Embraer EMB-110P1 ZS-NVB edition

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In 1913, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito and Freud all lived within a few miles of each other in Vienna, and were all patrons of the Café Central coffeehouse (Hitler and Trotsky were regulars).

>tfw you'll never live in pre-war Austro-Hungarian Empire

cant stop wanking to sissy porn x

Discussing literature is one of /brit/s personal high points

Discussing poos, EPIC sjw feminists DESTROYED videos, Sargon of Akkad and aggressive action posting is the lowest of the low

>The Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia is a twin-turboprop commuter airliner, produced by Embraer of Brazil.

completely fucking random edition

any prossie using man in
how awkward is it

got nowhere to do drugs

What shall I say lads?

I got soooooo wasted last night with Cregg. We each had 2 glasses of whiskey.

Sounds comfy, lad. Wonder how different things would have turned out if all 5 met for coffee by chance and talked about their political beliefs/ideologies. Hmm, one can never truly know, can they?

Just cuff yourself now because she’s a decoy for pedo hunters yorkshire

send bobs

shockingly early


do you like my photo lads

why don't you do them in a bin you wasteman

20 and doing a masters in Psychology

not really

Would shag Ella Hughes if were a wealthier man

what camera/lens/filter

>yanks pronounce greg as grayg


You don’t want to date a psychologist, unmatch NOW before she attempts to analyze you and sees your true, autistic self

mad how well gta 4 holds up after 10 years

it's more like greeg

the most based black man

don't like rangas

Leica 40mm, by the looks of it. Probably an ND3 filter, if any.

a ricoh R1 and Kodak Tri X film

It's even worse when someone is named Craig and they pronounce it Greg

kregg actually

peng. where do you get them developed?

>a race-mixing degenerate

Probably wants to use you for a case study on autistic nonces.

There's an interesting anecdote involving Trotsky there.

When Victor Adler objected to Count Berchtold, foreign minister of Austria-Hungary, that war would provoke revolution in Russia, even if not in the Habsburg monarchy, he replied: "And who will lead this revolution? Perhaps Mr. Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) sitting over there at the Cafe Central?" Maybe Hitler overheard Trotsky's revolutionary ramblings and that's where he got his antisemitism and antibolshevism from, who knows.

The café was apparently known for being a "chess school" (Die Schachhochschule) because it was popular for patrons to play chess on the first floor.

>leica 40mm

do you know me personally lad

>10 year old game
>still over $20
don't rate this




Seems like a comfy time
Wish America had a coffee shop culture where people just sit all day



bought hitman, hitman absolution, and hitman blood money for $35 lads. quite a steal if you ask me.

Anyone here seen Homeland yet?

Surprisingly informative about lobsters

Can I make the purchase about you?

tired of being influenced / brainwashed simple as

Only played 2016 but it's cracking

That explains a lot of shitposting I saw on Cred Forums earlier


they do in New York

>fuck what you think, because your room is messy
Canadians, everyone.

This is what 101% of women are like smdh

big fan of stealth games me

In 30 years they'll be talking about how Dave, Brian, Liam and Ryan all visited /Brit/

it's actually insane how handsome jimi hendrix was

who the fuck is Brian

>5 years since breaking bad ended

what is this stupid yank tripe
fuck off

This whore of babylons offspring is corrupting a whole generation of women

Not significantly
Coffee culture in North America is mostly a fast food type thing

Imagine, 100 years from now, the last surviving /brit/posters meeting up to discuss the good old days.


Watched the first episode, they censored a pair of boobs but kept in all the swearing, murder and meth stuff.

Didn't watch the second

>Dave, Brian
these are really bad gimmicks that are being forced by 1 person
i dont even think brian is a gimmick

Hate celebrity worship with a passion



It's not fast food, it's just utilitarian. Drink coffee -> get more energy for toil.

My gigatory Canadian nationalist mate

blame the FCC

Nice. I'm not that into photanymore, but got this set up for 10 a few years ago. Still decent?

