I don't think we should let muslims into this country; they're religious zealots...

>I don't think we should let muslims into this country; they're religious zealots, they want to make their religious doctrines law, and they're oppressive to minorities and women!
>uh-huh, and what are you?
>an evangelical protestant

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Show me an evangelical protestant terrorist group


abortion clinic bombings

That's a Jewish one



He was Jewish kek

not really a contradiction though, is it? Every religious group thinks theres is right and others are wrong


>following abr*hamic religions



Praise Erlik Khan

Don't you have them in Northern Ireland? Hard line biggoted anti-catholic extremists?

hes called üstengri

wtf i love sharia law now

The difference is that they want to change the social imagery and customs of the host society. There are certain things I agree with them on, but these reforms need to be implemented in a western manner.

That really depends on what people come in though, most want to adjust but there are many barriers put up so they often end up in their own communities rather than wider society

The problem is that these groups will eventually fain political autonomy and eventually political dominance.

Will they though? Political power lies with the wealthy. Are they better at makinng money?

That's dumb as shit. How would they manage to remain autonomous and culturally cohesive? Do you know how hard it is for groups to do that? And groups of immigrants in a long established country, no less. Only way that can happen if there is a bordering country like Russia that they come from and can be taken advantage of by.

The practices of the Islamic faith allow them to do it. It's a brilliantly crafted religion.

>m-muh abortion clinic bombings

These are not a large or widespread enough to be compared to muslim terrorism. The wikipedia article lists only 11 murders from 1993 onwards. A single muslim one has killed more than that. Evangelical protestants are faghots, but at least they're mostly peaceful.

That's dumb we have no evangelists in Europe
And i am atheist and even i admit that muslims being mysoginist and antisemitic is the best part about them. This is not the issue with them. The issue is crime, terrorism, drugs as well as shit nigger culture of rap music and being a retard.

No, they kill the Irish because they're Irish, not because they're Catholic

shots fired

Might want to work on your english instead of coming up with things to hate, frog.


So the muslim-American starts another shit thread?

>speech is not violence
Fuck off back to Cred Forums trumpet piece of shit


I’m an atheist. I just know most christfags in this country have no room to talk.

beware little liberal, you're in for something you wont like

>my chr*stfag ass is on FIRE


>51 stars
Puerto Rico?

accidentally related to what will happen to you heretics, beware


Yankees taking even christianity to the extreme. Truly deserved 9/11.

This but unironically

Islam is easily the stupidest of all religions

>celebrates a religion that was used to buttfuck his people into submission

Really makes you think...

>celebrates a religion
nice interpretation

live an edgy life and receive an edgy afterlife then


I will, thank you. Anything’s better than being an abr*hamic.

Can't argue with that

mostly loos who wither away into toilet paper if you try to photograph them