Sweden yes?

Is it just me or do these girls look very Swedish? It looks to me like this picture was taken at a Swedish university.

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Could be, but could be Finnish as well desu. I saw a blonde with a huge ass just like that today at uni so you might be right Pekka

Could be Finnish too, you're right.

Nah, they look like British slags.

Brithobbits don't look like this.

Yeah, that bong brow


They'd pass as locals desu. Except maybe for the one in the back.

middle one looks like an immigrant

>user, what are you doing with your phone?

idk they're all white, who cares

The facial structure on grey pants girl is not Swedish or Finnish. I'd say maybe a slavshit or some other immigrant

Those eyebrows are really popular here. Britslags are a lot uglier and less blonde.

Agreed there.

>and less blonde.
It's pretty fucking clear that they've dyed their hair

All of them look Southern European, not white in the slightest

If you've ever spent any time in Italy or Spain you'd know what a retard you sound like.

This is from southern Finland, maybe Turku. The one on the left is eastern finnish phenotype, while the blonds are fennoswedes. The one on the right is an exhange student from germany.

t. race-pro

look at that brapper


t. assburger


I have a degree in anthropology. Trust me to know the subleties of finnish phenotypes.

You upset that I used the term slavshit? I meant no offense to russians, it's more likely she is a poleshit or something like that.

The one on the left looks like Maria Ferm

I have a degree in racial biology from the university of Lund. I must concur with your analysis. Did you study under Herman Lundborg too, by any chance? He's a great teacher.


onle 2D bond girls are real swedes

The one on the left could be a Finland-Swede Lappid from the same area as Tim Sparv

Indeed, there seems to be some Lapp admixture there.

>Herman Lundborg

What a well mannered and most insightful gentleman and a scholar.

Why are you so xenophobic?


I am Transylvanian

Bottom pic

Also that map is incorrect, Transylvania was never conquered by the Ottomans

OK then. I thought you may think we are Slavs, but we are Finno-Mongols actually.

Good for you Sandu Ciorbă, now move along, this is a thread for the academic discussion of the varieties of Nordic phenotypes.

Neither was Moldova nor Valahia but what do you expect from maps made by internet historians

Why do you think lad? I don't mind Romanians though.

The one on the left with dark hair could be just as easily Finnish or Swedish but these are maybe the only options and we must rule Balts and other Germans out

Transylvania is Germanic

This specimen is interesting. Our subject is:
Raised in Sweden
Possible Swedish admixture
Likely feelings of confusion in regards to heritage and loyalty ( Finland or Sweden, traitor or loyal).
What would you say we classify him as?

>we must rule Balts and other Germans out
Why should we? As I already stated in my analysis the one on the right is clearly a german exhange student.

Dear lord that buttocks...

how can asian wymen even compete?

the bouncer phenotype, the look is dominating enough to control drunk people

Fucking whitoid scum

A German exchange student indeed. Or a spy? How can we know? What we see is a slightly recessed chin, evidence that this is a person who is unreliable, not to be trusted. The nose is crooked, not of Nordic character. Possible jew admixture from merchants in Germany? It would not be audacious to speculate that there is jewish admixture there. What secrets hides in that big forehead?

Full Finn or half Asian?

Full finn, maybe some Saami admixture. High cheekbones + makeup make her facial features seem more robust than they are.

>Ola Toivonen

The wikipedia article suggests that only his father is of finnic genetics while his mother is swedish. Clearly we can not condone such savage forms of racial mixing and I think we should classify he as neither nationality. Mixed genetics and culture creates unloyalty that compromises the issue of national pride. I suggest we let him live in both nations without the possibility for high governmental positions or representing neither nations on international level in that ball kicking practice.

LOL she looks full-on mongoloid here instagram.com/p/BdaJtZ6guMo/?taken-by=emmilonae
Nice try with the camera angles, cheeky bitch!

I concur with the swedish scholar. Clearly finnish with the possibility of saami genetics.

Funny how you omitted the part about how Sw*des got BTFO'd by russians

Animu grills with guns make me go into hysterics. Love 'em

What is up with Finnish women and weird fucking eyebrows

Is this a meme? or are Nordic/Scandis this dialed into subtle racial characteristics/differences? Just sort of hard to imagine pulling this off in muttland

This is basic racial analysis that we performed in this thread. When you turn 12 you get to pick either a third language ( aside from English and Swedish for Swedes, and English or Finnish for Finns). You can also pick to specialize in math, or the more common racial biology. You get to pick either 3rd language, extra math or racial biology for the purpose of racial hygiene. Most kids pick RB.

That's because you're mutts. In Europe all regions look different.

Finnish people look deformed, norwegian people look like trolls, swedish people look like faggots and danish people look like inbreds

Give it a few decades and the (((EU))) will give us the beige revolution.

>scandi "education"
If I wanted to learn about muh skin shit I would pick anthropology.

Surprisingly accurate, kamelåsådreng.


> anthro

Are you a furry or something?

It's just Cred Forums bullshit. Enjoy

huge ass looks jewish to me

Very good post.

We look deformed because we are inbred

No it's because you're Slavs

Haplogroups says otherwise.

They look like swedish highschool students.

I have small penis.

We be Baltic (or Balts are us)
Major haplogroup in Finland? N.
Major haplogroup in Estonia? N.
Major haplogroup in Latvia? N.
Major haplogroup in Lithuania? N.

So do I.

Wrong. She doesn't look slavic at all. Looks more like a typical mongrelized Ingrid.

> BaltiCUM

Also Finns are 1/3 germanic.


It's not even in Europe probably

Pot calling kettle black.

Pic related is Swedish general meet up.


I have nothing to do with those autists

No the facial structure is not scandi.

they look surprisingly short for swedes

They are still swedes

It's clearly Baltic.

They look like Slavs to me

Jaw is too soft, unless he's 6'5 he's no bouncer.

how do swedes look?

You'd know if you were a Swede


bad answer

w-w-we're better than anglos , h-honestly

Either flat faced or arrow-jawed with more horizontal brows.

>tfw flat-faced
this might be true

No, I am not Nordic at all and all Norwegians assume I am Norwegian until they hear my name.

flat face is adaption it's a reduction based on climate


90% certain these are brit slags, and from the looks of them i'd say liverpuddlians

I'd chew up her Swedish fish any time.

good post