I genuinely do think some Cred Forums posters will eventually become important historic figures. Hitler started off as an autistic NEET too after all.

is better call saul good?

All fast food is utilitarian, that's the point

karshadian didn't really do anything

Hitler was a WW1 veteran

very much so

there isn't the conditions for great men anymore
businesses rule the world now

he was a NEET before he was a soldier
in fact he was basically like Millennial Woes. Except Woes actually managed to get into art school before he dropped out

But not all utilitarian food is fast food.

>those last two rules

no he wasn't. he was a labourer on building sites from the age of 12


Probably could have left it at 10 desu

He's right about that though, it's just incredibly basic
Just shows how inept Yanks are that a superior Canadian needs to come down and teach them simple facts of life

The truth is that America has an incredibly toxic culture which contributes the most to our mass shootings

explain this toxic culture to me

>raise 33 million quid for charity last year
>have to shut down because a few waitresses got their arses grabbed


So I got my W2 in the mail and I happened to show it to my parents since I had it with me and because it was the most money I’ve ever made in a year.

My mom sees it and says “wow, great job...you know, you should make a dating profile with a picture of your W2”

To which my father piles on with a “ha ha yeah, no pictures of you, just the W2”

I’m 35, have never even been on a date with a girl and for the last year I have been taking the long way to work because there is a very tempting cliff on the normal route. How they think this is a joke that I can handle is baffling to me...granted it’s a plan that would probably attract more girls than my current profiles, but still!

poison is the best pokemon type

had to check this and you're right he did some casual labour jobs
don't think it started at 12 though

Only if he's using it as a metaphor for having your head in order. Your room is irrelevant.

there’s still a photography shop local to me so i usually just go there, or post them to a country where they offer development cheaper

not much of an expert on digital cameras but i’d say it would still be great for anything, i’m using 30/40 year old cameras, at one point even using a camera from 1933, with 60 year old film and getting results i’m pleased with


cliffs for each rule?

its a metaphor for your life
its still dumb

is it, dare I say it, toxic masculinity?

Mostly suicides.

wear 30x28 jeans

What did she mean by this??? Dont see any logical or moral reasoning behind it



Reading the cliff notes for Lauren Southern's latest piece of literature.

this all sorts of wut

grim state of affairs

Jews are advocating the mass genocide of kids put up for adoption now

genuinely agree with her

Lol stop. Murder rates in total not just by gun and a breakdown by race is appropriate. Hard mode. Hispanics and semites can’t be lumped in.

She’s trying to insinuate that people’s who are raised in a toxic or broken family environment will go on to become murderers, rapists and thieves. This is funny because she probably believes in the erosion of the traditional family unit.

it's a simple trolley problem

if you abort one unwanted baby, you potentially save many (actually wanted and loved) kids further on down the line

perusing the cliffs from sargons twitter

>getting pregnant was NOT my fault bigot!!

do they even know what the word responsibility means?
of course not, they've never heard of it

Might invite the tinder date for coffee

should i suggest costa or the 'bucks?

Flip a coin m8

Every other country measures their death rates according to their entire population, why should the USA be any different?

free contraception in a million varieties and you still fuck it up
women are a joke

ancient 'mmick
but a goodie

education is free but if you want a service to provide it for you, thats not free
its not hard


Having a messy room directly impacts your wellbeing reguardless of any metafore

Isn’t this girl 14 and was made to kiss negroes on TV???

In fairness men should wrap their willies too


Very annoying how some cities don't publish ethnicity/crime maps so you have no idea what areas to avoid

>implying they don't love getting raw dogged and blasted full of baby gravy

They just want to perpetually indulge in this fetish

give (You)'s horny fuckwads

shit, piss then wank, or wank, piss then shit

she replied

have had sex about 25-30 times with 6 different people

have never had sex without a condom
sometimes i wonder what it would feel like

Last night a group of Yanks came into my hostel at 4am and talked all the way until 9am
Wtf?! I hate Americans now!

goes without saying
but blame isn't even partly shared, it's never the woman's fault

a lot nicer


have had sex over 500 times with one person

One time I had sex with a condom and my willy's head became cone shaped. I don't know why.

