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Terminate females.


dumb weeb


you will always be a saru

And you'll be always a chankoro



its trumps day and you're all sleeping late..


>im up



hate drumpf desu heil hillary


what did he mean by this

how tall are you ?

177 cm








>Weather channel just gave a no travel advisory for Rapid City
>tfw no work

no anime


anime YES

weebs OUT



just a german banned
god bless the jannies


Espoo what's the coldest weather you've ever gotten

-32C at my parents place

You got me beat out by four degree Celsius
I got -28C during one of my shifts where I had to work outside
It was pretty meme

it's so far from what i know i actually can't imagine what it's like

lmao get fucked snowniggers
Lowest temperature I've had here was 13 degrees, feels good living in a tropical country

winters are great because the refugees have been leaving due to it

how is that good you ape

Coldlets. It got down to -45 in my neck of the woods a few months ago.

If you have shitty gloves it'll take a little bit for feeling to return to your hands if you run it under hot water
For me my cheekbones also start hurting alot

The hottest temperature I've ever had was 43C in the same city, same job where I was working outside

That is a deeply troubling number

quite amazing how you get used to cold and its like your feet have frozen and have no feel for cold anymore

>it'll take a little bit for feeling to return to your hands if you run it under hot water
uh ? i don't understand

I'm at roughly the same latitude as Southern France

You can't feel scolding hot water if you've been working with shitty gloves in that kind of cold weather

I hate it when you go inside for a bit and warm up just enough to feel and then go back outside
Terrible feeling, I'd rather have to deal with the hypothermia than endure freezing and thawing

tfw can't remember the winters of mother russia


It's the worst when you're trying to warm your hands by a fire and you can't tell how hot it is until your gloves start shrinking because of the heat.

Come home, Slav man.

Or when you accidentally lick your lips and then if feels as if your skin is falling off

Did you ever try licking a pole when you were a kid? I fell for that meme when I was like 12.

No because I saw an injun kid do it and he went to the hospital

Lolwut. I just leaned back and tore off a few taste buds. What happened to his tongue that he had to go to the hospital?

>I'm at roughly the same latitude as Southern France
wtf it's true
This is weird

What happened ?
does your tongue really stick on ?

yeah it freezes onto the metal

Yes, and it's horrifying. Tongues are meant to stay firmly inside your body.

He leaned back and it must've tore off a layer of his tongue because he spat blood for a few minutes before the ambulance showed up

Granted it was like -2 out

there are some things can be done with tongues though


Yes, 44 Lat

Count your blessings because if it wasn't for the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico Europe would be Siberian


why ?

Currents from the south carry heat and keep your air warmer than it would be otherwise. Same reason coastal B.C is basically New Zealand tier weather.

Water currents bring the warm water generated within the subtropics of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea up to the English Channel and the Western half of Europe, the Mediterranean also generates warmth which is moved by water currents which is why it's so warm there


stupid fuck, why would you want /djt/ here

goddamn stupid finnish cunt. stupid fucking nigger cock gobbling faggot cunt



this is it
/fr/ is a fucking shithole
not going there forever
why don't Cred Forumstards just stay in their fucking board ?


>why don't spergs recognize the importance of boundaries
what are they doing



What happens to homeless people and stray animals when it snows? Do people find dead animals buried in the snow often?

homeless people sometimes shelter in churches, idk about the animals

seems nice

Homeless people go to shelters or hide in caves
Animals will burrow up in places like underneath sheds or in caves

I haven't seen any dead animals from winter because most hibernate or migrate, though I do see deer who got hit by cars getting buried under snow every now and then

should've woken up earlier and said that no when i asked, its fucking domalnd dumblets birthday and you sleep the whole day away??


>when a Y*nkee calls a gnat a "no see 'um"

>no see 'um
A what

they do?

they say it in Green Mile

but that's set in Mississippi or something

they still call the shit that comes out of John's mouth noseeums

I can't find any autism maps about where people say it or don't say it
I've never heard it here though

Everyone up here calls them gnats

we call them gnats here too

maybe it's just something that le horror man ecksDee added in because he's a fucking yank

The Rhine is the natural border of France

Holy shit another human out here in SD

Wow I've never heard that one before



East river or west river

East river


Hope you like snow bud cuz there is a lot coming your way

and I work grave

since when do you make sense

I've always hated Germans

Wrong. France shouldn't exist.

love germans america fought on the wrong side desu

Both rude.

