto and his ilk.



>Well, then again we are talking about NRW...


I'm considering migrating there for work, is it really as comfy as it looks?

>ywn live a quiet life in a small European town.
American from cookie-cutter suburbia here. These pics are making me jealous as fuck.



believe me life can be hell anywhere


post a comfy small tight square from a small village/town in the mountains

Lots of Germans and Scandis
Where are the french, the italian and the brits?

stop building pavement computer-chip cities

There's this tool in google called "size" where you can exclusively search for large pictures, which are usually of much higher quality, you know.


Annecy in France, looks /comfy/


The Classic from Normandy

nice but had maybe a more andalucian or something form cuenca region in mind



We're too fat now for nice cities

>stop building pavement computer-chip cities
It's a miracle if anything gets built at all these days. This includes fixing roads and water supply networks.

? are you serious ?

start doing public transport

That would accomplish little in making our architecture genuinely interesting

Making pretty buildings costs money, and people nowadays are too stingy for pretty, costly buildings

more from france/normandy

It does look like Russian village.

Here's a little seaside suburb of Edinburgh. Very comfy



>these colours
What have you driven this way? It would look nice, if you kept the original colours.

I always tend to miss the nicer towns and villages when I cross the Dutch-German border. Do you have any recommendations for visiting nice towns around in and around NRW?


The colours of the houses in most fishing Hamlets are the colours that the boats where and its a tradition that passes down

Lived in Innsbruck for half a year, comfy!

Kyritz, Brandenburg

>mosque church

After all the Turks did in the Balkans, regarding mosque facilitation, converting one of their boring boxes and knocking down an ugly minaret is the very bottom of what they deserve.

Zakopane, Poland. Small mountain town that's name is literally translated to " buried ".

Wish I lived somewhere extra comfy
Like some comfy Swiss town

Fucking 60s ruined almost all of our town centres...