And sometimes I wonder what sex would feel like

Nero all the way

It's night and day but thots these days are so gross it's probably best done with a gf


bit scared about the possibility of society collapsing lads
might join the army, they'll know what to do

it’s nicer when you first go in but after a while it feels no different, swear it makes my willy feel sore compared to with a condom too

you arrive in Pengcoln

>going for coffee on a date

>makes you poo
>gives you bad breath
don't understand why people do this

Brotherhood of Steel is objectively the best option so yeah that'd be smart

>trips and falls in front of a group of QTs
>spaghetti falls out of pocket

Glad I own land desu and that my dad is a proper northern woodsman type

might do a white flight

drank 1 can of red stripe, 2 treble vodkas and one double vodka on Saturday night

Didn't think Ireland was culturally enriched tbqh

What temple is on fair horizon?


fucking tim

t. Will McKenzie



anyone else wanna be a cute girl (boy)



every nhs worker should be knighted


well it was around that age, both his parents died and he had to move from his village to vienna for work. the reason he didn't get into art school was because he never left school on account of his parents dying and needing to work

*squeezes your spots*

to where? there isn't a single country in the world, arguably apart from eastern europe, where whiteness is maintained as a matter of policy

>you arrive in Burnley

Is gasoline corrosive?

Sorry for the brainlet post but the attendant again spilled gasoline all over my tank.




Scary Movie 4 came on last night.


that's a pretty big minaret

Got two ears full of wax and I'm on the attacks

it's fine mate, just lick it off

pour acetone where the gasoline touched your paint to neutralize (de-oxygenate) the lingering gasoline

what are some good free pc games for brainlets that I can waste time on?
need something else to do other than post here

Shut it you fucking geek

So does poor diet, lack of exercise and a list of other things. Not having some aspect of your life in order doesn't mean you can't say when things are bad.

that's not you, but god I wish it were me

>murrycans and ethiopians don't even pump their own gas (liquid)

world of warcraft is an excellent timewaster
it's like having a job except you don't get paid

Would washing thoroughly with water not work? Shops are closed and all I've got is a hose

yes mostly but it'll leave a faint spot of discoloration

No it isn't
desu I can't stand sloppy attendants
Wish I could pump my own here

He went to work in Vienna at around 17 and his mother died when he was 18. It was his brother who died when he was 12

Look on steam for cheap shit or just pirate single player games

this whole line of inquiry totally wasn't an excuse to show off your bike

ooh you didnt get the invitation to the white ethnostate? ouch sorry sweaty top secret location

the results are in lads



BASED black man rides a BASED motorcycle

i hope he doesn't take my advice because acetone is a well known paint stripper

oy vey!

Hungary implicitly does this

basically subhuman
>jew blood
>arab blood
>mongol blood

oven dodger

Christ I feel so bad for these Asian guys with their gfs
They get yelled at and bossed around so much and just take it
Would never allow some women to talk to me like that

lets see yours champ

El atrocidad.




It's full service here because people would either steal fuel or damage the equipment

It's not an expensive bike and there are several bikers ITT.

post yours

>0.3% ashkenazi

every time

>born in 1994
why does she look so matronly?


100% Ethiopian

irish genes

she’s perfect

>nonce poster is also a jew
imagine my shock

>named Saoirse
>pronounced Shersha


what did he mean by this

she's playing in the new mary queen of scots movie

the op wasn't me

Irish alphabet used in pronounciation lad


I really, really hope this picture is fake

They do that on purpose. They owner of one company came out and said they'll put 1-5% African if they can't find what your other "percentages" are

It's all bullshit anyway

accidentally said nigger instead of cheers to the bus driver, that's enough 'chon for the week! aha

Welcome to the family.

It was a clean-cut, agreeable dish

ah yes

imagine being such a mutt you need to take a dna test to know what you are

her hair dye, it looks like she has dark blonde hair and the grey has been highlighted to blonde, not saying she has but its an older look.



