Do you think Varg lurks Cred Forums?

Do you think Varg lurks Cred Forums?

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only his image manager

Yeah, he uses Cred Forums memes quite often.

>mentioned the 56% meme in his video
Who knows tho

His best work was Filosofem. Otherwise not a particularly gifted artist.

i also liked Belus


well, he is a neet autist so probably

hvis lyset tar oss is godtier

He fag-posts on /r9k/

>like to LARP
>obsessed with race
>has political and ideological views that would be considered borderline insane in the real world
he fits the profile alright

He autistically shills his shitty TTRPG over on /tg/ every couple of weeks/months. You can tell its him because he always starts the tread with the same basic question. You would think he'd start switching up the formula after he started getting called out on it, but no.

Absolutely, he would love to see all these retards stroke his ego.

are these not in Filosofem? good stuff though:

bump for Varg

Probably. I don't think he necessarily needs to come here to pick up the memes and the lingo, because people spam that shit in his comment section.

I think perdiepie is


I love that man.
It's worth listening to what he has to say.

Marie probably does it for him mostly. since Nepalese cartoon boards degenerate the Aryan male mind.

No. I think he scorns you

>the comment section
he defends himself in the fucking comments

Its where he keeps in touch with the meme world, where he gets his ideas for videos from and where he gets the news from.
He shitposts as well, he feeds his 7 kids by shitposting.
Its why he is aging so fast




Oh hi Varg

its Macron

I don't get it why this video has so many views

>he feeds his 7 kids by shitposting

Fucking autist.



>the absolute state of that font rendering

honestly i never liked burzum, it's about as complicated as punk but with none of the energy or novelty, it's just d-tier shit and people only listen to it because he burned down churches and murdered a better musician

>people only listen to it because [...]
Nah, I listen to *some* Burzum songs because they're unironically good. Not every song is, though, and that goes for most BM (that I frequent anyway).

No one like EVERYTHING a band or artist does all the time, save for very rare instances, but even then they like some things a little more or less than others.

You need the blood of Odin to experience it rushing through your body

what if I'm english

Look at this comment section and tell me