Wish Patton hadn't gotten kike'd so we could crush the commies once and for all

during ww1 maybe

Thanks Alberta

More western Canadians need to be musicians.

>transplanted three bigass shrubs

now i drink bourbon


also /midwest/ because I like this one

the sales tax is theft
alcohol and tobacco taxes are theft

Southern US? texas?


Music of the Dakotas



yes hello

all tax is theft*

ozarkan music (rare as fuck i only know of these two ;_;)



>rememberu the Aramo


texas 暑いね、見たら、今24℃ある

fuck I wish this were me

I wish you would die

I like it better when you post about religion and misaligned fight sticks.

I like it better when he doesn't post

people sperg about both of those topics anyway though

But they have substance at least.
Twerking is just universally despised in every way.

posting melanin enriched ebony queens has substance

i don't like african girls

>posting melanin enriched ebony queens has substance


kill yourself


all me

Califriend. I see potential in you. I'm trying to make you better.
But you need to cooperate with me


I will minimize the ebony queen posting, just for you and that adorable oc, albert

It's a start.

stop posting altogether

>I will stop the ebony queen posting*

>we will never be free of this low quality posting
༼ つ _ ༽つ

don't be crazy alright

let's move to cripplechan then

>the eyes disappeared


That's some uncanny valley nonsense right there

is this that high quality southern posting I hear so much about



abortion should be punishable by death

i actually believed him until he ate them

Me too.

tell me about the Métis
What are they like ?
are they any relevant ?

What if the baby is going to be fucking retarded and a burden on the world, denied any semblance of a happy, normal life?

I didn't stutter you fucking mongoloid

>What are they like ?
Pretty much how you'd expect. They're basically Injuns that have experience in the real world and have less of a reliance on the reservation system. Much less crime and drunkenness among their group afaik.
>are they any relevant ?
About as relevant as the other indigenous groups here. They seem more politically active than purebloods though.

Thank you for your invitation.


welcome bud

cajun food is the finest in the south :D

Great. I hope to find Cajun restaurant here.

Do Cajuns speak French?


Most cajuns can speak some french, but I'm not sure how many would be fluent speakers.
They might just be the strangest people in the south, but god damn they can cook some good food. Its not difficult to make either.


They speak a twisted version of it


listen to bud, its pretty damn good

i either love cajun music or hate it, but so far this is all great

also does it bear any resemblance to french folk music?

Thanks. I heard they are depicted as very unfriendly and hostile people in some movies. They pursue the main characters in jungle and try to kill them all.

>also does it bear any resemblance to french folk music?
no it definitely is american music

They're more reclusive, they hide out in their swamps and don't really bother anybody

They didn't even fight for either side in the civil war

I need it lad

Most younger people don't speak the language anymore. It's really just the older folk carrying down the traditions.

t.cajun boi

RED beans and RICE

yeah that's about what we've heard from the other louisianans

damn shame

i don't think i could handle the spices in the cajun food


you'll like it the more you eat it

Do you speak it ?

Barely. I've learned a few words here and there but there's no real point to getting fluent.

Is Cajun food more or less spicy than Mexican food?

right coming from you

at least I'm not scared of pepper


its more zesty than spicy

the base instead of mirepoix is onion, bell pepper, and celery (plus garlic 90% of the time), then its thickened with a dark dark dark roux for nice toasty flavor

then you add as much hot sauce and cajun seasoning as you like

about the same

in that at the restaurant its tame, but if youre in a cajun/mexican home they dont care if you can't handle the heat

your english is cute Var


Hmm. Looks like I'll have to try making some of that stuff. Looks good.

y-z-ont volé mon traîneau
y-z-ont volé mon traîneau cher

It's a mistake anyone could have made shut up


I didn't make any mistake there

why do they serve their chicken on bread? so it absorbs the sauce?

I think he's flirting with you.

High quality post. More like these pls.


plain whitebread tends to be a meat delivery system in the south, like the trencher bread of medieval Europe, another notable example is bbq, the finest pulled pork in the south is often served on plain whitebread because it adds virtually nothing and thus detracts nothing from the flawlessness of the meat

how about west indian chicken wings? is this high quality

Food discussion is always high quality. Only southern food is allowed for image dumps tho.

vocaroo.com/i/s0keCeeEX0hE have a good week dixieland

i have an indian buddy who made chicken wings marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger, green chili, and garam masala

he grilled em up and good god those were some of the best wings i've ever eaten in my life

he tried making cajun food the other day and he called me up to ask my advice

"hey plantway ive added in a cinnamon stick, some cardamom, and some ginger in with the oil and the vegetables"
"ok bud that sounds interesting but i dont think its cajun food anymore"

>he texted me twenty minutes later saying he'd spilled the scorching hot roux (flour + oil/butter) on himself
can't imagine the burn from that... lawdie

great fucking post finnbro

Are you drunk again

is that you ?