They are also going to sell the info you gave them

Why do girls that aren't Lupita Nyongo even exist?

Miss sershlad desu



Yeah, I knew that. I think I read somewhere that one of them is operated by the Mormons, who will baptize you by using your genetic info

It's not a shock, because Mormons have en doing this forever. They save every birth and death record for every American and use that to baptize them in their wacky church

did Alan kill himself after getting bullied?

>poor people should pay for the middle class to be educated
how about you cough up your own money you fake socialist wankers

Same here
Don't mind but I'm used to self serve
Wow makes me feel old



three people who should have gotten the same percentages as each other (and me) have gotten three random african samples, all different

in all likelihood the percentage is middle eastern but they misclassified it three times

Absolutely subversive post

What prick here needs get slapped

ever take a bite of delicious food that you immediately realize is too hot but it's so good that you fight through the pain and enjoy it anyway

yeah me neither haha

applying for a Danish visa immediately

Or you could just move there you mong, free movement and all


Shant be paying 60 quid to give shlomo my dna

offers up arse

>giving white genes to americans
you get what you deserve tbqhwyl

anyone coming on cod

desu poor people wouldn’t pay much tax to make a difference

but nevertheless - the state of these entitled cunts

>go to obscure corner of a bizarre university building like agricultural science
>finally alone, not a soul in sight
>begin to study
>light rustling
>a gang of bug-eyed paki runts scurry out from around the corner babbling in their barbaric tongue
can these fuckers just leave me alone?!

Are you the viet scooter madman?

What's your favourite Swedish dish?

require a high calorie diet in order to conk british heads with any efficiency these days

looks delish

>Why do girls that aren’t this gross wog exist


Are prawns just crayfish?

I thought it was about religion

always feel like I've got early onset dementia when I've got an idea for a post, get distracted for a minute then forget what it was

fuck I left my switch on the train

omg, I have to write a bio about myself for the welcome email at my new job and I've been struggling so hard. I've written 10 words. why is it so hard.

>Fucking with the genetics of native born White Americans
>Selling the info
Kind of scummy

shrimps and lobsters are the relatives

yeah fair enough
I do like a good toilpost though


prawns are big shrimp
crayfish are tiny lobsters
simple as



finally obtained the much-sought-after THICC latina gf

feels like heaven lads

When this happens to me I just shitpost the first thing I think of.

Bet you complain about White women on the internet

*turns into a bloated, nagging cow by 30*
heh, nothing personnel... papi

New nomenclature: insects of the sea

want to know why there’s a P in the name ‘Campbell’

am as of this very moment in the midst of a poo

Because he was a Proddy cunt

the nationalities fall on religious lines

>insects of the sea
not bad, have a word with Humboldt. He's the expert of these thing.

This shit is FUCKED. It's bad enough having to work, why do you have to pretend to enjoy it too?



doing work experience for free


hate this meme

they're colonizing us

I literally have no attention span and it’s really holding me back in life. I cannot follow the plot of a movie or tv show because I get distracted. I can’t sit down for half an hour to do some work. I often zone out when talking to people and can’t follow a line of conversation for five minutes. I blame drugs, alcohol and wanking 2bh. I have a theory that wanking negatively impairs ones memory.

love corporate mandatory fundays 2bh

I guess so
Wish I had a bigger motorbike but it's not economical for me rn
Just sort like a weekend repairing mine as is

I think its just that I'm a very boring person with no interesting hobbies to speak of. all I've been able to write is that I graduated from Uni of X in Y degree.


we should have mandatory unpaid work during high school summers, like Israel does with the military.

>embraer plane

good post

are you me? I can hardly even pay attention when people are talking to me.


recently outside philly buying some cigarettes at a a petrol station and some man runs in saying
>someone's stealing your gas hose
>that's the fourth one this year
>what could someone do with a gas hose
>I dont know but the real thieves are in dc

just couldnt stop cracking up


>I have a theory that wanking negatively impairs ones memory.

I think the problem is the reason behind your wanking addiction. Why do you do these things? Is it cause your bored?