Us Russians will rule the world again and genocide all of you subhuman non slavs

Us Russians will rule the world again and genocide all of you subhuman non slavs.
The bear will rise again

>Us Russians will rule the world again
>80% of russia is an uninhabitable ice berg

Retaking constantinople when?

You're disappearing faster than wh*Tes and you think you can genocide others? Hah!

>130 million

Where did they get these numbers? There are actually about 110 million Russians in the world, even Japanese are more numerous than us.

Lithuania are you ok?

This forecast calls all citizens of Russia russians and according to it population of Russia should be less 13 mln than it actually is.

please remember that us Germans have always been friends of Russian people

>you think you can genocide others?
Muh nukes.

This country tight now is like the Ottoman Empire in it's twilight days. The eastern regions will be taken over by China and by 2050 only the Russian heartland will remain under Moscow's control. Russia's time on Earth as a relevant country is over. We are about to join France, Beitain, Italy and other europeans. The americans are next.

I will make sure that my future volga german children will reign over russia and enslave all slavs, because thats the only way the country can flourish

I'm "Russian" and I'm not a slav.

хaхa, loser

Thinking about going to Belarus to enrich local girls:^)

us russians are the volga germans wh*teboi


No i don't bully people like that.
That's just mean.

Nice try, but you're on the left.

Russian sissies being beaten by strong chechen men is my fetish.

We will end up on top and genocide you instead again, Russians are naturally a slave race, they don't make good leaders.

Why would the Chinese want the Eastern regions? They're useless compared to other areas like the Middle East and North Africa.


>the population of Russians has grown during Stalin rule, despite the War

thats good, racemixing like pic related makes russia a better place, slavs get their punishment for their behavior

Volga germans were just Germans, not Russians

Free resources

wrong we are germans and descendants of atilla the hun, genghis and katharina the great
not one drop of slavshit blood

We needed our Orc slaves numerous and so we bred you.

What happen to gayrope and Afrika?

To be fair you guys pulled some crazy shit when you were actually organized.

you were the jews of cccp

No. Stalin was better than jews.

No, Jews are honorless virgins, we are Chad psychopaths.

Such mixes usually consider themselves russian.

I wonder if all the anti Russian propoganda in the world is a Chinese conspiracy to paint Russia as the irredemable "bad guys" so China can roll over them without anyone doing a thing to stop it.

armenians=volga germans>>>>>>god>>>>>shit>>gruizija>>>>[POWER GAP]>>>ethnic russian slavs

Russia has allies with other countries like INdia and by the time this happens, China's population will be too old to fight and the new generation will be less numerous due to China's family policies.

no they dont
chinese men are virgins, their military is shit

yes but they distance themselves from slavs

poop eyed subhuman out.

They can roll us any time and no one would stop them. But they afraid being stabbed by US during that.

We do like oil...

slavs seething

They phased it out recently though so hyptothetically their fighting force will be fine in 20-30 years which would be about the timeline for an invasion like this.