Idk why, but this story and the way you typed it is really comfy. other than your friend being burned

Ever had gumbo with potato salad. That's as cajun as it gets bud

the answer to both of those questions is yes

have some more vocaroo.com/i/s11iOP4to1SP

god bless


yeah. I used to post here almost daily, but not so much anymore, so I'm not the usual finnbro

you have a deep voice and no accent i'm jealous wtf

>food posting/stories and singing southern songs
does it get any comfier

Sing this pls

yee i havent talked to him since so idk how bad it was, it was last week :o

afraid not, i love me some gumbo though, im from arkansas and louisiana is by far my favorite neighbor

yee YEE

and come by more often bud, you're more than welcome

only when you aren't here


this is peak comf

hush you this is a VERY good thread

hao di patunah

bet congay sounds like a fag

He sounds suicidal

I do not

I have an accent, don't worry

vocaroo.com/i/s1vrmf08ZBaK there you go

thanks bud

Did he post a vocaroo ?


I've been talking to him and his bf

Yes you do
You sound like every time you talk it's with bags under your eyes


Thank you based Finnman


did you save the song i sang that one time i was drunk about the ship called no worries

Ye. Should I post it?

yes pls i was thinking about it the other day

You're welcome buddy, I'm just glad to be conversing with y'all

I want to play the accordion

*the skin flute

Ignore my abhorrent chording.

You should come here more often. You're friendly.

i want to play violon

i distinctly remember singing it twice and the first one was slightly better but there was some shit in the background or somehting

this shit makes me miss turkbud i want him to be comfy with us ;_;

I'll stop by if I'm browsing the internet. Just seems like there isn't much time for that these days.

I'll see if I can buy him a VPN

Cajun food is the best thing about Dixie

*I REALLY want to play the skinflute

Where has he gone? Last time I posted, before tonight, he was still posting here all the time.

hope he doesn't kill himself without us to talk to lel

More like
Give us Turkbud back you monster

Government ban on Cred Forums in Turkey.

the food and the music are what set the south apart


turkey's government banned Cred Forums ;_;

I hate Dixie but I love the food

lame and predictable

stop answering gay shit to me everytime what the fuck

That's fucking weird. Didn't think Cred Forums was big enough of a deal out there to even merit any government attention, let alone any sort of a ban.


thanks for posting this, I was looking for it for a while but couldn't remember the name

Went to the dentist today.

redcuck penman

how'd it turn out


howd it go bud
dont make me start bullying you
hello japan :D


Is here nerd thread?

/dixie/ a comfy



yee YEE

you are literally the first korean ever to post in /dixie/

have this meme from 2008, it's aged finely for 10 years

we try, its a really comfy thread tonight tho :3

how are you malaybro

>you are literally the first korean ever to post in /dixie/

It was fine. Last time, they told me about pic related, which is 100x easier than flossing. My gums were a lot better this time. I have no idea why more people don't know about them, they're fantastic.

I just use those floss sticks that are shaped like an F


50x easier than regular floss. This is 100x.

Is that so. So they are peaceful people. Urban residents like to imagine of people of rural area like crazies or monsters.

im drunk was for you

My teeth are way too close to each other to use those. But the only problem I've had in a long time are my "wisdom teeth", right now I have a huge infection in my mouth thanks to one and I really don't want to go to the dentist because of it since they'll tear it out and slice my mouth open to get rid of it.

always like this when it shows up on /wsg/

I still have all my wisdom teeth. Dentists in the US recommend getting them out as early as possible, but everywhere else in the world they wait until they actually cause problems, since they don't always. I told my dentist I'm sticking with the rest of the world on that one.

they took all four of mine out and I looked like a chipmunk for a solid week because of the swelling

Were you knocked out for it or nah?

i'm good, i'm good
thanks for asking

its 10am here and i'm grocery shopping with the family, cheers

yeah. don't really like anesthesia desu

Yeah, I'd rather be awake for it if I ever have to have mine out.

sounds nice, its about 8pm here

im sitting in a comfy chair drinking bourbon, so cheers indeed


Neo-medieval America when?

Never because all the good American architects were murdered by postmodernist McMansion-makers