How do we make INT straight again?

How do we make INT straight again?



>I'll take this thread seriously.

If you're referring to the influx of fagposting, just ignore them. Ignore their comments,
ignore their threads. Especially their threads. It won't stop them but at least you're
not bumping their threads/giving them attention.

why are the jannies allowing them to continue posting?

there are no jannies on Cred Forums

This Tbh

Mod is a fujoshi (girl)

I wish I knew. Maybe is right. I've seen nsfw threads lasting hours.
I don't know why they allow content not related to languages, culture, etc. to stay here.
Wanting to fuck a Finish fag is out of subject. Yet, the threads remain. Themed boards
are there for a reason.

I tried browsing /biz/ a while back but there were so many pictures of girls there it made me feel uncomfortable

By the way, lovely image.

you just described the appeal of Cred Forums
hideous, off-topic shit is what keeps the normalfags out

we should remove global rule 15

But still, I believe that the boards should keep to their topics.
What's the fun in having rampant gay-posting on every board you go, for example?

oh dear... quite pungent yes. it *sniff* stings the eye a little

By banning anime. That suit also causes pedophillia.

Is it tucked?

yes my dear, quite pungent indeed... curry for dinner i wager?

Why is it always animeposters the ones that gaypost? could it be that anime makes you gay?

Its just a puffy vagina.

Can someone just trannypost already?

browsing pornhub, POV, Latinas

Get the fuck out then

I'd say restrict gay-posting to some boards only.

that, or gays are more likely to be attracted to anime.

i recognize the reference

want sum fucc then bby?

Gay erp circlejerks do not keep out normalfags at all. It provides an example of an unmoderated and offtopic space on the board and gives normalfags who come here for the country based chatrooms an even greater sense of validation.

All males are lolicons. Those who aren't are homosexuals, dishonest and afraid of their sexuality or those few men who have a fetish for females beyond their evolutionary prime.
Don't even try to argue it, every other sexually reproducing species on the planet follows the same desire to have sex with the youngest sexually available female. The whole "paedophilia" and "hebephilia" distinctions are recent pyschobabble which have begun to be changed and will eventually be removed from the DSM entirely. Men are not attracted to arbitrary numbers and the diffrence between a 10~12 year old girl undergoing menses and a 10~12 who is not is not completely undermines the tradcon religious bullshit which was forced into psychology only a few decades ago.

I am not even surprised that you are pedophile you leftist liberal drug user scum

There is nothing gay about wanting a large cock in your ass.





sauce asap

I fucking hate this place.

i want to eat her period blood

Britney S



eyes too tiny
I like big eyes

>on my Cred Forums