We need to redistribute wealth

>we need to redistribute wealth

>we don't need to redistribute wealth


>we can redistribute wealth

>redistribution of wealth destroys the eco-
*blocks your path*

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that it'll be underwater in a couple decades, I'd move to Denmark in a heartbeat. Your cunt seems positively fucking delightful.

It's a flat, hot, sandy wasteland full of danes. Literally hell on earth.

It will be a necessity when automation becames sufficient

I wasn't talking to you, Sweden.

>american wont move here
thank god

better all that than full of somalis

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Well, I don't have enough wealth, so we definitely need to redistribute everything.

>everyone should be equally poor

like pottery


>democratizing the economy is stealing from the wealthy

Really made me think

>low taxes on the rich will help the economy, the wealth will trickle down to the lower classes.

What? Wouldn't you like to get more wealth?

>progressive taxation

>wealth redistribution
Are you implying the bourgeoisie gets to keep the means of production and all the people are entitled to is a portion of their wealth? Unacceptable. All of the wealth belongs to the proletariat. We make no compromise on our birth right. Revolution now!

>our birth right
No such thing.

where are you? in the 50's? wake up leaf

Yes there is. That is the whole point of rights. You are born with the human rights as recognized by society and humanity.

Rights don't exist. That's an illusion constructed by everyone around pretending that they exist.

Of course they do. As you yourself admit they are a social construct.

Neither do the world and the reality, it's just synapses in your brain.

>the few should own everything cause they worked hard for it

Yes, it's not real. You can pretend it is while it's profitable for people to think that way.

>let the rich people fuck with us and steal our money, yeah there's nothing wrong with that

Don't see why you're so obtuse. They exist as much as laws do. As much as any human-made system of instructions.

>They exist as much as laws do
Exactly. None of that is real.

>if rich people dont give us their money they are stealing!!!!!1

I'm not saying that at all

>rich people dont give us their money
And how exactly did they come about that money? By working for it? Or by stealing it from the sum total of value made by workers?

nordic countries are among the top 25 freest economies of the world, and the taxes are regressive (that levy the middle and low class more than rich class)

you faggots must be so fun in parties

>bad thing
what is bad is pooverty not unequality

>It will be a necessity when automation becames sufficient
>not owning the robots

I remember a Norwegian saying in a "documentary" that they lost innovation by having a huge public infraestrutura, most of the medical advances came from the US

We need NOD comrades.

>let me tell you about your country
we have progressive tax rate and a huge public sector

fucking BASED holy shit I'm coming over right now

has Norway ever been innovative?


so basically every relevant country in the world is unequal

>its the poor persons fault for not being born with the advantage of a wealth

>you agreed to work for someone instead of forming a business or working alone
>stahp steeling my monies!!!!!1

He meant all of you, he was criticising the welfare state model, especially in regard to medical innovation

>Steal from others or get stolen from. Those are the only options you need in life

>a norwegian: the ultimate source of facts

*takes your means of production*
Work for me or starve to death.

>all you have to do is be the employer

>takes your


>they r poor cuz their 2 lazy 2 work

>and the taxes are regressive (that levy the middle and low class more than rich class)


>we need to make wealth meaningless

>inequality in evitable!!

But in 99% of cases this is absolutely true. Most poor people are lazy as hell.

Satanic trips
Im poor and lazy,can confirm that

>if we take money from the rich and we give it to the state everything will be better!!!11 sure the state carew about the people and they don't follow their personal interests as individuals, the state will solve all of our problems!!!11111

I'm not lazy i'm just autist who can't pass job interview.

They're not though. Productivity is higher than ever worldwide

kek more than you I gess, he was showing his face

Productivity does not equal hard work. The main reason for the increase in productivity is technological improvements

>all men should be rich
>we should take all of the wealth from women

>Most poor people are lazy as hell
t. never worked in in his life

>But in 99% of cases this is absolutely true

Still though. What evidence do you have to offer that poor people, or people in general, are overly lazy?

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